Best Reference Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 4th Students In India

Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 4

Books are our best friends since they take us out of our isolation. A daily practice of reading books for a few hours enhances us much. In our lives, books are quite important. For class 4 students reading books is important as it helps build a foundational base among the kids for their higher classes. If your kids are preparing for the Olympiad or other competitive exams, you must buy them the best Maths books for class 4 as it will help them perform well in the achiever's section of the question paper.

For many parents choosing the best Maths books for class 4 students is difficult as they don't know the appropriate way of selecting the books for the kids. In this blog post, we have compiled the list of the best Maths books for class 4.

Maths Books for Class 4 Students for Exam Preparation

Mathematics is a subject that everyone is familiar with from childhood when counting fingers, birds, balls, and other objects. It's nearly hard to get by without at least some basic arithmetic abilities. It is a fascinating yet challenging topic. Students often find this challenging topic since they must recall a huge number of formulae and how to apply them correctly. The best Maths books for class 4 can connect the Maths concept to the world around us. The following is the list of the Maths books for class 4 students:

  1. New Enjoying Mathematics Workbook with Mental Maths 4: These books are written so that they instil important concepts in kids so that they may absorb them quickly. It creates its subject book for this purpose, which includes themes and essential ideas for each area.

  2. Maths Ace Prime | For CBSE Class 4: Maths Ace Prime is an eight-book series precisely matched to the CBSE curriculum and other boards that follow the NCERT rules. The series as a whole strives to improve learning and teaching methods. Pedagogical aspects based on the cognitive and socio-emotional development of the learner are included.

  3. Maths Word Problem for Challenging Minds-4: Challenging Word Problems aims to teach children real-life abilities like thinking, deducing, and reasoning. Concrete examples and events are chosen from the child's immediate environment to encourage complete learning.

  4. Maths Mate - 4: It is a series of eight books written following the NCERT guidelines. It helps to refer to the concepts you learned in your previous class. This book is in demand, including several sections, such as my notes. It includes tips that help the kids learn the important points or formulas.

  5. New Guided Mathematics Course Book 4: The book for class 4 maths has been created to assist instructors with lesson-based and topic-specific goals for imparting teachings to students following current curricular standards. Because the boards, whether CBSE/ICSE, establish the requirements for the books every year, it is important that the books are accurate and thorough.

Apart from this, there are several other Maths books for class 4th students, such as Cordova Mathematics in Real Life Class 4, S.CHAND’s Mental Mathematics - Class 4, Exercise in Mental Arithmetic Class 4 and more. Each book has its benefits. These books are designed to meet the expectations of the students. All the concepts are covered simply and easily. However, only covering the syllabus and reading the best books will not help your kids but also building the foundational base in numbers. You need to guide the experts to your kids. Check our online class 4th maths tuition classes and enrol in the class to boost their learning.

Advantages of the Best Maths Books for Class 4th Students

Following the best maths books for class 4th students is advantageous as it covers each topic in detail and allows the students to gain more knowledge on the subject. The following are the advantages of the best maths books for class 4th:

  • Cover every concept in detail, which helps the students to gain in-depth knowledge.

  • It includes all the basic concepts that help the kids develop a foundational base for their higher classes.

  • These books are also useful for the Olympiad examination.

  • It consists of several in-text questions, which help the kids practise all the questions efficiently and understand the complexities they face in solving the numbers.

  • These reference books are composed of experts having a deep understanding of the subjects.

However, before you choose the best maths books for class 4th, it is essential to understand the syllabus. Let's check the detailed syllabus for class 4th maths.

Class 4th Maths Syllabus for Students

The maths syllabus for class 4th students is designed to allow the kids to learn the basics of numbers and develop fundamental concepts, which are essential for their higher classes and other competitive examinations. The syllabus is mainly composed of experts who provide the road map or the direction to the kids for their better learning experience.

CBSE Maths Syllabus for Class 4th

The following are the chapters covered in CBSE class 4th Maths Syllabus:

● Chapter 1: Building with Bricks
● Chapter 2: Long and Short
● Chapter 3: A Trip to Bhopal
● Chapter 4: Tick-Tick-Tick
● Chapter 5: The Way The World Looks
● Chapter 6: The Junk Seller
● Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs
● Chapter 8: Halves, Quarters Arts and Wheels
● Chapter 9: Play with Patterns
● Chapter 10: Tables and Shares
● Chapter 11: How Heavy? How Light?
● Chapter 12: Fields and Fences
● Chapter 13: Smart Chart

ICSE Maths Syllabus for Class 4th

The following are the chapters covered in CBSE class 4th Maths Syllabus:

● Chapter 1: Number Sense
● Chapter 2: Addition
● Chapter 3: Subtraction
● Chapter 4: Multiplication
● Chapter 5: Division
● Chapter 6: Factor and Multiplication
● Chapter 7: Mixed Operations
● Chapter 8: Logical Reasoning
● Chapter 9: Data And Graphs
● Chapter 10: Pattern And Sequences
● Chapter 11: Money
● Chapter 12: Unit Of Measurement
● Chapter 13: Time
● Chapter 14: Geometry
● Chapter 15: Geometry Measurement
● Chapter 16: Fraction
● Chapter 17: Probability

Students believe that Maths is the most difficult subject, but it's not true. It is one of the easiest and simplest subjects only if you have a good grasp of the basics. Join our Class 4 Maths online tuition classes and learn the concepts from scratch.

Why Knowing the Maths Syllabus is Important for Class 4th?

The following are the reason why the kids must know the syllabus:

● It is designed to offer sufficient knowledge about each concept and which will be helpful in the higher classes.
● It outlines the course description and the topics they will learn in the class.
● It helps in the discovery of relevant course content. The conclusion of the syllabus specifies which materials students should use in their preparation.
● It assists students with their homework and tasks.
● It helps students comprehend essential ideas.

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