Learn About Environmental Awareness With SSSi Online Tutoring Services

Learn About Environmental Awareness With SSSi Online Tutoring Services

The "Go Green" posters posted on storefronts and in window displays are more than just a trendy phrase to throw around. The goal of "Go Green" and other environmental awareness initiatives is to inspire people to take the initiative to safeguard the environment. In reality, protecting the planet's sustainability and survival for future generations is a moral duty of people. It's feasible that without human assistance in this endeavour, mankind as a whole won't be able to endure on this planet for very long. And since the majority of environmental harm is caused by human actions, only making better, healthier decisions can affect the planet's well-being and, by extension, the well-being of people change. As a result, it is up to us to alter our behaviour and develop better ways to treat the environment.

SSSi Online Tutoring Services collaborated with a number of NGOs to support this wonderful project. As a result, we recently got in touch with Challengers Group Trust in Noida to arrange a session on environmental awareness. On August 4, 2022, the event was planned and carried out.

The Planning Stage

The Planning Stage

We are all aware of the pandemic's effects on the global educational system, particularly in India, where students from low-income households will have limited access to online education. We held a workshop just for them to aid the pupils from poor communities in raising environmental awareness.

Theme of the session

The team begins by working on the session's theme. The workshop's main objective is to provide the underprivileged section of the student body with something worthwhile in the way of education. We chose the session's theme of Education Awareness

Schedule of the Session

Following the session's subject, the team members concentrate on the session's schedule, which includes the subtopics each expert will address and how much time will be assigned to each topic.

Listing Out the Requirements in the Webinar

When the team writes down the needs for the session and checks the list to see if the equipment is available, this is one of the crucial steps in the planning process. Additionally, the team leader coordinates equipment requirements with the organisation and handles them accordingly.

Execution Stage

The group uses a variety of exercises and instructional techniques in the session, including

Ice Breaker Activity

The students' spirits were raised with the icebreaker activity. During the icebreaker activity, we gave the students an explanation of the game's rules. The winner will receive a prize in accordance with the game's rules and regulations for their outstanding performance. The icebreaker activity aimed to gauge the students' prior environmental knowledge. During an introductory game, we gave the students an alphabet and gave them five minutes to come up with five things that began with that alphabet that had to do with the environment.

Participation in experience sharing sessions

Participation in experience-sharing sessions

The children had the chance to hear professionals' presentations on environmental awareness. Participants, including the volunteers, clarified various points from the presentations during the sessions by asking questions and offering solutions for how to fix them. The major purpose of the NGO visit was this exercise, which was created to allow the visiting team to hear some examples of how students may contribute to the cause of environmental awareness. Additionally, it provided the team members with a chance to talk with meeting participants about their daily experiences.

Covering Sub-topics

With the help of presentations, the expert covered the theme's subtopics, including various environmental problems and their effects, environmental elements, solutions, and many more. Based on that, we set up a drawing and slogan contest for the students and gave them prizes based on how they used their knowledge to create art.

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution

At the session's conclusion, we delivered the prizes to the winners, and the children who participated in the exercise did well. After refreshments, the pupils take photos to capture the memories. The students talked about their experiences and indicated a wish to return to the NGO in front of the SSSi Online Tutoring Services team. Even the NGO's leader recognised the executives' efforts and presented them with a token of appreciation.

SSSi Online Tutoring Services team


It is important to note that the visit served as yet another illustration of how SSSi may act as a forum for knowledge exchange. Additionally, this is a way to share thoughts and experiences that occasionally may stay in one organisation's archives but can have a significant and reciprocal impact on the work of others.

The team that visited was motivated by the experience to think of innovative ways to enhance SSSi-based educational initiatives deemed advantageous and cost-effective. In order to achieve educational objectives, community involvement must be developed as one aspect of education. The exposure or experiences during the session highlighted the likelihood of developing meaningful community involvement with the modest, fundamental support systems built during the visit.

Some of the NGOs' volunteers suggested organising joint events to increase chances for capacity building beyond the typical subjects and instead focus on incorporating various diverse parts of life that influence education toward social change, such as addressing genocide. They saw community involvement as a potentially extremely helpful component in explaining and improving the implementation of educational policies.

The visit was brief yet intense and might be turned into routine practice to incorporate more educational facets. The group will meet together to compile their findings and takeaways so they can communicate them more clearly. Participants said it was a fulfilling experience for those taking part. Also, if you want to know more about the topic, you can enroll for the sessions by our experts at class 8 Science Online classes

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