5 cool tips to reduce stress and enhance your learning ability

Tips to reduce stress

Does little change in your life rattle you and you get super anxious? Well, this is quite common and one of the most common symptoms of stress in people nowadays. Especially at the end of the year, jumbling between two moods, holidays and deadlines, often creates havoc in life, leading to stress. 

Well, stress can be because of family, work, college/school, daily life, or self-induced. So, in short, stress is everywhere and almost unavoidable. So rather than just waiting around for some stressful situations to creep in from somewhere, try to incorporate ways to relieve stress in your life. 

Managing Stress to Become Healthier and Enhance Your Learning Ability

People always take stress and its related symptoms quite lightly. But that is not the right thing to do because taking stress lightly will lead to an emotional and mental breakdown and tax your physical health.  Stress causes an increase in the level of the hormone cortisol, which causes various metabolism imbalances. The increase in the hormone level from a normal level will lead to immediate weight gain, inflammation in your body, affect your blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate, and may lead to a loss of memory.

So if the level of stress increases, we might get affected tremendously. We should start doing something that will make us healthier and also improve our learning ability. To release the stress, you don't need to devote hours and hours to be mentally fit. It shouldn't be a tedious job but something that you do in a break. Starting with 10 to 15 minutes with moderate exercise can be beneficial. With time you can increase your duration, leading to the breakage of negative thoughts. It will lead to the peacefulness of your mind.

 5 Tips To Reduce Stress

  1. Exercise: We know the benefits of exercise, but still, taking that first step is harder than we think, especially when you are already drained mentally. For many, it will be hard to find the motivation to exercise. The best step to find motivation is to start small, set small achievable goals that will motivate you, keep you stress-free, and act as a learning enhancement technique. Exercise is the best stress reduction technique as in this you start from small, and once you have enough motivation, you can increase the time gradually. 

  2. Organising:  When you cannot find small basic necessities in the morning like your socks or tie or even car keys. Such disorganisation leads to stress that is unnecessary and self-induced. Taking some time to organise and fix the place can be very helpful. You can plan ahead and create a timetable. With this, you can avoid unnecessary stress. Planning is not only important for day-to-day activities but also in your studies. Having a plan in studies enhances your learning process, reduces stress, and prevents it from taking a toll on your health. 

  3. Healthy Diet:  People always consider dieting as the same as following a healthy diet. But a healthy diet is beyond your waistline and is more about physical and mental health. When in stress, sugar-rich food and junk food appeal to us, but it has quite an adverse effect on health. To stay stress-free and take your learning ability to the next level. Food containing complex carbohydrates, lean protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants helps us. Sticking to a healthy diet is quite difficult, but doing so will protect us from chronic disease caused due to high-stress levels.

  4. Choose an activity you like:  When you are stressed, you feel too overwhelmed, you might feel tired, anxious, or depressed doing activities that you like might help you feel better and increase your learning speed. You can do activities that you want to release stress like playing with a ball, with your dog, taking a walk to the mall or shopping centre, listening to calming songs, doing gardening as plants can be relaxing, cleaning, or dancing to some peppy music. All these activities are some of the ways to reduce stress. 

  5. Take a new approach: The most important reason for many people nowadays is how we see and approach the various situations in our life. Whenever two or more people are given a similar task, only one of them finds it quite stressful and hard to perform and learn. The reason for this stress is to do with our personality and how we frame a circumstance in our mind. So to reduce the stress, you should take a more positive approach whenever encountered with something new this will change all the dimensions and will reduce stress in your life. 


Whatever ways to manage stress you choose will never work in a go. You must take time to revise and assess your approach to see whether it's working or not. Sometimes you need to relieve stress at the moment. In such a situation, it is not okay to choose one easy way to relieve stress. You need a combination of two-three things like listening to calming music while exercising or organising or such a similar combination of works. 

We are not saying that these tips to reduce stress will ensure you a 100% stressless life. But making them part of your life will bring important changes to enhance your learning and make a stressful situation more calming. 

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