Best Reference Books and Syllabus for Class 10th 2022

Best Reference Books and Syllabus for Class 10th 2022

In the technological age, the students avoid studying from books and rely solely on the internet and lecture series. But when it comes to the board's exam, do you think internet sources can be the best alternative to books? Well, not really. You need to pick up the best books for class 10th for your exam preparation. As with the increasing dependency on the internet, many of you have gained knowledge on the internet day but have you ever heard of World Book Day? Yes, we celebrate World Book Day every year on the 23rd of April to promote the advantages of reading books, publishing, or copyright. The 23rd of April is celebrated as World Book Day because some notable authors were born or died on the 23rd of April, the day commemorated World Book Day. On April 23, William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and Josep Pla died; Manuel Mejia Vallejo and Maurice Druon were born.

Reading books is the best way which helps you to crack your examination. If you are appearing for the class 10th board examination, focus on your textbooks as prescribed by your respective boards. If you get confused in choosing the best books for class 10th, this blog post will help you choose the best reference books as we have listed the compilation of the popular books suggested by the board's exam topper.

Best Books For Class 10th Students: Choose Subjects Wisely To Ace Your Board’s Preparation

Only dreaming about getting a high grade in your board's examination will not work. You need to execute all your ideas and plans and follow a proper strategy throughout the year to achieve your dream. Getting a high score in the class 10th is quite challenging as there are several subjects, and you need to devote your time equally to each of the subjects. Before you search for the best book for class 10th, you need to complete all your NCERT textbooks or the textbooks prescribed by your respective boards, as these books are considered the Bible for students. Once you are done with your NCERT textbook, you should look for the top books for class 10th in India to learn the concept in depth. The following are the best books for class 10th students:

Best Books for Class 10th Students: Maths

The following is the list of the Maths best books for class 10th students:

  • Mathematics for Class 10 – R D Sharma
  • Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10 – RS Aggarwal
  • All in one mathematics – Arihant

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Best Books for Class 10 Students: Science

Class 10th Science is the subject divided into three divisions Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The following is the list of the Science best books for class 10th students:

  • Principles of Physics: S Chand books, N. K Chowdhry
  • Science for 10th Class: Biology by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
  • Science for 10th Class: Physics by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
  • Fundamentals of Physics: Pradeep Publication
  • Science for 10th Class: Chemistry by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

Best Books for Class 10th Students: Social Science

The following are the best books for class 10th Social Science:

  • All in One Social Science CBSE Class 10 – Arihant
  • S Chand for Social Science – N.K. Chowdhry
  • Golden guide for Social Science – Sudha Rastogi, S.A. Siddiqui, J.P. Singhal & Dr Gulshan Rai
  • Xam idea for Social Science – Editorial Board

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Best Books for Class 10th Students: English

 The following is the list of the English best books for class 10th students:

  • English Communicative – Oswaal School Books
  • High School English Grammar and Composition Book by Wren and Martin for Grammar.
  • Xam Idea Complete Course English for CBSE Class 10 by V.K. Global
  • CBSE All In One English Language & Literature Class 10 by Arihant Experts

How to Choose the Best Books for Class 10th?

Different people will suggest different books. Those books might be compatible with their understanding, and they might not work for you. You need to be very attentive and focused before choosing the books for your board's preparation. The following are the things you must keep in mind before you select the book for class 10th:

  • Before purchasing, make sure that the books include captions that fit your syllabus.
  • It should be simple, understandable, and infographics play an important role in ensuring that the themes are remembered, and it is an important factor to consider.
  • Solved examples and practice questions: Excellent reference materials for grade 10 should provide solved examples and practice problems to help students understand the concepts.

Check the New 2022 Syllabus for Class 10th

Due to the changes in the learning process from conventional to online, there have been changes in the syllabus on the boards of CBSE/ICSE. Let us check the recent changes and the detailed syllabus of class 10th for each board.

Recent Changes in CBSE Class 10th Syllabus

  • Class 10 syllabus is divided into two terms, with 50% of the syllabus for each term.
  • Internal / Performance audits will be verified and trusted
  • Continuation of learning mode until the authorities allow classroom teaching mode in schools.
  • Internal assessment in Classes IX-X will include three periodic tests, student counseling, portfolio, and activities/listening and speaking/project activities (year-round, regardless of Terms I and II).
  • Schools will establish a student profile for all tests completed during the year and store data in digital format.
  • CBSE will make it easier for schools to upload their Internal Assessment results to the CBSE IT site.
  • In accordance with the separate syllabus for the term 2022-23 term, guidelines for internal assessment will be provided for all topics.
  • For more accurate and formal internal assessment, the board may provide additional resources such as exams, question banks, teacher training, etc.

Check the detailed CBSE Syllabus for Class 10th

Recent Changes in ICSE Class 10th Syllabus

  • Reduction in Maths syllabus and paper pattern. It will consist of two parts. Part I: theory question of 80 marks and paper II: the project-oriented question of 20 marks.
  • Within Maths paper, I comprises three subsections: A, B, and C. Section A carry 65 marks, whereas B and C carry 15 marks collectively.
  • ICSE English class 10th question paper will consist of subjective type question with two-hour duration.
  • English papers consist of two papers that are paper 1 and paper 2. Paper I consists of the English language, and Paper-II comprises the literature part. Both papers comprise 80 marks, and the remaining 20 marks are for internal assessment.

Check the detailed ICSE Syllabus for Class 10th

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