Best Reference Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 2nd Students in India

Best Reference Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 2nd

It is obvious that we all know about the maths digit "0". But what is the accurate definition of zero? Isn't it a basic question? But many of us don't have clarity about the zero. If 0 (zero) is a number, or the numerical digit used to represent in numerals. It was invented in 628 AD in India by  Hindu mathematician and astronomer Brahamgupta, later used by the Persians, Arab and Europe. Isn't it interesting? Want to help your child in knowing more such interesting and unknown facts about the subject? We know kids don't find Maths an exciting subject, but you can make it happen for your child as a parent. But how? Choosing the best Maths books for class 2 will help. These books are designed especially for the kids as it includes engaging content and attractive pictures that entertain the kids.

If you want your kid to learn the numbers with fun, choose the best Maths books for class 2 students designed especially for them. Let us look at some of the best Maths books for class 2.

Best Maths Books for Class 2 Students

Class 2 is a significant stage for the kids. They go through several new concepts each day and cannot be taken for granted. All this helps kids to develop a fundamental base for higher classes. As per the survey, it has been founded that 3 out of every 5 kids don't like Maths. Does your kid also find Maths boring? If yes, then you must take a step now to transform your kid thinking process. Buy them the best Maths books for class 2 students and see the changes in your kid. The following is the list of the books you can opt for:

  1. Oxford New Enjoying Mathematics Textbook for Class 2: This book follows the CBSE Board's syllabus guidelines (NCERT). Before practising, the key focus is on making understanding topics simple and pleasurable. Using real-life examples, the book assists in full comprehension of the topics. Learning via real-life situations is enjoyable and simple, and it keeps the kids engaged. It is a collection of fun tasks to help you improve your arithmetic abilities. Keep in mind to stress suggestions and strategies for enhanced idea retention.

  2. Madhuban Targeting Mathematics for Class 2 by Pearl Scott & Sheetal Choudhry: It makes studying more engaging; the material is well written and accompanied by colourful graphics. It connects mathematics to the arts, languages, and science. There is a Fun Corner and Hands-on Activities based on essential ideas to make learning more pleasant.

  3. S Chand Drill Lessons in Mental Arithmetic for Class 2 by Krishna Kant Dubey: It is based on the CCE System (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) the book covers the NCERT syllabus and goes above to help the kid engage with the material in a meaningful way. The collection is tied to S.Chand's Learning Composite Mathematics and Composite Mathematics in a broader sense, a series of mathematics publications. The difficulties are usually solved verbally. Pencil and paper may be utilized in various instances. The collection is intended to address the following topics: open-ended questions, multiple-answer problems, revision procedures, deductive and inductive reasoning skills, intuitively predicting issue solutions, and revisiting concepts.

  4. Indiannica Mathsight A Course in Mathematics for Class 2: This is one of the best math books for class 2 as it follows the interactive study approach, summary of each topic, puzzle games, interesting highlights, HOTS  etc. This book consists of visuals, animations, interactive exercises, quizzes, and additional information, and it is easy for the kids to understand the concept.

  5. Future Kids Math Power for Class 2: The Arithmetic Power series is a great choice to start if you want to improve your math skills. Children have a sense of control over their abilities when regularly exposed to engaging activities. Children have an innate interest in the world around them, including mathematical concepts. As a result, the series' strength resides in its simplicity, rich use of colours and images, and solid declaration of facts about the surroundings. The series is a sincere endeavour to foster passion, comprehension, and a more assured attitude to mathematics. Due to the implementation of CCE in schools, a free CCE series is available to provide a thorough grasp of the subject.

These are the best Maths books for class 2 students you can buy for your child. However, at this stage, the kids require proper guidance. They need to understand instead of cramming numbers and facts. Join our class 2 Maths online tuition and make your child the genius of numbers with us. Make your child prepare for competitive exams such as Olympiad exams. Hurry Up, make your decision now.

Benefits of Learning Maths at the Early Age in Class 2nd

benefits of learning maths at the early age

Mathematics may be used in any field of study to conduct research. Quantifying concepts, formulating hypotheses, making observations, and presenting results using mathematics empowers scientists to tackle issues that impact everyone. Learning mathematics is significant for kids. The following are the advantages of learning math at an early age:

  • Mathematics includes counting and understanding of word shapes and measurements, sorting, constructing, finding patterns, comparing, and describing the world. There are many ways to incorporate math education into everyday life.
  • It helps develop their problem-solving skills as it will help them handle every problem from different perspectives.
  • Learning maths will help the kids in cognitive development as it helps align the brain's grey matter with performing numerous tasks.
  • It helps the kids to make the right decision as it guides them through a logical path to access the right choice.

Class 2nd Maths Syllabus for Students

Maths in class 2 is significant for the kids to build the required computational abilities. To study class 2 math, students must thoroughly comprehend previously learned ideas and abilities. It focuses on working with larger numbers and advanced geometry, arithmetic, and number concepts. The basic processes of two-digit addition and subtraction change to a more difficult level of word problems in class 2, requiring students to analyse and grasp these computational procedures to apply them in various contexts.

The Maths syllabus facilitates students' analytical progress and fundamental skills for class 2. The Maths syllabus for Class 2 includes shapes, numbers, addition, subtraction, and more. The following are some of the abilities that should develop in CBSE class 2 maths:

CBSE Maths Syllabus for Class 2 Students

  • Chapter 1: What is Long, What is Round?
  • Chapter 2: Counting in Groups
  • Chapter 3: How Much Can You Carry?
  • Chapter 4: Counting in Tens
  • Chapter 5: Patterns
  • Chapter 6: Footprints
  • Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs
  • Chapter 8: Tens and Ones
  • Chapter 9: My Funday
  • Chapter 10: Add our Points
  • Chapter 11: Lines and Lines
  • Chapter 12: Give and Take
  • Chapter 13: The Longest Step
  • Chapter 14: Birds Come, Birds Go
  • Chapter 15: How Many Ponytails?

ICSE  Maths Syllabus for Class 2nd Students

The following is the ICSE Maths Syllabus for class 2

  • Theme 1: Numbers
  • Theme 2: Number Operations
  • Theme 3: Geometry
  • Theme 4: Measurement
  • Theme 5: Data Handling
  • Theme 6: Pattern

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