Mastering the Art of Problem Solving With SSSi Online Tutoring Services

Mastering the Art of Problem Solving With SSSi

As said by the renowned personality Ben Cason, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” SSSi Online Tutoring Services believe in the same, through our Teach India Movement project, we aim at improving the lives of the student community belonging to poor families through education with the help of highly skilled experts. Also, we understand the need to inculcate life skills that help our today’s generation to develop holistically. It includes communication, self-management, critical thinking and many more.

Recently, we conducted our monthly NGO visit with the theme "Problem Solving skills". We make sure to connect with the NGOs working on the same objective as us and focus on helping the students belonging to low-income families. Bachpan Shaala is one such organization that focuses on helping those student communities build their foundations for better future growth. Also, the organization incorporates the concept of inclusive education.

One of our members connected with the NGO to empower the students with problem-solving skills. Our corporate social responsibility activity aims to help the students upgrade their problem-solving skills, which include critical thinking, decision making, and many more, for professional development.

Mastering the Art of Problem Solving by SSSi

The Planning Stage Art of Problem Solving

The team members of SSSi Online Tutoring Services planned the session by following several steps:

The theme of the Problem Solving session

The foremost step taken by the team is to decide the theme of the session as our objective is to develop the students' life skills. For that reason, we connected with the NGO owner, Mrs. Nandita Chopra, concerning the age group of the students. As per the age of the students, we decided on the theme of the session, i.e. problem-solving. Moreover, we went through the feedback given by the last NGOs, and based on that, we decided on the activities and teaching process of the session.

Art of Problem Solving Schedule for the Session

The second step of the planning process is to work on the schedule of the session. The schedule includes the experts' subtopics, including the time covered by every expert on a particular topic and many more. Also, we included an online session by an expert in Vedic Maths.

Listing Out the Requirements in the Webinar

Now comes the most important step of the planning process, listing out the requirements of the session. One of the organization members provided the list of the requirements that included gift hampers, refreshments, and many more for the session. The session comprises a questionnaire round, online sessions and activities and so forth. And students who reflected active participation in the session were rewarded with prizes.

Mastering the Art of Problem Solving with sssi online tutoring services

Execution Stage

The session was organized on 24 March 2021 at Bchapan Shaala in Gurgaon. The experts were greeted by the owner of the NGO, Mrs. Nandita chopra. The session comprises several activities and teaching methodologies, such as

Ice Breaker Activity in Art of Problem Solving

The main objective of the experts is to motivate the students to participate in the session. For that particular reason, the expert begins the session with the ice breaker activity. In the activity, students were instructed to listen to the game's instructions carefully and follow the same in the activity. The activity helped the students to develop their listening skills.

A Brief on the Theme

As the activity helped the students for active participation, the expert began with their brief on problem-solving skills. It includes how the problem-solving skill is connected to their daily life operations. Several students were asked to share their experiences and how they dealt with their problems. After that, they were asked to suggest solutions to solve the problem.

An Online Problem Solving Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

Our highly qualified Vedic Math expert gave the students an online session. In the session, the expert showed the tricks to solve the problems at a faster pace. Moreover, it helped the students to examine their mathematical skills and improve them. A few of them asked the question to the expert concerning their queries.

Mastering the Art of Problem Solving by muskan goel from SSSi

Questionnaire Round in Art of Problem Solving Session

After the online session, one of the experts examines the knowledge and skills of the students learned by the students. Also, several questions were asked, and students were called to solve those questions. Few of them committed errors, but most of them were solved in the manner instructed by the experts.

Covering Sub-topics

After the questionnaire round, one of the experts covered the sub-topics such as communication, listening, and creative thinking. Moreover, the experts conduct an activity to check the memory retention skills of the students. The expert wrote ten words on the blackboard and gave 1 minute to every student to memories them. After the allotted time, the words were erased by the expert. Several students tried to remember them, but only one of them emerged as a winner.

Prize Distribution

After the successful completion of the session, the prize distribution ceremony is conducted by the experts. As we already discussed in the planning process, it was decided to reward the student for their active participation. Students felt motivated after the prizes they won. Also, we provide them refreshments and click images to retain the beautiful memories. The owner and the students shared their feedback concerning the session and asked the experts to visit them again.

Mastering the Art of Problem Solving with sssi online tuition


Our experts are working on their next monthly NGO visit. Our project Teach India Movement aims to provide the best-in-class online education services to prepare today's generation to achieve their career objectives. The theme of problem-solving skills will help the students in their all-around development in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. For a better understanding, one can check the Vedic Math course offered by the SSSi Online Tutoring Services.

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