Class 8 Maths Syllabus & Best Maths Books For Students In India

Class 8 Maths Syllabus & Best Maths Books

Which are the best Maths books for class 8 I can refer to? The most hype questions students ask. Class 8 is considered as that phase of life where students find several new topics and subjects getting added to their academic curriculum. While practising Maths for class 8, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to pick between quality and quantity. Especially when it comes to choosing books to study. When it comes to a topic like math, all you have to remember is to practice until you improve. According to many subject experts and toppers, one of the greatest methods to master the most difficult Math topics is to practise NCERT textbook problems.

Maths Syllabus For Class 8: Know The Course Before You Hunt For Books.

You must have wondered why knowing a detailed syllabus is a must? Well, before students start their course it is essential for them to understand what the course is about? What are they going to learn in their entire course? Here syllabus plays a vital role in outlining all the essential information about the courses. Additionally, it is believed that before choosing any books for your kid it is important to refer to the syllabus for class 8 first. As it will help you to decide which book will be more useful for your child’s growth? The following is the detailed syllabus attached for class 8:


Class 8 CBSE Maths Syllabus for Students     

  • Number system
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Mensuration
  • Data handling
  • Introduction to graphs

Click here to download the CBSE syllabus for class 8 PDF

Class 8 ICSE Maths Syllabus for Students     

The following are the units covered in the class 8 ICSE Syllabus:

  • Rational Numbers 
  • Exponents Powers
  • Sets
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Data Handling

Click here to download the ICSE syllabus for class 8 PDF

Books (Prescribed By the Boards)

Following are the list of books prescribe for class 8 students:

Class 8 CBSE Subject Books:




Marigold and Raindrops






Practice Book for Science


Looking Around Us


Class 8 ICSE Subject Books:




New Learner’s English Grammar & Composition Book 8

ICSE The Literature Trail For Class – 8


ICSE उद्गम Text-Cum-Workbook VIII


ICSE Mathematics For Class VIII


Lakhmir Singh’s Science

Computer Science

Computer Studies Tech Buzz


These books are recommended in accordance with NCERT and ICSE requirements.


Top Maths Books for Class 8 Students

Top Maths Books for Class 8

Students might use reference books as an additional source to clear up any uncertainties they have when answering questions. Reference books are regarded as essential for test preparation. The following is the list of the best Maths books for class 8:


  • Mathematics for Class 8 by R.S. Aggarwal: Students will benefit much from this book in exam preparation. One of the book's strengths is that it covers a wide range of topics, from simple basic questions to more difficult ones that require a significant amount of work from the learner. The challenging questions are broken down into simple stages with explanations for each. Consequently, each question the student answers gives in-depth learning and aids them in gaining confidence for their school-level assessments and future entrance exams.


  • Mathematics for Class 8 by R.D. Sharma: RD Sharma is one of the most often suggested authors. Class 8 students are only a year away from attaining the Class 8 milestone. Students in Class 8 learn the foundations of the concepts they will study in Class 8 and beyond. Exam preparation is mostly centred on NCERT textbook questions and responses until Class 8. For Math, most students study RD Sharma, a useful book for tackling a variety of problems.


  • Concise Mathematics – Middle School Class 8: The book's chapters are organized in a linear order. The theory is presented concept-by-concept, with solved examples, exercises with solutions, HOTS problems, and much more. If you face difficulties in understanding the mathematics concept, then our class 8 Maths online tuition classes will help you build the foundation base.


  • Sarawati Mathematics for Class 8: This 8th series is based on the most recent CBSE syllabus. It's based on the CCE approach (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation). Each concept comes with a plethora of various solved examples and a collection of highly graded practice questions. There are multiple-choice and logic questions after each chapter.


All of the books mentioned above are simply for reference. Always use the textbooks recommended by the board.

Way Forward

Before you begin studying for class 8 maths, you must establish your priorities. You may use books like RD Sharma to help you advance in your studies, but textbooks should always take precedence. Boards recommended books are the foundation of the school and competitive test preparation. The relevance of these texts should never be underestimated, and they should be followed as long as the syllabus is not completed. It's also crucial that you set a timeframe for finishing your preparation. If you are searching for the best online tuition for class 8, SSSi Online Tutoring Services can be the best choice. As it offers numerous benefits to the students, the following are a few among them:

  • One-on-one live interactive sessions.
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions and revision classes.
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