Best Reference Books and Syllabus for Class 2 Students in India

Class 2 Best Reference Books and Syllabus

Reading is one of the best habits as it strengthens your brain. Researchers have proven that reading books will change your mind. Many doctors recommend that the parents and children read together as it creates positive connections with books, increasing the possibility that the children will like reading. It's the responsibility of the parents to develop reading habits in their children as it improves their brain connectivity, increases vocabulary, comprehension, etc. Numerous storybooks are available such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, etc. However, these books are not meant for their academic purpose, but they will develop interest among the children and enhance their reading skills. You know, devoting 20 minutes a day to reading, you would have read 1.8 million words in a year. Isn't it unbelievable? The parents must encourage the kids to read those looked upon as the best books for class 2.

One of such books is Alice in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll modeled Alice in Wonderland on a genuine 10-year-old girl who was his friend. Alice Liddell was her name, and she asked Carroll to tell her a story while out on a boating excursion. To know more about such interesting facts, keep reading to know which books suit your child the most.

Syllabus for Class 2:  It Helps To Find the Suitable Book

Before choosing the best book for class 2 students, it is pivotal to check the syllabus as it will help you decide which books suit your child the most. Class 2 is the most crucial stage for your kid as it is the second year of a kid with full-fledged studies, where the children go through an enormous change from playschools to the world of extensive learning. In India, maximum kids are enrolled in CBSE or ICSE boards; therefore, let us check the syllabus of these boards. However, the syllabus for class 2 is more or less the same for all the CBSE/ ICSE/ IB and other state boards.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 2

The following are the subject covered in class 3:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • K
  • Drawing
  • Maths
  • Computer Science
  • EVS

ICSE Syllabus for Class 2

The following are the subject covered in class 2 ICSE:

Books (Prescribed By the Boards)

These boards have prescribed the following list of books for class 3 students:





Marigold and Raindrops






Practice Book for Science


Looking Around Us





New Learner’s English Grammar & Composition Book 2

ICSE The Literature Trail For Class – 2


ICSE उद्गम Text-Cum-Workbook II


ICSE Mathematics For Class II


Lakhmir Singh’s Science

Computer Science

Computer Studies Tech Buzz

These books are prescribed as per the guidelines of the NCERT and ICSE. Also, have several illustrations and diagrams to make the subject simpler and easy to understand. Once you understand the syllabus for class 2, the next step is to find out the books that coincide with the academic syllabus. As a result, it will help the children develop an interest in reading academic books.

Top Books for Class 2 in India

Each book has its benefits, such as storybooks will help develop the language skills and expand their vocabulary. Similarly, writing books will improve their handwriting. Science books help to develop their innovative skills and the world around them. However, if you want your kid to participate in the competitive exams, you must buy reference books for your child. The reference books help clarify all the doubts and include several hints and tips. The following are the top books for class 2 in India:


Maths is the subject that helps students develop mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning. Therefore it is important to follow good books and academics, which build a foundational base among the students. The following are the list of the good books:

  1. New Composite Mathematics Class 2 by R.S. Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal: The most popular book. It helps the students understand complex numerical concepts in a very simple and easiest manner.

  2. Pearson Active Maths Textbook for Class 2 by Pearson Education:  The book is popular due to its exercises and fun learning activities. It also employs dynamic and teaching-learning techniques.

Environmental Science:

The purpose of the subject is to educate students about global environmental problems and also help to discover sustainable ways of living. The following are the books which you can opt for:

  1. Madhuban Environmental Studies for Class 2: The book introduces young students to their surroundings. While reading the book, they also learn how to maintain it. The books are written in a kid-friendly style and are accompanied by colorful images. The concepts have been conveyed in a straightforward, clear, and logical manner for better comprehension.

  2. Friends of the Earth: Environmental Studies-II by S.Chand Publication: It includes the warm-up section before the beginning of the chapters. It is popular among the students as it involves interesting and informative content.


The English language plays a vital role in our lives. As in this modern era, English communication is essential; it is considered the primary language in the world for studying any subject. The subject helps the child develop emotional skills, broaden their minds, and improve their life's quality as it opens the door to several job opportunities.

The following are the list of a few books which you can buy without any hesitation for your child:

  1. Together With Hands-On Grammar English Work Book for Class 2: It is one of the best books for beginners who want to learn English grammar basics. It includes all the tricks and tips of the English language.
  1. New Self-Learning English Course with Activities-2 by S.Chand: It has been designed to fulfill the requirement of developing communication and interactive skills from a very early age.


It is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. Learning Hindi is important from a very early age as it broadens the understanding of our culture among the kids. It is considered the base language as it helps to learn the other regional language, which ultimately benefits to upgrade the child's knowledge. The following is the list of the few books which you can buy for your kid:

  • Saras Hindi Pathmala Class 2 by New Saraswati House

  • Naveen Subodh Bharti Abhyas – Pustika Bhag 2 by S.Chand

  • Naveen Hindi Vyakaran Avam Rachna (Prathmik) Bhag-2 by S.Chand

However, apart from the books mentioned above, there are numerous reading and writing books for the kid designed to improve their reading and writing skills. Such as: Once upon a cool motorcycle Dude by Kevin O'Malley, Creative writing books for class 2, etc. books indeed help to gain more knowledge than anything else, but the kids in the early stage of the learning process; hence proper guidance is essential for them. SSSi Online Tutoring Services offers the best class 2 online tuition at an affordable price. We offer several beyond academic courses such as handwriting, English speaking classes, hobbies such as music, and many others. The following are the additional key benefits you can avail of after enrolling:

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