Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th: Know Subject Wise Strategy

Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10

Are you worried about your class 10th exam preparation? Are you investing more time in revising the notes and solving the previous year's questions? But how do you know that you are on the right track? Have you evaluated your progress? Have can you be sure that you are following an accurate and better strategy than your competing peers? All you need better guidance on exam preparation tips for class 10th as the class 10th boards are crucial as the examinations play a significant role in academic decisions and options for students in grades 11 and beyond. Board examinations have a significant effect on a student's career choice. You must work hard and be clever to achieve high results on the board examinations. You've come to the correct place if you want to be one of the best scorers in the class 10 exam. This blog post comprises the best tips for class 10th boards suggested by the experts.

Subject-Wise Exam Tips for Class 10th

Many students are anxious about board examinations, which are understandable; nevertheless, studying with the appropriate aptitude will alleviate the tension. The importance of paper presentation cannot be overstated, and students must approach the test so that it not only affects the checker but also makes it more effective and simpler to read. Many children are unsure how to study for the Class 10 board test, but many are unaware that each topic necessitates a distinct strategy for preparation. As a result, we've offered subject-specific suggestions and tactics to help you prepare for the exam. The following are the subject wise exam preparation tips for class 10th:

Class 10 Exam Tips

Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th English

  1. Reading books, newspapers, and science fiction improves English language skills and aids exam preparation.
  1. Keep track of the word count and formatting. Practice writing letters, applications, and speech to comprehend the structure thoroughly.
  1. Reading Skills (Factual and Discursive Passage) and Writing Skills with Grammar both have a 50 marks weightage.
  1. To cover the term 1st and term 2nd syllabus in Class 10 English, use the finest grammar books and learn the rules before practicing as many problems as possible.
  1. Practice unseen passages since they are easy to score and require little effort.
  1. Read the material thoroughly since it contains analytical and content questions.

Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th Science

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three sub-subjects of Class 10 Science. The following are subject-specific class 10th exam preparation recommendations for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology:

Class 10th Physics:

  • The secret to acing Physics is to practice numerical questions and review ideas.
  • Several problems in physics are based on theorems and direct formulae, which can be memorized by extensive reviewing.
  • It would be excellent if you could grasp the subject's essential notions.
  • It's also crucial to stick to the textbooks and cover all of the topics in the curriculum.


Class 10th Chemistry:

  • Balance your chemical reactions.
  • Learn the popular names for salts and the terminology for carbon compounds with functional groups.
  • The Saponification and Cleansing properties of soap should not be overlooked.
  • Keep in mind the periodic table's initial and final elements.
  • Make a list of chemical reactions in which a substance is converted into another.
  • It's also crucial to stick to the textbooks and cover all of the topics in the curriculum.


Class 10th Biology:

  • It contains a lot of diagrams; it's critical to pay close attention to diagrams and their theory.
  • Make sure you remember all of the relevant terminology and its purposes.
  • Biology necessitates a great deal of study and the memorization of complex terms.
  • As it is mostly a theoretical subject, pay close attention to the fundamental definitions.
  • To do better on the class 10th science board test, it's good to know how much each chapter carries the weightage.
  • Finally, it is critical to follow the textbooks and cover all of the topics covered in the curriculum.


Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th Maths

Math is a high-scoring topic that necessitates intellectual understanding. Practice additional sample papers to grasp better the sorts of questions that will be asked on the board exam. Also, consult the finest class 10th Maths reference books. The following are tips for class 10th exam preparation for Maths:

  • Complete all of the questions and examples in the NCERT books.
  • Increase your practice time to improve accuracy and quickness.
  • Examine sample papers and previous year's question papers.
  • Create a separate notebook for equations, theories, and points so that you can practice them easily.
  • It is recommended that you prepare Geometry, Algebra, and Mensuration.
  • Know the Maths class 10 syllabus comprising term 1 and term 2.


Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th Social Science

  • Rather than remembering a paragraph, remember lengthier answers as pointers.
  • Work on the tables with crucial dates and rulers' names.
  • Students must find the requested places on the map and practice by marking them on the map.
  • Make connections between concepts and real-life occurrences to make the learning process easier.
  • Prioritize short-answer questions over long-answer ones.


Exam Preparation Tips For Class 10th Language Subject

  • The poems with their meanings, essential chapters, and problems that arise from them must be memorized.
  • Solve previous years' papers (Oswal, Arihant, or any other available source) and compare them to the offered solutions.
  • Make sure you understand the grammar rules that apply to the topics in your syllabus. As much as possible, practice grammatical questions.
  • Learn how to write an essay and a letter in the proper format, and practice answering descriptive questions.


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