Best Books for NTSE Preparation

Best Books for NTSE Preparation

Every year, between 12,00,000 and 14,00,000 candidates take the exams, but only 5000 are chosen for the final stage. You can establish the examination's standard based on this data. Students that are in the tenth grade are eligible for NTSE. Do you know what the secret strategy is for passing any exam?  “Do your homework properly to win your race", you've probably heard. What does this imply? It's all about the requirement of that particular exam, after all. It is critical to understand the examination's prerequisites before starting your preparation. You should always look for the simplest NTSE study materials and stick to them to get top scores. This blog article will examine the exam and the best books for NTSE preparation. Continue reading to get all of your questions answered at once.

List Of The Best Books For NTSE Exam Preparation

Do you often find yourself confused while hand-picking the best books for NTSE preparation? Students should begin their exam preparation by purchasing the top NTSE books. The finest NTSE 2022 books include all of the major themes, test patterns, and previous year's exams so that the students may prepare for the NTSE exam effectively. As a result, having the top books for NTSE preparation 2022 is required. Many books are available on the market, but it is impossible to favour each one individually. Experts have selected a few NTSE exam preparation books for acing the exam. Here are a handful of the greatest NTSE books for 2022:

Best NTSE Books For SAT Preparation (Subjective Aptitude Test)

The following disciplines are covered in NTSE Books for SAT: Social Science, Mathematics, and Science. The NCERT book is considered the best book for NTSE preparation as to crack the examination, you must have a crystal clear understanding of the concepts.

NTSE Books for Social Science

  • Democratic Politics (NCERT Class 10th)
  • India and the Contemporary World 1 & 2 (NCERT Class 9 & 10 History)
  • Contemporary India (NCERT Class 9 & 10)

NTSE Books for Science

  • NCERT textbook of Class 9th Science.
  • NCERT Class 10th Science books

NTSE Books for Mathematics

  • S. Aggarwal
  • D. Sharma

It takes a great deal of practice since you must answer every question at the end of each chapter. The number of questions in state board and NCERT texts is insufficient for preparation. So, when you've completed all of the state board and NCERT questions, you should seek practice papers. These practice papers provide you with plenty of stuff to work with.

Best Books For NTSE MAT Preparation (Mental Ability Test)

State board and NCERT books do not provide comprehensive study material for MAT preparation. MAT is a crucial component that must be practiced regularly. To prepare for the MAT portion, you must first comprehend the verbal and nonverbal ideas, then complete practice sheets to answer as many questions as possible.

The best book to prepare for the MAT component of the NTSE is R.S. Aggarwal's Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. In addition to these materials, you can use the following books to prepare for the NTSE:

  1. McGraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.'s Study Package for NTSE Class X (English) 1st and 2nd Editions
  2. Access Publishing's A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English)
  3. Disha Publication's Study Guide for NTSE National Talent Search Examination Class 10 (English)
  4. 1st Edition Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 (English)
  5. NTSE Class X 1st Edition Practice Test Papers - Tata McGraw Hill Publications

Other most popular and  best books for NTSE preparation which you can add to your booklist are:

NTSE Books


Practice Test Papers for NTSE Class X 1st Edition

McGraw Hill Education by Tata McGraw Hill Publications

Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 (English) 1st Edition

Saurabh Priyadarshini and Navin C. Joshi by Pearson India

Study Package for NTSE, 5e Paperback – 10 January 2021

Stalin Malhotra by McGraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.

Study Guide for NTSE National Talent Search Examination Class 10 (English)

Disha Experts by Disha Publication

A comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English)

Abhijit Guha, N.D. Arora, V. Sasikumar, Divya Johry, Majid Husain by Access Publishing

MTG NTSE Explorer (2012-13 solved Papers ) MAT+SAT +ENGLISH Language Test Paperback– 2013

Sonia Lal by MTG Learning Media Private Limited (2013)

Target NTSE Class 10 (MAT + SAT) – Solved Papers Stage 1 & 2 + 5 Mock TestsPaperback– 2013

Disha Experts by Disha Publication (2013)

NTSE for Class X Paperback– 2013

Trishna Knowledge Systems by Pearson; First edition (2013)

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Guide for 10th Class: with Previous Papers (Solved) (Big Size): For Stage I and Stage II (Popular Master Guide)

RPH Editorial Board by RPH; 2019 edition

Lakshya NTSE – Class 10 (Study Material + Mock Papers + Motivational Book and CD)

AIETS Experts by Disha Publication

Sharpen Your Knowledge About NTSE Examination

NTSE Books 1

NTSE gives a forum for children to express their potential and achieve their ambitions of success without prejudice based on yearly family income, government schools, residence, or other factors. But what is the purpose of the examination? Let's take a look at some of the examination's interesting facts.

When did you first become aware of the NTSE examination? It might surprise you to know that NTSE was founded in 1963 to identify and develop the abilities of scholars and award them scholarships. The National Talent Scholarship Examination (NTSE) is a talent-based ranking system that assesses students' strengths and shortcomings based on their comprehension of school topics.

The NTSE exam is divided into stage 1 and stage 2. NTSE Stage 1 is a state-level examination in India that is administered by the union territories and states. NCERT conducts a national-level test called stage 2. Only students who pass the Stage 1 test can take the NTSE Stage 2 exam.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates presently enrolled in a recognised board's 10th grade, and private/government institutions such as central government schools, Navodaya schools, and Kendriya Vidyalayas are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates finishing their studies through open and remote learning may also apply.
  • Whether attending an open school or studying abroad, the applicant must be unemployed at application.

NTSE is the most prestigious exam designed for class Xth students. The biggest advantage is that the students are eligible for a scholarship from the central government. If you are willing to know more about the examination or want to start your preparation journey without any hesitation, contact us. SSSi Online Tutoring Service offers free counseling and FREE demo sessions and has become a leader in the ed-tech industry. We offer the best NTSE study material to help you ace your preparation. Explore the magic of learning with us. Fill the registration form to book your FREE demo session. Why waste time thinking? Contact us to know more today!

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