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CSR Activities
February 03, 2023
Workshop on Personal Hygiene: A Ray of Hope

We at SSSi tutoring service, being the best online tuition classes, work with the motive of making this nation reach new heights. For that matter, we prepare children to become eli ...

CSR Activities
December 15, 2022
SSSi visit to Saakshar Hum - Foundation Charitable Trust

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X. We, SSSi Online Tutoring Services, always focus on the educati ...

CSR Activities
November 07, 2022
SSSi Visits Parkshala NGO for CSR Activity

The mental health awareness event commenced at 2.30 pm. In the first place, we had a warm welcome from the NGO. Furthermore, we interacted with the children and gave a brief introd ...

CSR Activities
August 13, 2022
Learn About Environmental Awareness With SSSi Online Tutoring Services

The "Go Green" posters posted on storefronts and in window displays are more than just a trendy phrase to throw around. The goal of "Go Green" and other environmental awareness ini ...

CSR Activities
August 09, 2022
A Workshop on Basic Computer Skills to Develop Students' Professional Abilities

Today, as we can see that businesses depend on computerised technology to complete multiple tasks and other assignment related tasks concerning education. Also, when a child or an ...

CSR Activities
July 11, 2022
Social Welfare and Education - A Mission to Upgrade Linguistic Skills

It has been seen that the technology change opens the door for ample opportunities for our upcoming generations. However, with the advancement, one must equip oneself with several ...


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