How the Best Social Practices at SSSi Help Society and Boost Skill Building

How SSSi Help society



Corporate social work has evolved as one of the core pillars on which our society has developed. The motivation behind adding value to the community without deriving any monetary gains out of it comes from diverse sources. For some, it is a strong moral code that guides them in this direction. For others, it might be a multitude of personal, religious, and political reasons. However, the common goal is always adding value to society without looking out for selfish interests.

At SSSi, our philosophy is simple: We wish to give back to the society that nurtured us and turned us into what we are today so that it keeps producing a cohesive environment that leads to the upbringing of stellar individuals, thus contributing to the progression of human civilisation.


The Relevance of Social Work in the 21st Century

Ethics and human values are at the heart of all social work. Modern Social Work is primarily evaluated and studied at three levels: Macro, Meso, and Micro. The macro aspect of this activity deals with the national and international policy formation and law-making that decides the collective steps we as a civilisation have agreed to take in order to reform the weaker sections of our society.

This includes people working for organisations like the United Nations, their respective national governments, or large-scale international organisations. The other two levels - Meso and Micro, operate at the grassroots level. While Meso level social work is typically a small campaign, foundation, or initiative that focuses on uplifting a specific group of individuals, Micro-level operations deal directly with people one-on-one.

While the majority of the work at the meso and micro levels comes from young students who study Social Work professionally (Bachelors of Social Work - BSW, Master of Social Work - MSW, etc.), corporates have always been actively involved in this process too. This may be out of their genuine interest and concern for society or because of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity that all big corporates are obligated to follow, but in either case, corporates play a defining role in determining the landscape of social work in a particular country. 


How has SSSi decided to chip in?

SSSi has always been at the forefront of any positive development in society. As our way of helping build a stronger infrastructure for social work in India, we have started a Social Welfare and Education (SWE) initiative wherein we seek to provide premium education to students from underprivileged sections of our society through interactive sessions and engaging workshops. Considering our current state, we are not legally obligated to practice any CSR activities, and therefore this initiative is purely out of our desire to develop the society holistically.

Our immediate goal is to conduct ten workshops across the Delhi-NCR region wherein we help students build technical and soft skills. These skill-building sessions help the students improve their personalities. They also help them be at par with students from elite private schools in terms of their body language, presentation of their knowledge, and the way in which they carry themselves. We wish to encourage student participation by offering attractive gifts and scholarships to these students for our various courses in these sessions.


Social Work 2


Our first event under this corporate social work initiative was conducted in the month of October, where our team of three volunteers visited the Niveda foundation located in Noida. Our in-house expert conducted an interactive session on how to build key interview and team-building skills. The primary target audience was a group of 20-25 orphan students in the age bracket of 18-25 years who were looking to become independent in their lives by applying for jobs in the digital sector.

While our courses offer premium digital marketing tutoring solutions, this particular 2-hour session specifically emphasised how students can destroy their fear of public speaking and build the confidence to share their opinions and express themselves in front of a large audience or in a professional setting. There were many positives that both our volunteers, as well as the students, took with themselves, but the highlight of the day was the smiles that could be seen on the faces of these children - a smile that represented a bright optimism towards the bold future that awaits them.


Our plans for the future

In the coming months, our team has planned a well-curated roadmap to serving thousands of students across the NCR region by helping them get financial as well as professional assistance in building a solid academic foundation for their future careers. The workshops we plan to arrange range on a diverse set of topics from personality development to positive mental health practices that can be incorporated into the daily routine to maintain the perfect coherence between the mind and the body.

Through these corporate social work activities, our hope is to create a positive impact in society so that these young minds can build a sustainable future for human civilisation. Once we establish a strong structural framework for this practice at the regional level, we shall look to expand the scope of these activities throughout the country.



SSSi Online Tutoring has a common goal - to strengthen our society by empowering students and helping them explore the world in an analytical and logical manner. Our courses, such as Social Science and English communication, aim to provide students with a high-quality education at affordable prices so that a maximum number of students can benefit from our online courses.

The idea behind our Social Welfare and Education (SWE) initiative is also on similar lines as we aspire to strengthen the community that can not afford our regular paid services through special activities. You can join us in our quest by becoming a part of our team and being part of a new social revolution in India!

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