Social Welfare and Education - A Mission to Upgrade Linguistic Skills

Social Welfare And Education - A Mission to Upgrade Linguistic Skills

It has been seen that the technology change opens the door for ample opportunities for our upcoming generations. However, with the advancement, one must equip oneself with several skills such as problem-solving, linguistics, critical thinking and many more.

Now, we can see that the students belonging to privileged communities are getting the opportunity to upgrade themselves in several skills, especially soft skills. But what about the students who belong to unprivileged sections of the community? Our responsibility is to help them root their soft skills for professional development.

Also, several NGOs in Delhi are working on this motive and helping the poor section of society. SSSi Online Tutoring Services connected with several NGOs to contribute to this beautiful initiative. Hence, recently, we connected with Teens of God In Gurugram for the workshop on linguistic skills. The event was organized, and the activity was conducted on 9/07/2022.

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The Planning Stage

We are all aware of the pandemic's consequences on the educational system around the world, particularly in India, where pupils from low-income households will not have many possibilities to access online schooling.

Working on the Theme of the Session

This is the initial stage in organizing the session held at the non-profit organization, Teens of God. First, we reviewed our feedback regarding the issues discussed during the previous NGO visits. On the basis of that, we developed the session's content and activities. We chose the session's focus, which linguistic skills is comprising Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, after carefully considering how they benefit students in their professional and personal lives.

Listing Out the Requirements in the Webinar

Listing the session's requirements is the next and most crucial stage in the preparation process. One of the organization's members submitted a list of the session's requirements, including gift baskets, refreshments, and many more. A questionnaire round, an online session by the expert and activities and other things are included in the session. Additionally, pupils who demonstrated active engagement in the class were given rewards.

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The Execution Stage

The meeting was held at the Teens of God, NGO in Gurugram, on 9 th July 2022. The senior management representatives and the team's leader, Mr Ayush, welcomed our crew. Additionally, several teachers helped set up the online session and manage the group of pupils.

Ice Breaker Activity

The icebreaker activity was used to get the class started and boost the students' spirits. We explained the game's rules to the students during the icebreaker session. According to the game's rules and regulations, the winner will be rewarded for their extraordinary performance. The icebreaker exercise was built around testing the kids' listening abilities.

A Brief on the Theme

Following the activity, we discussed with the students the main pointers, i.e. fluency, clarity, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, and how they help in upgrading their linguistic skills. Additionally, we check their vocabulary and introduce new words. Many pupils were hesitant to engage, but we persuaded them to speak up. They were able to test their speaking skills and improve their self-confidence. One of our executives explained the purpose of the linguistic skills. It consists of various elements that impact how well we communicate in daily life.

An Online Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

The academic instructor-led an online lesson on strengthening our communication abilities. The instructor in that class focused on utilizing formal language to portray yourself in various scenarios. According to the event, she also discussed ways for the children to expand their vocabulary and deepen their comprehension of social interaction.

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Questionnaire Round

We conducted the questionnaire round to assess what the students learned throughout the online session. To develop a better understanding among the students, we also ask them about the crucial insights the experts added in between the online sessions. Most of them gave accurate answers, and a few gave partially accurate. We selected the winners based on the results of the questionnaire round.

Covering Sub-topics

After the questionnaire round, one of our executives discussed the theme's subtopics, such as stress and nonverbal emotional management abilities. The executive emphasized how our listening skills affect our communication and learning and how students may overcome them.

Prize Distribution

We gave out the rewards to the winners and the students who participated in the activity and questionnaire round and did well at the end of the lesson. The students are then given refreshments, and pictures are taken to preserve their memory. The students shared their experiences and expressed a desire in front of the team of SSSi Online Tutoring Services to visit the NGO again. Even the head of the NGO acknowledged the executives' efforts and gave them a memento of appreciation.


We seek to continuously offer top-notch educational services with our certified academic specialists through our project on the Teach India Movement for the cognitive growth of every child. The necessity for such projects can be understood by conducting a thorough analysis of public speaking abilities. Our online public speaking classes and spoken English classes will help you build the fundamental ideas needed for that. For a better understanding, the tutors in our online classes for kids include numerous references and anecdotes.

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