Best Reference Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 3rd Students in India

Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 3

Introducing maths to your child is not difficult as in daily life activities; we commonly use mathematics language using the terms like big or small to compare the sizes or count the number of family members we have in the family etc. But what is Maths to your child? In simple words, it is defined as the study of patterns, numbers and shapes. You must buy the best maths books for class 3rd kids to make them understand the numbers more interestingly. 

Mathematics, sometimes known as math, is the study of numbers and how they relate to one another and the outside world. Math is just as crucial as language. Math is frequently referred to as a language. Every day, everyone utilizes Math to tell time, play games, cook, construct things and conduct practically any type of labour. Do you know people have used the term mathematics since ancient times? It could be seen from the Egyptian pyramid's example as they could not be built without the proper knowledge of geometry and arithmetic. The word derives from the Greek word "máthema," meaning "science, knowledge, or learning." It is frequently abbreviated as mathematics (in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand) or math (in the United States and Canada). Students and their schools frequently use short phrases for arithmetic, geometry, or elementary algebra. Let your child know what the subject exactly means. It would develop their interest in learning the concepts. Let's see a few of the best maths books for class 3rd students which develop their interest in solving numerical questions.

Best Maths Books for Class 3rd Students for Exam Preparation

The school-age kids are stubborn. It is difficult to explain the mathematical theories and other concepts of maths. However, it can only be sorted if you buy them interactive and engaging books. If they develop an interest once, they will love to read it daily. Books play a crucial role in developing knowledge among the kids. It helps to teach young minds to develop cognitive skills, numerical aptitude and understand the world surrounding them.

Maths is considered the most difficult subject among the students. The only reason behind this is that the students failed to gain basic knowledge of the subject; therefore, don't let your child be counted among those. Following is the list of the best books for class 3rd which will help them to grasp the numerical concepts with all their interest:

  • S Chand's Mental Mathematics for Class-3: One of the most popular books for class 3rd students, such as exercises, graphical examples, and engaging activities are included in these books to help readers understand concepts more dynamically. Students will better understand things by reading this class 3 math magic book.

  • New Composite Mathematics Class 3:  This book is famous and worth reading because of its enticing pictures and concise explanations. For quick reference, these books are readily available. This may help your youngster to improve their abilities. It is composed so that it helps the kids understand each mathematics concept in a simple and easy manner.

  • Perfect Genius NCERT Mathematics Worksheets for Class 3: This maths book for class 3rd is a kid-friendly worksheet and includes six learning stages, and it shows the shift from lower thinking order skills to high thinking order skills, comprehension, evaluation, analysis and creation. This book covers almost 100 skills in the form of 100 formative activity worksheets on Scholastic areas (Mathematics), life skills, attitude and values.

  • Frank EMU Books Mental Math Made Easy for Class 3 Practice Workbook: The books are filled with well-drawn figures that make it simple to study and learn. Warm-up activities are included in this section of the book to help you review the principles from the previous chapters. The facts, tactics, suggestions, and a review and summary of each chapter are all included.

  • Maths Ace for CBSE class 3 by Pearson: One of the most popular books for Mathematics since it has clear and concise writing that covers each topic in the simplest and most self-explanatory way possible. Every chapter begins with a detailed summary, followed by MCQs, true/false questions, and a single word. It is the most well-known book among students since it has various problems ranging from basic to advance.

However, only collecting the best maths books for class 3rd students will not help until and unless your child gets better guidance from the experts. Our class 3rd Maths online tuition classes are considered the supreme among the kids. It offers premium one-on-one interactive sessions with fun learning activities to keep students engaged in the classroom.

Benefits of Learning from the Best Maths Books for Class 3rd Students.

Does your kid find the subject difficult to understand? Here, you need to understand your kid is in the learning stage of their life; hence you need to make each subject interesting. But how is it possible? You have to purchase the best maths books for class 3rd, which explain each concept simply and interestingly. Let us know the benefits of these books that will help your child.

  • These books incorporate pictures which make reading more interesting and engaging for the kids.
  • The best maths consists of fun stories which make the subject less intimidating. Kids may explore and grasp complex arithmetic subjects more meaningfully by using interesting tales and clear explanations.
  • It presents each maths topic in a picturised way which helps the kids to see the numbers in various ways.
  • Reading about arithmetic in the framework of a tale will automatically stimulate deeper math conversations. They'll want to talk about the characters' difficulties, possible solutions, and thoughts on the tactics utilized, and maybe additional options.

Maths Syllabus for Class 3rd Students

Choosing the best maths books for class students is challenging for the parents. But if you follow the syllabus and curriculum of the school, it would help you in selection. Before you decide to purchase any random book for your kid suggested by someone else, you must gain in-depth knowledge about the syllabus for class 3rd. The following is the detailed syllabus:

CBSE Maths Syllabus for Class 3rd

It includes the following chapters:

  1. Where to Look From
  2. Fun with Numbers
  3. Give and Take
  4. Long and Short
  5. Shapes and Designs
  6. Fun with Give and Take
  7. Time Goes On
  8. Who is Heavier?
  9. How Many Times?
  10. Play with Patterns
  11. Jugs and Mugs
  12. Can We Share?
  13. Smart Charts!
  14. Rupees and Paise

ICSE Maths Syllabus for Class 3rd

The following are the chapters included in ICSE class 3rd Maths:

  • Numbers
  • Number operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurements
  • Data Handling
  • Patterns

To get rid of your kid's maths fear, join our online tuition for class 3rd and see the changes in your child from the very first day. The following are the advantages of our services:

  • Detailed lectures on each topic included in the syllabus
  • Fun learning activities to keep engaging the kids
  • One-on-one mentorship programme
  • 24*7 students support.


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