Python: Learn Python To Secure Your Future In Data Science

Python: Learn Python To Secure Your Future In Data Science

Python is one of the most important coding or programming languages that is used by more than 8 million programmers as their main programming language.Now let's talk about how to learn Python. Python language is the basic and the easiest language compared to any other language. Python is used by every big company, like Google. Apple, Amazon, etc. Python provides the best way and an easy learning path for any newcomers who want to learn to program or code any app or function. Python language is the best for many things like, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, gaming, and artificial intelligence. Python language has a vast number of prebuilt functions library, and it is the easiest programming language to integrate with any tools like SQL, etc. Python developers work in backend development, frontend development, gaming, machine learning, and AI model development.

Let’s learn all about Python in this article.

History Of Python

Python language was released and created by Guido van Rossum on February 21 ,1991 at Centrum Wiskunde& Informatica (CWI) which is situated in the Netherlands.Guido van Rossum name this language on the behalf of his favorite Monty Python’s Flying Circus a BBC’s tv show.

Why Python Is Easy Compared To Any Other Language?

Python is very easy programming language compared to any other language like C, C++, Java etc. python provide the best user interface. It is a high-level language. Python is object-oriented programming language(oops). It is easy to learn and use. As the images will show how python language code is compared to c language.


As you can see python code is just a one liner and on the other hand c language code is 5 liners for the same function that’s just one of the massive advantages of the python language.

Python Basics Concept

These are some major basic coding pythons for beginners that you should know:

1- Variables: variables are created by assigning a value to a name.


2- Data types: Python supports many built-in data types, including integers, floats, strings, booleans, lists, tuples, and dictionaries.


3- Operators: Python supports different variety of operators, including arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /), comparison operators (>, <, ==, !=), and logical operators (and, or, not).


4- Control flow statements: for, if else, while, do while are one of the important control flow statements allow you to control the flow of execution in your code


5- Functions: In Python, functions are created using the def keyword.


Major Use Of Python Programming

Python language is used in many major parts of software industry and we will be discussing all of them.

These are some major uses of Python-

1- Machine Learning- This is one of the most important uses of the Python language as all the ml models is coded in python. ML is one of the most important parts nowadays as it will be the future of all the industry that are already created or still creating.

2- Data Science– Data science is comprising of many steps and there are many skills need to be mastered for this skill and python language is the base of it.

3- Deep Learning– In this also Python used for training raw data to building and analyses data for deep learning processing. In this raw data is used so that deep learning can mimic human brain functions.

4- Competitive programming– Python language is also used in competitive programming as it is very easy to understand and executing its code is easy compared to any other languages which gives python coder a huge benefit.

How To Learn Python For Data Analysis?

Data analysis is one of the important uses of python language. Python is one of the three language is used for data analysis or data science. Data science is the study of data, data mining, machine learning and data processing. In this we study and prepare raw data to a proper, cleaned and preprocessed data for more and easy understanding of data.

Data scientist is one of the highest paid jobs in world because data is everywhere and data scientist job is to tak all the data that is in need and prepare a proper data understanding for others.

Below flow chart will show case all the skills that are needed for a data analysis or science



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