Are You Looking for Tips on How to Crack NTSE Exam?

How to crack NTSE Exam?

You have to face various challenges and examinations at every stage of your academic career. However, getting anxious is not the right answer. You must understand the pattern of that exam and then work accordingly so that you do not get stuck at any stage. The understanding process can be very demanding and might need your 100% attention. But once you get clarity of the exam, the learning and clearing process becomes very easy.

It is a one-time opportunity for students who want to illuminate their careers as it is one of the most prestigious exams that takes place once a year for class 10th students only. More than anything else, it is a pride and honor for students to clear the NTSE exam. Once you become NTSE Scholars, you get recognition from the government of India.

Since it is such an important exam, you might need some key tips to crack NTSE in one go.

A Brief about the NTSE Exam

  • The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship examination conducted by NCERT. It was conducted for the first time in the year 1963.
  • The purpose of the examination is to identify talented individuals across various streams like Science, Social Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management, and Law.
  • It is open to all the Students of class 10th who are of Indian Nationality, and monetary benefit is provided to such students up to Ph.D. level for courses like Basic Sciences, Social Sciences, and Commerce.
  • The Scholarship is awarded to 2,000 students in the country with a reservation of 15% for SC, 7.5% for ST, 27% for OBC, and 4% for students with benchmark disabilities.
  • There are two stages in the exam. Level 1 is conducted at the state / UT level by the state government, and level 2 is conducted at the national level by NCERT.
  • All students of class 10 are eligible for this exam belonging to the state in which the school is located. Students should be studying under open and distance learning, and they should be below 18 years as of 1st July of the exam year. Students should also not be repeating their 10th standard in the ongoing year.

Syllabus For Stage 1 and 2 of NTSE Exam

There are two stages in the exam, and both stages' syllabus is the same. There are certain subtle differences between the two stages, as elucidated below.

NTSE Exam Syllabus

  1. Mental Ability Test (MAT): Students need problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  2. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): The questions are from the following topics:
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Economics

NTSE Tips  2

NTSE Exam Cracking Tips

  1. Understand your syllabus and then mark important parts so that you can gain command of your exam preparation.
  2. Check previous year's question papers to understand the marking scheme and types of questions asked in the exam.
  3. Make a schedule for moving forward with your preparation and stick to it.
  4. Solving NTSE mock papers regularly will help you understand yours.
  5. Relax before the final exam and do things that will make you happy. 

How to Crack NTSE Exam in One Month

Many students have this question on how to crack NTSE in 1 month. Well, it is a no-brainer. Following the right strategy will help you crack the exam and get amazing results.

  1. You need to give up on the useless and time-consuming activities and study for at least 8-10 hours daily without fail.
  2. Checking the syllabus and understanding every aspect is important before starting your preparation.
  3. Go through the previous year's question papers, check which section/question carries what marks, and prepare a schedule accordingly. Make sure you do not spend excessive time over planning.
  4. Dividing time for each subject and section is important. Read all the subjects regularly so that you don’t forget anything.
  5. Practice questions from all the important sections of the syllabus without missing out on anything.
  6. Reading and preparing for all the topics equally without thinking they might not be important is an essential trait of every topper.
  7. While practicing questions the second time, go for a question with high weightage first and then solve the simple questions that carry fewer marks in your later stage of revision.
  8. Once done with practicing questions, revise regularly, work on your weak points and turn them into your strengths.
  9. Taking care of health is very important as you have only 1 month so eat healthily and get sufficient sleep of at least 7 hours.
  10. Since you have limited time, don't think of results and revise your content.

Way Forward

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