BITSAT 2022 Exam Preparation Tips, Check Syllabus, Books, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Sample Papers and Study Plan

BITSAT 2022 Exam Preparation Tips

BITS Aptitude Test, often known as BITSAT, will be held in May 2022 at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. All notices regarding the Computer Based Test will be posted on the official Website by the authorities. BITSAT entrance examinations are held by the test holding authority for Engineering applicants who desire to enrol in BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, or Goa campus. The authorities will conduct the exam in two sessions, Session 1 (June 20 to June 26) and the second session, July 22 to 26th. The candidate who is registered for the examination has the authority to book their slots and access the BITSAT 2022 admit card

Candidates who aspire to sit for the BITSAT need to start preparing from the very first day. As the competition is quite tough, hence it is essential to follow the best BITSAT 2022 preparation tips suggested by the experts. This blog post comprises the BITSAT 2022 preparation tips and the details of the exam pattern and its syllabus. Keep reading to clear all your doubts in one go. 

BITSAT 2022 Highlights

For candidates who dream of pursuing their engineering degree from top-notch engineering colleges, this entrance exam will allow them to get enrolled in the integrated first-year program of B.E, BPharma, MSc, and various other courses at BITS campuses. Before you start your preparation for the BITSAT, it is essential to grab the basic knowledge of the exam. The following are the BITSAT 2022 Highlights, which help you understand the background of the exam better. 

  • Examination: Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test.
  • Acronym: BITSAT
  • Exam Conducting Authority: Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani
  • Exam Category: Undergraduate
  • Exam Level: National Level Exam
  • Purpose: shortlist the candidates who wish to serve the nation.
  • The Frequency of the Exam: Twice a year
  • Mode of Exam: Online, Computer Based Test.
  • Exam Duration: 3 hours
  • Official Website:


BITSAT 2022 Preparation Tips

To prepare for the most prestigious entrance exam, BITSAT, a proper study plan and strategy are required to score good grades. The following are the BITSAT 2022 preparation tips suggested by the experts.

  • Examine the complete BITSAT 2022 curriculum. Set a 4-5-month timeframe for completing the course.
  • Prepare brief notes for each concept while learning the topics, and then separate the chapter-by-chapter equations.
  • After you've finished the course, try to practise examinations and previous year's question papers to see how prepared you are.
  • Analyze your performance after each mock test and try to pinpoint your weak areas. Concentrate more on such subjects.
  • Revision is one of the most significant aspects of exam preparation. Making short notes while covering the syllabus.

Revision for BITSAT Exam Preparation:

According to authorities, the exam is scheduled to take place in May 2022. From April onwards, you should begin revision of all the crucial chapters for BITSAT 2022. Electromagnetics, Inorganic Chemistry, Algebra, and other chapters are significant in test preparation. As a result, it is vital to revisit and rewrite these notions.

Practise Your Weak Chapters

Now that you've been studying for the BITSAT for a few months to a year, you should know your strengths and weaknesses. Chapters like Oscillations and Kinematics are tough for students. Make sure you don't wait until the last minute to address the things that you find difficult. With only a few days till the BITSAT 2022, now is the time to concentrate on your weak areas and practise the chapters you are unfamiliar with.

Take Mock Tests and Analyse the Results

All applicants are familiar with pen and paper. However, not everyone is comfortable taking examinations in an online manner. This lack of experience with the online test becomes an issue when students, although well-prepared, struggle to choose the correct options in the examinations. Now overcome your fear as SSSi has set an online mock test for the BITSAT 2022 exam, keeping in mind the latest syllabus and pattern.

Solve BITSAT Exam Previous Year Questions

Exam preparation can also be aided by reviewing the previous year's question papers. Candidates should practise with prior year's question papers to acquaint themselves with the test format.

Candidates should concentrate on their weak aspects. It will also assist you in determining which issues are significant and should be prioritized.

BITSAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Before proceeding with the preparation, it is essential to learn about the BITSAT 2022 exam pattern. It will help you to plan your exam preparation strategically.

