Best Reference Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 5 Students in India

Maths Books and Syllabus For Class 5

India is the land of some of the world's most brilliant brains. India has been a pioneer in all sectors, from literature and science to art and theatre, thanks to immensely gifted individuals who have made the country proud. Mathematics, as a science, remains vital around the globe, and this blog examines some of the world's most prominent Indian mathematicians and their contributions to the field. These mathematicians pushed the boundaries of knowledge and left a legacy of groundbreaking discoveries and research. All the best Maths books for class 5th includes a list of the famous mathematician with their inventions. Have you heard about the famous Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanuja? Ramanujan is one of India's best mathematicians, specialising in elliptic functions and the analytical theory of numbers. He undertook an extensive investigation to determine the value of Euler's constant as India's best mathematician. Ramanujan was the first Indian to be chosen as a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge University, which is noteworthy. He continued his research there with the help of other colleagues and produced numerous important contributions to the field of mathematics. You will read about Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta and many others in the Maths books for class 5th.

Parents find themselves in a dilemma while choosing the best books for class 5th students. If you are one of them, then no worries; in this blog, you will find the list of the top Maths books for your kid. These books are designed especially for the kids to develop their interest in the subject.

Top Maths Book for Class 5th Students

Class 5 is where students begin to lay a solid foundation in all of the fundamental ideas and consolidate their acquired abilities throughout elementary school. Class 5 introduced additional maths concepts. As a result, every student must understand the ideas presented in Class 5 with maximum concentration and honesty. If your child doesn't like Maths, then the only solution to develop their interest in numbers is the best Maths books for class 5th. The following is the list of the books you can purchase for your kid:

  • Frank EMU Books Mental Maths for Class 5 Practice Workbook with Fun Activities Based on NCERT Guidelines: This is one of the best books for kids as it is picture-based and makes the subject more interesting. The books have been created per the NCERT requirements. - Quick Quiz and Oral Fun activities to assist students in answering questions orally - Note for the Teacher to assist teachers in guiding and formulating the concepts - Questions based on Life Skills, Games, and Puzzles in Books 3, 4, and 5 - Speed Test and Learner's Aptitude Test (MCQs) for comprehensive practice. 

  • Mental Mathematics for Class 5 by R.S Aggrawal: This is one of the best Maths books for class 5th. The experts design it, and each concept is explained in detailed manner These books will help your kid strengthen the concepts from scratch and make the foundational base for the higher classes. 

  • Pearson’s Maths Ace Prime: Maths Ace Prime is an eight-book series precisely matched to the CBSE curriculum and other boards that follow the NCERT rules. The series as a whole strives to improve learning and teaching methods. Pedagogical aspects based on the cognitive and socio-emotional development of the learner are included.
  • Together with Mathematics Buzz for Class 5: One of the most popular book for class 5th students, it provides a review of the previously studied principles. Important terminology - describes the new terms so that the concepts may be understood easily. Math in Action is a student activity that introduces each idea via play (learning by doing). Running sums provide speedy recapitulation and guarantee that previously learned concepts are retained. HOTS are form of questions that test the learner's mathematical, logical, and mental abilities. 

  • Think Maths! Class 5: It helps students comprehend basic ideas and presents straightforward explanations and various instances from everyday life. The series follows the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and includes major recommendations from the proposed National Education Policy. It consists of warm-up exercises with a great quantity and diversity of solved cases! Try these sections in-chapter exercises, end-of-chapter revision exercises, worksheets, assessments, and tests to help revise prerequisites for understanding the topics covered in the chapter. HOTS questions to assist students in improving their higher-order thinking skills and avoid frequent problems, mental shortcuts, tricks etc.

However, only following the books will not help your kid develop the fundamental concept. Your kid requires better guidance from the experts. Join our class 5th Maths online tuition classes and learn Maths from scratch.

Maths Syllabus for Class 5th

It is essential to go through the syllabus and understand the examination requirement and the exam pattern. With the help of the Maths syllabus for class 5th, you will understand the important topics and help you to select the right book for kids. The following is the syllabus for class 5th Maths.

CBSE Maths Syllabus for Class 5th

The following is the syllabus for class 5th Maths:

  • Chapter 1: The Fish Tale
  • Chapter 2: Shapes and Angles
  • Chapter 3: How Many Squares?
  • Chapter 4: Parts and Wholes
  • Chapter 5: Does it Look the Same?
  • Chapter 6: Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor
  • Chapter 7: Can You See the Pattern?
  • Chapter 8: Mapping Your Way
  • Chapter 9: Boxes and Sketches
  • Chapter 10:Tenths and Hundredths
  • Chapter 11: Area and its Boundary
  • Chapter 12: Smart Charts
  • Chapter 13: Ways to Multiply and Divide
  • Chapter 14: How Big? How Heavy?

ICSE Maths Syllabus for Class 5

The following is the syllabus for class 5th Maths:

  • Theme 1: Numbers
  • Theme 2: Number Operations
  • Theme 3: Fractions and Decimals
  • Theme 4: Playing with Numbers (Factors and Multiples)
  • Theme 5: Introduction to Negative Numbers
  • Theme 6: Geometry
  • Theme 7: Measurement
  • Theme 8: Introduction to Percentage
  • Theme 9: Data Handling
  • Theme 10: Patterns

Importance of Maths in Academics Curriculum

The following are reasons why Maths are important in the academic curriculum:

  • Decision making: It empowers the students to make their real-life decisions. Once the students develop an interest in the subject, they carry out their daily activities more confidently and effectively.

  • Logical Reasoning: It helps to develop logical Reasoning and abilities as the kids will compare and contrast the numbers while solving the problems, enhancing their reasoning abilities.

  • Experimental Learning: It is claimed that the most expensive thing in the world is experience. Mathematics provides pupils with immediate opportunities to study and apply what they've learned. Learners' attention is piqued as a result of these encounters. Students learn better in groups. This is because peer learning fosters lateral thinking, which leads to thought-provoking ideas.

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