Best Reference Books For Class 6 Maths Students In India

Best Reference Books For Class 6 Maths Students In India

Maths is one of the toughest subjects for most of the students in India. They search for reference books for Class 6. There are several Maths reference books available in the market. Class 6 students often get confused. We, at SSSi, are here to help those confused students to find the best reference books for Maths. In this blog, we are here to discuss a few of the reference books. Our tutors did the whole research on all the Math reference books. Let us dig into it in detail.

What is the Syllabus for Class 6 Students?

Before diving into the reference books, it is important to go through the syllabus of Class 6 Maths properly.

  1. Number System: Understanding whole numbers, negative numbers, and basic operations with numbers.

  2. Basic Geometry: Introducing students to basic geometric shapes, lines, angles, and concepts related to them.

  3. Integers: Further exploration of integers, their addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

  4. Fractions and Decimals: Learning about fractions, decimals, and their operations.

  5. Data Handling: Introduction to data interpretation, including bar graphs, pie charts, etc.

  6. Mensuration: Basic concepts of measuring length, perimeter, and area.

  7. Algebra: An elementary introduction to algebraic expressions and equations.

  8. Ratio and Proportion: Learning about ratios, proportions, and percentages.

  9. Symmetry and Practical Geometry: Understanding symmetry and basic construction.

  10. Basic Statistics: Introduction to the collection and presentation of data.

RS Aggarwal Mathematics for Class 6: Reference book

RS Aggarwal is a renowned name in the field of mathematics academic books, and his book for Class 6 students can be the one of the best choices. The RS Aggarwal Mathematics for Class 6 book covers all the topics of maths which is important for class 6 students. The book provides in-depth explanations of mathematical concepts, many solved examples, and exercises for practice with several examples. If you are searching for a reference book which can clear all your doubts. You should definitely go for this book without a second thought.

The book is designed to help students understand fundamental concepts and develop problem-solving skills. It covers topics like whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and geometry with great clarity, making it an ideal choice for Class 6 students preparing for exams and building a strong foundation in mathematics.

NCERT Maths Class 6: Reference book

Students should mostly follow NCERT Maths book for Class 6. It properly narrates the formulas and concepts of maths. However, students are suggested to follow NCERT books only according to their boards. Many students who are from State boards, ICSE and other boards might get different suggestions from their institute.

NCERT math books give the students the understanding they need. The book has carefully crafted all the formulas which the students need to learn. NCERT is one of the books which are highly popular among the school students. With all the research, we have put NCERT math book for Class 6 under the best reference book. The book carries all the latest sums and problems which come in Class 6 Math exams.

6th Class Maths Textbook: Reference book

In addition to RS Aggarwal and NCERT, the standard 6th Class Maths Textbook is often used by students as a reference. These textbooks are published by various state educational boards, and their content aligns with the specific curriculum of each state. Our tutors highly suggest this to all of our students. They also provide top-notch live classes and clear doubts of students.

While the content of the 6th Class Maths Textbook may vary slightly from one state to another, it is a valuable resource for students who prefer studying from the books recommended by their respective state boards.

Rakesh Yadav Maths Book: Reference book

Rakesh Yadav is a well-known author in the field of competitive exam preparation, and his "Rakesh Yadav Maths Book" for Class 6 Maths students is designed to help students build a strong foundation in maths.

The book includes a huge number of practice questions and problems, allowing students to strengthen their problem-solving abilities. Our tutors take the help of this book while teaching our students.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, Class 6 is a crucial year for students to build a strong foundation in mathematics. Choosing the right reference books is important for students as they should have the correct book to guide them through the confusion and understanding. Students should not only rely upon textbooks which are available in the market. They should practice more and seek guidance from math experts. This is where online tuition for class 6 like SSSi Online Tutoring Services can be incredibly beneficial. We offer personalized live one-on-one classes to help students grasp mathematical concepts effectively.

SSSi's online tuition classes provide experienced tutors who can work with students to address their specific needs and challenges in mathematics. At SSSi, you will get to choose your favorite math tutor and take advantage of their guidance.

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