5 Ways in Which SSSi is Shaping the Future of Online Education for Good

Online Education

As we transition into the brave, bold future, the advancement in the education sector is exponential. The global pandemic accelerated the switch to online education, which could have taken another ten years. The future is now!

We need to equip ourselves with the tools of this new digital age to move forward in this rapidly evolving world with ease.

But what will the future of education look like?

What are some of the major areas of improvement that we expect to see in online education over the next few years?

And how is SSSi at the forefront of it all?

Let's find out.

1. Student Engagement

One of the most significant challenges currently faced by online education platforms is poor engagement and student retention rates. While the average engagement rates for most online courses range between 10-20%, SSSi Online Tutoring Service boasts an engagement rate of 85-90%. It essentially means that 9 out of every ten students who enrol for an online course with us complete the course and achieve all the desired outcomes that they intend to learn.

This is primarily because SSSi hires quality tutors with years of experience and provides rigorous training to them regularly. These training sessions equip our tutors with the advanced use of technology, scientific teaching methodologies, and key principles from child psychology. A comprehensive understanding of these ideas enables our faculty to add magic to your regular online classes and make them extremely engaging for the students.

2. Removing Language Barriers

While English is your passport to the world and an absolute must in today's day and age of globalization, we need to admit that the English language has an unfair dominance over the Indian education system. Most top schools and institutions prefer English as their medium of instruction, even when several scientific studies claim that learning new ideas in your primary language leads to greater retention and understanding of the subject matter.

In the spirit of keeping the various diverse cultures of India alive, SSSi offers tutoring services for all courses in your respective regional languages. We have top tutors from all across the country who can empathize with your cultural and linguistic requirements and mould the curriculum accordingly so that you can excel in your academics.

We understand that most students will still be compelled to study in English as that is what their schools may demand, but SSSi can offer alternatives for students who are not fluent in English and allow them an opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves.

3. Customizable Curriculum for Every Individual Student

Schools have become the new factories.

These factories take in raw materials in bulk in the form of young students, process them with information, and turn them into commercial products, ready to sell in the employment fair.

While this process may help you grab a job, it goes against the very essence of the word "education". It fails to appreciate the unique individuality in every child.

We at SSSi are concerned with the status quo and therefore offer an alternative - your teacher, your class, your curriculum.

21st century education 2


When you enrol for an SSSi online course, you are the king. You get to decide what subjects to learn, what topics to add/omit to the pre-existing curriculum, what tutors to study from, what language to study in, and what objectives you intend to achieve out of the course.

We provide one-on-one LIVE tutoring sessions to all of our students that helps us cater to your personal academic requirements.

4. Study Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

As you might have realized, our primary focus is the individual holistic development of every individual child. You are our priority. Therefore, we allow you a platform to study whenever you want, wherever you want. Gone are the days when all students were stuck in a common, rigid timetable.

You can Schedule classes as per your convenience and study at times when you feel maximum freshness, alertness, and awareness so that you can make the most out of our online classes.

Study from the comfort of your home, in the lap of nature with a calm and serene environment, or at a cafe while enjoying a Starbucks coffee.

Create your own ambience and achieve optimal results.

5. Making Mental Health a Priority

Adolescence is a challenging phase in our lives. Not only do we struggle with our academics, but we also are undergoing various social, hormonal, and physiological transformations. Handling all of this while trying to manage our ambitions can get overwhelming, which is why you need a strong support system to help you through the rough patches and keep you going during the smooth ones.

We at SSSi Online Tutoring Service understand you, and we are here to help you.

We offer all kinds of support and counselling sessions - be it academic, social, or emotional so that you can transition through the ups and downs in your life, keeping a balanced state of mind.

We also encourage you to enrol for our non-academic courses such as music tutorials, art and craft lessons, guitar tutorials, etc., that can help you engage in a creative hobby and keep your mind sharp, fresh, and active.


Quality education is the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

While education is easily available in today's world, the focus on quality often gets lost in the mass commercialization of education as a pure business.

At SSSi, we see education as a means to empower students and enable them to explore the world around them. This is possible only by nurturing the inherent curiosity within the students and giving them personal one-on-one attention.

Our primary focus is to bring world-class education to every student at their convenient time, region, language and at a friendly and affordable rate.

We encourage you to try out a FREE demo tutorial and experience the SSSi edge, for as Benjamin Franklin once said...

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."