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SSSi Online Tutoring Services offers classes beyond academic as well! We believe that we need to focus on student’s extra-curricular activities along with their studies.

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Enrol Now For The Best Beyond Academic Activities On Music Now!

Learn music with innovative training techniques from experts. Advanced musicians are here to teach you the most beautiful art. Get a supportive learning community to enhance your musical skills with constructive feedback. You can choose your own time and schedule with the privilege of learning at your own speed.

Grab The Best Beyond Academics Activities Online And Learn Abacus

Get quality abacus training with exceptional guidance. Go through regular assessments to stimulate your brain development and cognitive abilities. The abacus prompts your stimulated brain development. Learn abacus from highly skilled and passionate teachers with interactive lessons for skill-building.

Take Beyond Academic Classes On Vedic Maths And Learn With Experts

Enrol now to SSSI and initiate your journey of mathematical excellence. Get quality Vedic maths education and guidance from professionally trained experts. Master the skills of calculations, multiplication, division, square roots, and much more. Learn with multimedia access and cultivate effective results.

Improve Your Handwriting With Beyond Academic Online Classes On Handwriting Improvement

Learn excellent writing skills from experienced handwriting tutors. Get personalised guidance and techniques to elevate remarkable results. SSSI is providing a virtual platform to practice handwriting improvement at your fingertips.

Get The Best Experience With Beyond Academic Classes On Mental Ability Now!

Take our expertly designed courses to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Learn from experienced tutors. Get valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to enhance your mental capabilities. Choose from multiple mental ability courses.

Level Up Your Personality With Beyond Academic Online Classes On Personality Development

Embark on a self-improvement journey with SSSI. Enrol in online personality development and grooming classes to become confident and charismatic. Learn with comprehensive online classes to unlock your true potential. Get interactive learning activities.

Ace Your Debating With Beyond Academic Activities On Public Speaking

Take the first step towards becoming an impactful speaker. Become a maestro in persuasive communication. Get courses catering to interactive learning experiences with access to visual and multimedia tools. Public speaking helps you to present your arguments effectively.

Learn The Best With Beyond Academic Classes On Phonic Skills

Get a research-based approach with an interactive learning experience. Build a solid foundation in reading and language skills with certified courses in phonic skills. Learn well- developed skills in different phonic fields. Get an interactive platform with SSSI to become proficient in phonic skills.

Grab Your Seats For Beyond Academic Online Classes On Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Want to learn about the significance of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita? The Bhagwad Gita handles the profound existential difficulties faced by Arjuna & delves into several spiritual & philosophical themes. It explores concepts such as duty, righteousness, devotion and the way to self-realisation. Don't worry, our tutors are here to provide you with the best insight on this topic. Such influential life lessons will be beneficial for your future journey.

Find The Beyond Academic Classes On Rubik’s Cube Now!

Are you finding the rubik’s cube difficult? Worry not! We are here to help. Solving the Rubik's Cube needs spatial awareness, logical thinking, and problem-solving aptitudes. It can be an engaging & rewarding activity that promotes perseverance, patience, and the ability to break down complicated problems into effortless steps. Get our assistance to prove yourself the rubik’s cube master within a very few days only. So follow up now.

Get Online Classes For Beyond Academic On Art & Craft

Are you in love with art and craft? Why don't you take our tutor’s help on that? Crafts include a huge range of artistic practices, including pottery, woodworking, painting, sewing, knitting, paper crafts, & many others. Crafting can be sought as a hobby, a form of self- expression, or you may take it as a profession. With some guidance, you are going to be the artist of your own life and achieve success easily.

Grab The Seats For Beyond Academics Activities On Dance

Do you want to dance like a pro? Join our dance classes now. It is an ancient & diverse art that exists in various cultures around the world. There are so many famous dancers in the world. If you also would like to be an expert in dancing then you should definitely take our class. With our dance tutors learn to groove your moves and feel every beat just like you never did before. Just choose our course now!

Avail The Beyond Academic Activities Online On Robotics

Join our classes to be the robotics expert. Robots are programmable devices which can conduct tasks autonomously or with human direction. You will learn the significance of using robotics in several industries & sectors. Our tutors are here to help you to know about the secret elements of robotics that will help you to become an expert within a few days only.

Get The Beyond Academic Classes On Digital Literacy

Get the core knowledge of digital literacy and grow the ability to navigate and use effectively the digital information and technologies in today's digital age. You are just one call away to book our classes, and you will get the ability to understand, use, and assess digital technologies virtually. You will learn a huge range of competencies too.

Grab Beyond Academic Online Classes On Financial Literacy

Do you want to be a financial expert? We will help you with the skills and knowledge required for making effective and informed decisions about financial and money matters. You just need to book our classes and get valuable lessons from our experienced tutors. Our beyond academics classes are student friendly as well as will help you to learn the core of the subject thoroughly.

Find The Best Beyond Academic Classes On Mental Reasoning Now!

Learn about mental reasoning in detail with us. Our tutors will teach you to do the critical thinking, evaluate, analyse and make informed and all decisions based on proper evidence and information. Learn well-developed skills in different areas of mental reasoning and be the master of it. Learn strategies, valuable insights, & techniques to enrich your mental capacities.

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