How to make the best CBSE class 10 Study Timetable 2022-23

How to make the best CBSE class 10 Study Timetable 2022-23

Are you nervous, tense, or agitated because you will face the CBSE class 10th board examination? Don't worry; your nervousness is expected because the CBSE class 10th board exam is the most important in your academic life and a turning point. You should not take it lightly as your future depends on the class 10th board exam. You must study sincerely and be hardworking to achieve your goal.

If you prepare with the right attitude, all the stress will go out. You must cover the class 10 syllabus in time, keeping one month reserved for practice and revision. Whether you will be an engineer, doctor, teacher, pilot, etc., the result of the class 10 CBSE board exam will determine. Writing is also an essential aspect of getting good marks. The paper should be presented in a way that gives an impression on the checker and is effective and easy to read.

As the class 10 syllabus is vast, follow a smart study plan to avoid any creepy entanglement! Please don't bite your nails or pull your hair to see past results; create a perfect timetable that suits you and go the extra mile to score well in the class 10th board exam. You must ensure that you have all the necessary study materials to prepare for the CBSE class 10 examination. Don't forget to add NCERT books to the top of your list for preparation. We provide NCERT solutions and notes that interactively have tips and tricks to help you prepare for the class 10 examination. To score good marks, here are a few CBSE class 10 preparation tips that students must follow.

The necessity of the study timetable for class 10 students

The best way to achieve a perfect score is to follow the daily study timetable for CBSE class 10 students. Whether you are a topper who wants to score 100% or a student who likes to finish his syllabus in less time, a daily study timetable will keep you disciplined and motivated. CBSE class 10 students must follow a study plan for the following reason:

  • It will help you to score perfect CGP.
  • For the good preparation
  • To maintain good health during preparation.
  • To keep last-minute confusion away.
  • To keep yourself stress-free.

Formulate a strategy for ultimate preparation for the CBSE class 10 board exam along with a study timetable

  • Start preparations early: Students should start preparations from the beginning of the academic year. Just plan your studies and start following.
  • Begin class 10 with a study plan: Firstly, make a full-year study plan for class 10 exams. Assign time for each subject in such a way that you will not feel hectic.
  • Color codes: you can mark subjects with color. This colorful representation will attract you to follow it.
  • Set up feasible goals: The CBSE class 10 syllabus is vast and can not be completed at once. So, divide the whole syllabus into small parts and complete the parts. Try to study a little extra after-school syllabus.
  • Keep a keen knowledge of the CBSE class 10 syllabus and exam pattern: carefully review the exam pattern and then list topics accordingly. Make a separate list of easy and challenging topics and ensure that tough topics get more time than others in your study plan or take help from tuition classes for class 10.
  • Be specific in topics: be specific for every topic. If you are starting trigonometry, make sure to mention each topic of it. Don't make the study plan complex. Keep it as simple as possible to achieve your set targets.
  • The break is also essential: Keep some time for yourself. Continuous study will not make you a visionary and good learner. It will exhaust you. So, give break a place in your study plan. This will keep your mind fresh and you healthy. Always remember proper food and sleep are as important as scoring good marks.
  • Mix and Match: don't make a study plan with study hours for a particular subject. If you have 6 hours, divide 2 hours for each subject means, and make a combination of 2 or 3 subjects always instead of only one.
  • Change it if you feel hectic: take your time and think wisely before making a study plan. Make a clean and easy-to-complete study plan for class 10. It should not be messy.
  • Focus: you need to stay focused throughout the year. Chatting, social media, and mobile phones are easy distractions. Use them for study purposes like online exam preparation, online tuition classes for class 10, etc. you can get in touch with us for online tuition classes for class 10, class 11, class 12, and online tuition classes for class 9.

Tips for subject-wise preparation for CBSE board examination

  • Mathematics:It's a high-scoring subject if your concepts are clear. Practice more and more to make a clear understanding of the exam pattern. Always grasp maximum weightage topics like geometry and algebra first and manage the time accordingly. Practice by solving sample papers, previous year question papers, and examples from NCERT books.
  • Social science:History, economics, civics, and geography all have the same weightage. You need to remember long answers in the form of points instead paragraphs. Making table for rulers and their date of wars, with whom they fought, the name of the place where they fought, and their life and death date. Go through them every time. You can quickly learn if you relate them to real-life events. Practice, Map marking carefully and thoroughly.
  • English:In English, grammar and writing skills are important. Unseen passages are pretty simple and scoring. They need less effort, so practice them more. Read the newspaper, Novels to improve the language, and it will help you to understand the analytical and content questions of literature. You must be clear about the format of letters, applications, and speeches.
  • Science:Terminology in Biology is tough; practice them by writing. Figures are significant in Bio. Chemical formulas and their reaction need to be remembered in chemistry. Physics is full of concepts with numerical questions. So, it needs a lot of attention and practice.
  • Hindi:you must learn the names of poetries and their related poetry. You must know the format of letters and essay writing. Previous year's question papers and sample papers will be a great help. Just practice them.

Just follow your study timetable and tips mentioned above wholeheartedly no one can stop you. Spend more time studying but also take care of your health, use your mobile not to get distracted but for practice, use colors a lot, and keep revising; these are the key points for success. I hope this article will help and motivate you to prepare a study timetable. If you feel stressed or want good grades, we provide online tuition classes for class 10, class 11, class 12, and online tuition classes for class 9. Just get in touch with us to learn on your schedule.