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September 07, 2022
What is Lymph? Describe its system formation and composition

Lymph means a network of tissues, organs and vessels that help to maintain the body's fluid balance and protect it from pathogens. The lymphatic system is an accessory to the circu ...

September 03, 2022
Introduction to Bacteria? What are its types, Characteristics, and Structure?

Numerous questions arise in our mind when we hear the word bacteria, like how exactly are bacteria? What are the types? Are they awful for us? Bacteria was part of Prokaryotes whi ...

August 10, 2022
Understand Exhaustible Natural Resources

To live our lives on everyday basis, there are numerous materials that meet our various needs. We drink water, eat food, breathe air, and go to school, among other things. All of t ...

April 19, 2022
Important Notes on the Living World for NEET Biology

The living world is considered an important chapter for NEET. This chapter exposes you to the core principles of the universe of living beings; you must become acquainted with it. ...

April 13, 2022
Morphology Of Flowering Plants

Introduction about the Morphology The word morphology is derived from the Ancient Greek word "morphe", which means form, and "logos'' means word, study, and research. Morpholog ...


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