Total Question: 130

Section: 04

Types Of Questions: Multiple choices

Marking Scheme: for each correct answer, 3 marks are given and -1 for every incorrect attempt.

S. No.


Number Of Questions










Logical Reasoning



Mathematics & Biology




BITSAT 2022 Syllabus

BITSAT 2022 Exam Syllabus

The curriculum for BITSAT 2022 will be released on the official Website of BITS tentatively around March 2022. If you are interested in taking the engineering entrance examinations, keep in mind that the BITSAT tests will be based on the NCERT syllabi for Classes 11 and 12. Engineering and Pharmacy programs have varied BITSAT 2022 syllabuses. The table below contains the BITSAT syllabus for each topic.


  • Unit-1: Unit and Measurement
  • Unit 2: Kinematics
  • Unit 3: Newton’s Law Of Motion
  • Unit 4: Impulse and Momentum
  • Unit 5: Work and Energy
  • Unit 6: Rotational Motion
  • Unit 7; Gravitation
  • Unit 8: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
  • Unit 9: Oscillations
  • Unit 10: Waves
  • Unit 11: Heat And Thermodynamics
  • Unit 12: Electrostatics
  • Unit 13: Current Electricity
  • Unit 14: Magnetic Effects Of Current
  • Unit 15: Electromagnetic Induction
  • Unit 16: Optics
  • Unit 17: Modern Physics
  • Unit 18: Electronic Devices


  • Unit 1: Algebra
  • Unit 2: Trigonometry
  • Unit 3: Two-dimensional coordinate geometry
  • Unit 4: Three-dimensional coordinate geometry
  • Unit 5: Differential Calculus
  • Unit 6: Integral Calculus
  • Unit 7: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Unit 8: Probability
  • Unit 9: Vectors
  • Unit 10: Statistics
  • Unit 11: Linear Programming
  • Unit 12: Mathematical Modelling

English Proficiency

  • Unit 1: Grammar
  • Unit 2: Vocabulary
  • Unit 3: Reading Comprehension
  • Unit 4: Composition

Logical Reasoning

  • Unit 1: Verbal Reasoning
  • Unit 2: Non-verbal Reasoning


  • Unit 1: States of Matter
  • Unit 2: Atomic Structure
  • Unit 3: Periodicity
  • Unit 4: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 5: Physical And Chemical Equilibria
  • Unit 6: Electrochemistry
  • Unit 7: Chemical Kinetics
  • Unit 8: Hydrogen and s-blocks elements
  • Unit 9: p-, d- and f-block elements
  • Unit 10: Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons
  • Unit 11: Stereochemistry
  • Unit 12: Organic Compounds with functional groups containing oxygen and nitrogen
  • Unit 13: Biological, Industrial, and Environmental Chemistry
  • Unit 14: Theoretical Principles of experimental chemistry

Once you get to know about the syllabus in depth now, it is pivotal to select the books at your convenience. The following are the few most popular and demanding BITSAT 2022 books which you can add to your booklist:

BITSAT 2022 Books For Exam Preparation: Must Add In Your Booklist

To pass BITSAT 2022, you'll need a solid strategy, but that's not enough. You should have the appropriate study resources to prepare in addition to the plan and approach. With such a large number of books in the market, selecting the best ones for BITSAT preparation might be difficult. This is something we are aware of. As a result, to save you time and effort, we've compiled a selection of the finest books for BITSAT 2022 preparation based on our years of experience in the industry. Check the delivery of the material in the books while choosing your books to see whether you are comfortable with them. It's best to invest your time in a maximum of one or two books per subject.


