Social Welfare and Education - A Ray of Hope for Under-Privileged Children

Social Welfare and Education - A Ray of Hope for Under-Privileged Children

In today's era, we hear a lot of cases of molestation and child abuse. And now, it's time to teach children about the Good Touch Bad Touch. So that the student community will be prepared enough to face any such situation in their daily lives, it has been seen that the targets are young children between the age group of 6 - 7 years. Especially when they are at the age of learning the difference between right and wrong. "Good Touch Bad Touch

For that reason, we organised a session on Good Touch and Bad Touch to develop self-awareness about the topic among the student community belonging to the unprivileged section. The workshop was conducted online and offline by the certified experts on 23rd April at Mayur Vihar, Manav Vikas Foundation.

A Ray of Hope for Under Privileged Children

The Planning Stage

The team members of SSSi Online Tutoring Services planned the session by following several steps:

Theme of the session

The first step taken by the expert and team is to decide the theme of the session. The main objective of the workshops concerning corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the student. For that particular reason, our organisation connects with the NGO owner, Mr Deepak Kumar, concerning our theme and the workshop's requirements. After the discussion, we decided on the workshop's theme, i.e. Good touch and bad touch. Including that, we list down the feedback given by other NGOs based on what we work on in the further stages of planning the workshop.

Schedule of the Session

After deciding on the workshop's theme, we work on the schedule of the session. In the session, we cover the pointers, such as the subtopics covered by the team. Also, how much time the session will be conducted and the time invested by the expert on each subtopic.

Listing Out the Requirements in the Webinar

One of the most important steps of the planning stage is that the team will list the webinar requirements. The organiser of the workshop list out the requirements such as the refreshments and the gift hampers for the students. The team add several activities and questionnaire round in the workshop for the active participation of the students.

Social Welfare and Education A Ray of Hope for Under Privileged Children

Execution Stage

The team incorporates several activities and teaching methodologies in the workshop, such as.

Ice Breaker Activity

To begin a session full of zeal and enthusiasm, the team began the session with the ice breaker activity. In the activity, students were instructed to follow the game rules in which they had to listen to the expert carefully and, based on that, comprehend the message. The one who follows the command correctly will be the winner of the activity. The activity assisted the students in actively participating in the workshop.

A Brief on the Theme

After the activity, the expert provided a brief on the theme. Before that, the experts motivated the students to share their experiences concerning the issue. Based on that, the expert connected the session's theme and explained it to the students. The brief includes the situations faced by the students in their daily life, the meaning of Good Touch and Bad Touch, and how to overcome those situations on their own or with the help of a guardian. Furthermore, students were asked to put forward their suggestions concerning the issues.

An Online Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

After the brief on the theme, students were instructed to focus on the online session taken by the highly qualified expert Mrs Kanchan. The expert explains the topic with the help of a presentation for a better understanding of the topic. Also, the expert asked about the student's opinion. The online session helped the students brush up on their knowledge concerning the topic and prepared them to face such situations.

Social Welfare and Education A Ray of Hope for Under Privileged Children  SSSi

Questionnaire Round

To follow up on the online session, experts conducted a questionnaire round. The team and expert asked several questions to the students. Most of the students answered the questions in the right manner and won the rewards.

Covering Sub-topics

After completing the questionnaire round, one of the team members focused on the theme's subtopics, such as how to learn to say NO to people concerning something inappropriate. Moreover, the team conducted an activity to develop the students' life skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and many more. In the activity, students were blindfolded by one of the team members and the other student was instructed to guide that student to reach the endpoint. If the student who got blindfolded covered all the obstacles, then he/she emerged as a winner of the game.

A Ray of Hope for Under Privileged Children  SSSi Online Tuition Classes

Prize Distribution

After the completion of the workshop, the prize distribution ceremony is conducted by the team, in which they ask the volunteers and owner to join them. The expert rewarded students who actively participated and the ones who emerged as a winner of the ice breaker activity, questionnaire, and the other activity. Also, they got refreshments from the team. Students shared their feedback with the team and asked them to visit again. Moreover, we clicked beautiful images with the volunteers, owners and students to capture the beautiful memories.

Social Welfare and Education SSSi Online Tuition Classes


Now, our experts are working on the planning process for their next month's visit. Our project Teach India Movement emphasises providing the best online classes to the students belonging to unprivileged sections to prepare them for the future. The topic of Good touch and bad touch will help the students develop self-awareness among themselves and spread the same to their peers. If you want to know more about the topic, you can take an online session on the topic by the certified expert at SSSi Online Tutoring Services.

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