A Workshop on Basic Computer Skills to Develop Students' Professional Abilities

Basic Computer Skills Tutorial, Training to increases or Develop Students' Professional Abilities

Today, as we can see that businesses depend on computerised technology to complete multiple tasks and other assignment related tasks concerning education. Also, when a child or an adult is acquainted with the computer system, it will help them develop their professional skills and conduct their daily life operations smoothly. Moreover, it assists in maintaining survival skills in the competitive market and among the competitors. Several educational institutions recognise the importance of basic computer skills and emphasise it in their lesson plans. However, it has been noticed that the students from unprivileged sections won't get the opportunity to learn about computers and their applications.

For that purpose, we conducted a session on Basic Computer Skills to develop the skills and knowledge of the students belonging to the unprivileged sections of the student community. On 23rd May, the certified experts took the session online and offline at Gurgaon, UPAY NGO. Furthermore, the topics covered were taught in class 6th Computer Science syllabus to higher-level students. 

session on Basic Computer Skills

The Planning Stage 

There were several steps involved in the planning stage, such as;

Theme of the session

In the beginning, the team works on the theme of the session. The workshop's primary goal is to contribute something valuable in terms of education to the unprivileged section of the student community. For that treason, we decided on the session's theme as basic computer skills. 

Schedule of the Session

After the theme of the session, the team members focus on the schedule of the session, which comprises subtopics covered by the expert, Including how much time will be allotted by each expert on several topics. 

Listing Out the Requirements in the Webinar

One of the important stages in the planning process is when the team notes down the session's requirements and checks the list as per the availability of the equipment. Also, the team leader connects with the head of the organisation concerning equipment requirements and manages the requirements accordingly. 

conduct the session for computer teaching

Execution Stage

Multiple innovative teaching methodologies and equipment are used to conduct the session;

Ice Breaker Activity

The expert begins the session with an ice breaker activity to motivate the students. The expert explains the game's rules, and students have to play the game while keeping the rules in mind. The activity helps the students to develop their memory and retention power. 

Moreover, the activity assisted in boosting the morale of the students, including active participation throughout the session. 

A Brief on the Theme

After the successful conduct of the activity, the expert shed light on the session's theme. During that, the expert asked the students about their previous computer knowledge. And the expert got to know that few of them didn't even know about computers. Then the expert focuses on the history of computers and their modern time's usage. 

An Online Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

After the brief introduction, the expert instructed the students to focus on the online session taken by the subject matter expert Mr Pankaj Pandey. He covered the topics through the presentation and ended the session with an exercise, in which most of the students answered rightly. 

Online Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

Questionnaire Round

At the end of the online session, the experts conduct an offline questionnaire round based on the online session. The majority of the students answered correctly and won rewards for their active participation. 

Covering Sub-topics

Our expert Mrs Sonal Gupta focuses on the other subtopics such as the input and output devices and applications of computers in various fields. Students ask several questions during the workshop, which reflect their curiosity to know more about the topic. 

Prize Distribution

Students who showed extraordinary performance were rewarded with several prizes. Including the students reflect active participation during the session. Moreover, refreshments were distributed among the participants. Then, the images were clicked to capture the beautiful memories. Our experts asked for feedback from the students, and each student was impressed with the session. Furthermore, we explain to the higher-level students how we can help them in their class 11th Information technology subject that incorporates the tips and strategies to excel in the exam. 


Now, the team began with the planning process for the upcoming workshop in the month of June. Through the feedback form from the students and volunteers, the team is already working on the requirements of the equipment needed for the session. Moreover, if you want to know more about the topic, you can check our online tutoring services on our website.