Workshop on Personal Hygiene: A Ray of Hope

Workshop on Personal Hygiene: A Ray of Hope

We at SSSi tutoring service, being the best online tuition classes, work with the motive of making this nation reach new heights. For that matter, we prepare children to become eligible to do miracles for the country through education. At the same time, we also understand the pain of underprivileged children who are not able to afford quality education and fulfil their basic necessities.

Personal Hygiene: An essential need in kids of the present and future

We organise workshops for underprivileged children every month. We visit NGOs that are already working for a cause to help these kids to have access to basic education regarding their health and hygiene. On 30th January 2023, we visited Nav Uday Kiran NGO at Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, to conduct a workshop on educating children about Personal Hygiene.

An introduction to personal hygiene

We all have been born and brought up in a society where we have been told and preached about personal hygiene in many ways since we were kids. To wash our hands before and after every meal, to wear clean clothes, to brush our teeth twice a day, to always keep our bed clean and whatnot. The basic objective of personal hygiene is to opt those activities into our daily routine that prevents us from getting dirty and being sick from external dust, dirt or bacteria.

The future of any nation depends on the health and education of its children, and we all have to work towards making it a universal reality. Children are the foundation of the future, and in order to have a fruitful future, we need the children of our society to be healthy and educated. Children are the gateway to lifelong possibilities and a sustainable future. Our responsibility is to not only provide them with the same but also skill them and make them aware of the consequences and how they can create a healthy and hygienic environment around them.

Poor health and hygiene can create physical issues, make them ill, damage their organs or sometimes create hazards for the future. Therefore, it becomes a generational curse for them to live in a dirty environment and remain unhealthy. The development of the country goes through the development of the health and hygiene of its children. It has always been a chain that makes its way towards a developed nation. India, now the most populated country in the world, needs to take steps towards availing children to grow in a healthy and hygienic atmosphere. Creating a healthy atmosphere requires sheer awareness. However, there are schools, and there are teachers that are constantly working towards it. In fact, hygiene is also a part of the academic curriculum of students. But to teach them a mere lesson is not enough; practising it is necessary. As practice will make students opt for it in their daily routine.

A miserable image of children in a part of our country

Unfortunately, there is still a part of our society that is untouched by this basic education of personal hygiene. They don’t know how they can remain clean and what is the importance of maintaining hygiene. They still don’t have access to basic necessities in order to remain clean and maintain their hygiene. And living in the second decade of the 21st century, where we talk about landing on the moon and exploring life on other planets, witnessing such scenarios is a matter of agony. Those kids need a helping hand to guide them. Yes, it won’t happen overnight but taking the initiative towards it is a good start.

The theme of the workshop

We interacted with kids, taught them about personal hygiene, played games with them, conducted activities to practice personal hygiene in their daily life and had a great experience with them.

The theme of the workshop was “Personal Hygiene for kids”. We had a prior discussion with the founder of the NGO, Mrs Arti Dogra Tiwari, about the topic. She and her team made all the necessary requirements. We planned a short, interactive session for them, followed by some fun activities, games and refreshments.

Witnessing children and their smiling faces

Witnessing children and their smiling faces

Our expert began the session by creating a friendly connection with children out there. It got started with our warm welcome and introduction in a friendly manner. To have an influence of us on the children, we communicated with them in the local language. Consequently, the children seemed more prone towards active listening and interacting with our experts. That was indeed a great session full of enthusiasm and life.

The lesson

We have prepared a ppt briefing about personal hygiene and classified it into five parts:

  1. Oral Hygiene
  2. Ears Hygeiens
  3. Eyes Hygiene
  4. Hands Hygiene
  5. Body Hygiene

We ensure to teach all the children in the most interactive way possible. At the end of briefing every part, we had a chat session where kids had to tell us about how they practice that specific hygiene in their daily life. Trust us; there is no kid remaining who didn’t communicate and stayed silent.

The hygiene activity

Now after an enthusiastic interactive session with the kids. Our workshop stepped ahead with its second section, ‘The Hygiene Activity’. We gathered students around and taught them the three steps of washing hands for 20 to 30 seconds. We call them one by one and make their hands wash with a hand wash. After watching two to three students washing their hands, the rest of them did it all by themselves. And yet again, children make us overwhelmed by showing their interest and zeal towards the activity.

Time for a fun game

After the hygiene activity, we take students to get their hands dirty with a fun charade game. The game is apart from hygiene; it was to guess the name of the thing or object through actions related to it. We divided the children into two teams and wrote the name of the object on the board while making some alphabets blank from between. One of the kids from each team had to come forward and do any action related to that object, and the opposite team had to guess it and spell it out. The game was fun, and the result was a tie. Well, that makes us feel being between some intelligent minds.

We end our session by distributing prizes and gifts to the kids and NGO members. After chatting with them for a while, we bid adieu to them, promising to meet soon. While returning back, our heart was full, and we took some unforgettable memories from there.


At SSSi tutoring services, we will keep on moving ahead with the motive of uplifting and upskilling children in order to have a fruitful future. We aim to reach out to such underprivileged children every month and organise sessions on topics like personality development classes, personal hygiene sessions, etc. We aim to create a future that is full of opportunities with the help of some great minds for these beautiful children.

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