Best Books For Economics Class 12th: Must Add On Your Booklist

Economics Best Books for Class 12

When supply rises, price falls, and when demand increases, price rises. As a result, when maize is in surplus, food costs fall, and vice versa. Consider how you would feel if you were to think about it. The uses may be found throughout the world. All these concepts you learn in the Economics subject. It is one of the important subjects as all of the following significant life experiences are influenced by economics:

  • How the government formulates policy
  • The status of the housing market and potential real estate investments
  • Ability to make right financial decisions
  • The cost and value of a job change
  • Initiatives for public healthcare are being developed.
  • Methods for Reducing Racism and Inequality


Students should buckle up as the board examinations are approaching. There are just a few months till the tests. While preparing for the Economics subjects, many students get confused while selecting the class 12 economic book. In this blog post, we will know about some of the amazing 12th Economics books you can add to your booklist.

List of Best Book for Economics Class 12th

Economics is a vital aspect of the commerce and humanities courses since it helps you understand how a country works and helps you make your own decisions.

Without any doubt, the NCERT class 12 Economics book is the best book to start your preparation with as it follows the CBSE board syllabus. It is critical for students to cover all of the themes in the NCERT books to gain a solid understanding of the subject. NCERT uses straightforward language that allows pupils to grasp subjects without difficulty. Students usually do not need any additional Economics books in class 12 since NCERT Economics books are well-structured and include activities for students to do after each chapter. Students get the chance to evaluate their preparations and can quickly grasp the subjects. Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are the two main sections of the book. To cover the whole syllabus of class 12th Economics for the CBSE board, students must study both of these books.

However, one needs to consult the other advanced books to grasp concepts provided under distinct sub-topics differently. Economics is considered a difficult subject among students due to its complex aspects and terminologies. Here are a few books suggested by our academic tutors:

Best Books For Microeconomics Class 12

For Microeconomics, the most recommendable book is Introduction to Microeconomics by  TR. Jain and VK. Ohri. This finest microeconomics book also has an integrated learning system called "Connect," which allows students to offer precisely what they need, whenever and however they need it. Microeconomics is not a difficult subject. This book is for everyone - students, teachers, and company owners. And everybody who reads this book will benefit much from it.

Introductory to Microeconomics By Sandeep Garg is the other book you can add to your booklist. This one does, and it helps students think about microeconomics differently. Every textbook should be created so that it meets the needs of every new student. For that reason, the text should be user-friendly and should develop the learners' interest in the subject. This book does an excellent job of making microeconomics accessible to its readers.

Sarawati Introductory Microeconomics By Dr. Deepashree   If you want to comprehend microeconomic theory properly, you must read this book. When compared to recent microeconomics textbooks, it is the one that every student should study. This book is simple to read, yet it will challenge your vocabulary, concepts, viewpoints, and comprehension.

Best Book For Economics Class 12

Best Books For Macroeconomics Class 12

Introduction to Macroeconomics By  TR. Jain and VK. Ohri This textbook is considered the best for class 12th Economic book and will help you score good marks in class 12th boards. And it is maybe the most important book on the subject you will ever need. It is a very thorough textbook that covers all of the fundamental areas of macroeconomic theory in great detail. It is written in an approachable tone, making it ideal for beginners while providing enough material for experienced students.

Introduction to Macroeconomics By Sandeep Garg developed with the intention of introducing economics with the help of examples. It includes HOTs questions, sample papers based on the latest syllabus and pattern.

Another important book you can read is Sarawati Introductory Microeconomics By Dr. Deepashree.

These are the book that is highly recommended by the toppers. However, you must always follow the book, which makes things easier. Don't follow any topper's strategies as each individual is special; each has a different thought process and learning abilities.

Tips To Score Good Marks In Economics Class 12

It has been analyzed that several tricky questions are asked in the class 12th boards examination. Hence, you must study smart to score high marks in the subject. Following are some of the tips suggested by the experts of SSSi, which every student should follow:

  • Understand the syllabus deeply.
  • Check the previous year's question paper to analyze the standard of the question asked.
  • Check the exam pattern.
  • Highlight the chapter which carries the maximum marks weightage
  • Prepare study plan strategies
  • Start with the chapters which have maximum marks
  • Once you are done with the chapters, solve the questions asked in the last five years.
  • You can also follow Together with Economics and Economics for more advanced questions.
  • Practice sample papers to evaluate your strength and weakness.


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