BITSAT 2022 Books For Chemsitry

  • Organic Chemistry by M.S. Chauhan
  • Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis
  • Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi
  • Atkins’ Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P.Tandon
  • Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee

BITSAT 2022 Books For Physics

  • Problems in General Physics by, I.E. Irodov
  • Fundamentals of Physics Resnick, Halliday, Walker
  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • Advanced level Physics by Nelson and Parker
  • Arihant Physics by D. C. Pandey


BITSAT 2022 Books For Mathematics

  • Differential Calculus by Arihant
  • Class XI and XII by R.D. Sharma
  • Integral Calculus by Arihant
  • Higher Algebra by Hall Knight Bernard-child
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra by I.A.Maron

BITSAT 2022 Books For English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning

  • BITSAT English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning by Disha Experts
  • The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English) by One Learn Education
  • Wren and Martin

BITSAT Exam 2022 Study Plan

To crack any exam, proper and strategic planning is the only key that helps you to do so. You can create your study plan according to your convenience, or you can also take the help of the below prepared BITSAT 2022 study plan.

You need to divide the time into sections which helps you decide how much time you need to devote to the particular topic.


Things to do

First 3 hours of the slot

●        Select a topic

●        Give a thorough reading

●        Refer to the additional study materials on the topic

●        Highlight the important pointers

●        Solve questions based on the topic.

The second slot of 3 hours

●        Pick up another topic

●        Read the entire theoretical part

●        Highlight important topics

●        Practice questions from BITSAT previous year’s question paper.

Third slot of 3 hours

●        Examine what you learned in the last two classes (1 hour)

●        Piсk uр tорiсs frоm the English/Lоgiсаl Reаsоning

●        Attemрt quesiоns frоm test рарers аbout anything related to the tорiсs

Fourth slot of 3 hours

●        Revise all you've learned in previous sessions.

●        Practice questions

●        Reread the theoretical pаrts and important pоints made in previous sessions.

It has been observed that the students start preparing for the examination without knowing whether they are eligible for the exams or not. The following are the BITSAT 2022 eligibility criteria that help you know whether you are eligible to appear for the exams.

Eligibility for BITSAT 2022 Entrance Exam

BITSAT 2022 eligibility criteria mainly include the details of terms and conditions formulated by the exam conducting authority that set the criteria for the eligible students. Candidates appearing for the 10+2 examinations 2022 or who have already passed the 10+2 examination in 2021 are eligible to fill out the form for the BITSAT exam 2022.

Eligibility Criteria For BITSAT 2022 Integrated Msc and B.Tech

Check the detailed eligibility criteria below:

  • Candidate must qualify 10+2 examination from a recognized Central or state board.
  • Candidate must be passed Class 12th with subjects, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.
  • Must score 75% marks in the required subject.
  • To be eligible for BITSAT, the candidate should score a minimum of 60% marks in each subject.
  • Proficiency in English is compulsory.

Eligibility Criteria For BITSAT 2022 B.Pharma Courses

Check the detailed eligibility criteria below:

  • Candidate must qualify 10+2 examination from a recognized Central or state board.
  • Candidate must be passed Class 12th with subjects, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology.
  • Must score 75% marks in the required subject with at least 60% marks in each subject.
  • Candidates appearing for the 10+2 examinations 2022 or who have already passed the 10+2 examination in the year 2021 are eligible to fill out the form for the BITSAT exam 2022
  • Candidates who have taken more than one attempt in class 12th, their latest performance will be taken into consideration.
  • Candidates who passed their class 12th in 2020 or earlier are not eligible for the examination, and the students who have already enrolled in any campus of BITS are not eligible for the exam.


  • Candidates who get 1st rank in their board’s examination are eligible for direct admission in the course of their choice.
  • Age group between 21 to 25 years.
  • For further information, you can visit the BITS admission website in May 2022.

Eligibility For Direct Admission

Three campuses of BITS offer direct admission in numerous undergraduate courses. However, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for direct admission.

  • For direct admission, candidates must have received the highest score on the State and Central Boards in India 2022.
  • On the official Website of, detailed information on direct admission for deserving candidates will be made accessible tentatively on July 10, 2022.

If you have set your mind to appear in the BITSAT examination, then start your preparation from the first as the competition is quite high. SSSi Online Tutoring Services offers the best BITSAT exam preparation classes at an affordable price. The following are the additional benefits:

  • Exclusively designed sample papers and mock test series.
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions and revision classes.
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