Class 12 Maths Syllabus and Best Maths Books for Class 12 Students in India

Maths Syllabus and Best Maths Books for Class 12

Being a student, we all have one favorite subject, and on the other hand, we all have a subject which we dislike the most. Don't you find it relatable? Well, yes, it is. In 2005, Gallup (A Washington-based company popularly known for its public opinion polls worldwide) conducted a survey that questioned the student about the most difficult subject. Unsurprisingly, Maths is the subject which the student finds the most difficult, but yet it is good to know that the students know the importance of the subject and try to cover the entire Maths syllabus for class 12th and try to find out the best Maths books for class 12th to practice more advanced numerical questions. This blog comprises the list of the best books for class 12th students.

Maths Syllabus for Class 12th

Maths is the subject that refers to the study of structure, quality, change, and space. Based on logical reasoning and abstraction, the subject emerged from the measurement, counting, calculation, and organized study of the physical object's motion and shapes. Mathematics is a pivotal part of human logic and thoughts. It is one of the effective ways to develop logical reasoning and mental disciplines. However, instead of knowing the importance of the subject, the student dislikes the subject, and the most common reason is its difficult and complex numerical questions. Is this the only reason that you too dislike the subject Maths? Then, you must change your perception at once and then look at the syllabus and the subject. I am sure you will find the subject interesting and enjoy solving the numerical. Before choosing any Maths book for class 12th, you must deeply understand the syllabus as this will help you find the most suitable book based on your understanding.

A syllabus is considered a tool that plans the courses in a specified time. It provides the course's goal and objective, develops confidence, and builds basic concepts among the students. However, the syllabus slightly varies from board to board, but the following are the general topics that are almost common to all, these are:

Unit I: Relations and Functions

  • Chapter 1: Relations and Functions
  • Chapter 2: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Unit II: Algebra

  • Chapter 1: Matrices
  • Chapter 2: Determinants

Unit III: Calculus

  • Chapter 1: Continuity and Differentiability
  • Chapter 2: Applications of Derivatives
  • Chapter 3: Integrals
  • Chapter 4: Applications of the Integrals
  • Chapter 5: Differential Equations

Unit IV: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry

  • Chapter 1: Vectors
  • Chapter 2: Three-dimensional Geometry

Unit V: Linear Programming

  • Chapter 1: Linear Programming

Unit VI: Probability

  • Chapter 1: Probability

Class 12 CBSE & ICSE Syllabus Download Free

Click here: To download the Syllabus of Class 12 Maths CBSE.

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Maths Book For Class 12th: Must Add-On To Your Booklist

Maths Syllabus Best Books for Class 12

Class 12th is one of the most critical phases among the students as it is the turning point in life where they get a lot of opportunities concerning their studies. As a result, the student may often get stressed. If you are worried about your studies and examination, then you must enroll in our class 12th Maths online tuition classes. Our certified and experienced tutor is here to help you in your academics with several additional benefits. The following is the list of the Maths books for class 12th students suggested by our experts:


  • S. Aggarwal for class 12th: It is one of the most preferred and popular books. It will help the students practice the questions from the basic to the advanced level and help them score well in the examination.
  • D Sharma for class 12th Mathematics: RD Sharma is enough; it is one of the most demanding and popular books. The detailed approach is displayed and makes the exam preparation easier for the students.
  • Gupta Bansal Maths Book for class 12th: The best feature of this book is that it carries HOTs questions after each chapter. The summary of each chapter at the end is useful for the last-minute revision for the students.

Other books such as Arihant's previous years' question bank, Together with Mathematics, Xam Idea, Oswal topic wise questions, and many others. All these books are the ones which are highly demanded by students and used by many students. These will assist you to develop the fundamental knowledge of the subject and are quite reliable to the students. However, only practicing the questions without knowing the derivation of the formulas and tricks will be difficult to score good marks in the subject. Hence, it is essential to take the online tuition for class 12th. SSSi Online Tutoring Services offers world-class educational benefits and makes you prepare for the JEE, NEET Preparation, and other competitive exams as well. The following are the additional benefits you can avail of:

  • Live one-on-one interactive session.
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions and revision classes.
  • Mock test and lice practice questions and much more.


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