Let’s Learn All About Jee Mains Exam 2024

Let’s Learn All About Jee Mains Exam 2024

Are you one who is preparing for the Jee mains exam? Or you are the parents whose child is going to appear in this? Then this blog might be helpful for you.

Jee Mains exam 2024 is one of the toughest exams in the world. This exam is one of the two that need to be cleared to join IIT[Indian institute of Technology]. IIT is one of the most prestigious universities in India that helps students get their bachelor's and master's degrees from here and also helps in their placements. More than 12 lakh students take this exam. The criteria of Jee Main are not that hard for any students. The number of subjects that need to be studied by the students is three: physics, chemistry, and math's. Jee mains 2024 exam date will be 24 Jan to 1 Feb 2024. This test is only available online mode students need to reach the exam centre and take exams on desktops. Let's learn all about Jee Main 2024.

How To Apply For Jee Main 2024?

Applying for Jee mains is no easy task; you must take every step carefully. Let's look into these proper steps for easy application filling.

Step-1 Go to Google and search Jee Main NTA nic.

Step-2 Click on the first website, https://jeemain.nta.ac.in/

Step-3 Click on the new application.

Step-4 Fill in all the necessary information and choose your preferred.

Step-5 Upload images per the instructions and size suggested by NTA.

Step-6 Pay the Exam fees to complete the application filling.

Step-7 You will get an application roll no to help download the admit card.

Jee Main Syllabus

Most of the syllabus comes from NCERT math's, physics and chemistry books for classes 11 and 12. Many teachers and students say that basic math's and science from classes 9th and 10th are more critical for solid fundamentals. Students need extra refreshers or reference books for studying Jee questions to crack the Jee Mains exam. Students nowadays can take online classes to understand the concepts thoroughly and can crack Jee Exams to save the timing of commuting. Tuition and coaching like SSSi are also available to help students clear or crack Jee mains and advanced.

Jee Main 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Jee main exam 2024 are apparent for every student. If you belong to the GEN category, you must have 75% minimum marks in class 10+2 in physics, chemistry, and math's as their main subjects. If you belong to OBC/SC/ST, you need at least 65% minimum marks in class 10+2 in physics, chemistry and math's. Only science students can take the competitive exam Jee mains 2024.

How To Study For Jee Mains?

There are many ways to study for Jee mains, and we will be discussing most of them -

1- Self-Study- This is the most challenging way for any student to study for cracking Jee mains, but it is the best when a student puts all his time into studying. Self-study can only help crack the Jee exam when students have the best resources, like the best refresher and all the study materials needed for the Jee mains.

2- YouTube- It is a type of online study but free of cost, as many study channels provide free lectures and study material for Jee mains. There are many cases in which YouTube lectures are worth studying.

3- Online tuition or coaching- Online tuition is one of the best ways to study for Jee mains exams 2024. Online classes can be excellent when students helpfully utilise them. There are many of the best online tuition service providers like SSSi, etc.

4- Coaching classes- Offline coaching classes are the best way of studying for Jee mains exams as they provide everything for cracking Jee mains exams. Students and their parents still prefer offline classes over online classes as these classes produced more rankers than every other way combined. Some coaching fees are enormous, and average or middle-class families can't afford to pay.

Why Is Jee Mains Necessary? How Does It Impact Students?

Jee mains exam is essential to students in many ways like-

1- To qualify for taking Jee Advance.

2- To get a govt seat in NIT, colleges give high scholarships for high ranking in Jee mains.

3- This exam prepares students for many other tough, competitive exams.

4- This exam prepares the base of any students for further study for engineering they will take for themselves.

This exam impacts students in both ways, physically and mentally. Students get physically tired when they prepare for Jee mains as they tire their bodies by not taking proper food, not doing physical exercises and not sleeping. Students also get mentally tired as they spend most of their time in books or lectures, and constantly studying can cause depression, migraines and many mental illnesses.


Jee mains exam 2024 is one of the toughest exams in the world. The number of students taking this exam is staggering. This exam has many eligibility criteria, and application filling process which might become challenging for students. Students who are preparing for this exam can be tired physically and mentally due to the pressure of scoring good marks. To prepare for this exam, students take many offline and online classes. SSSi online tutoring services online tutoring services provide some of the best online classes for jee preparation so that students can easily reserve their seat in competitive exam Jee mains 2024.

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