How to Start Online Tuition At Home for Your Kids?

How to Start Online Tuition At Home
January 29, 2023

What is online learning? You must have heard about online tuition classes as it is gaining huge popularity in the modern era. Online tutoring is one-on-one instruction that takes place in real-time through the internet. Despite what some technological platforms imply, online tutoring must include a "real person." The only conditions for online tutoring are that both the student and the tutor have access to the internet and a device capable of receiving or delivering the online session. Here the question arises how to start online tuition at home for your kids? If you are in such a dilemma and face difficulties finding an online tutor, no worries. You are at the right palace. Keep reading further to get all the answers to your "HOW, WHY, WHAT, etc.”

It's a large commitment to hiring a tutor for your child, so it's critical to find the appropriate person and the proper format to help them achieve. Whereas many families continue to prefer face-to-face tutoring, an increasing number are opting for online tutoring services and recognizing the numerous advantages. Here, find how to start online tuition at home for your kids?

Ways to Start Online Tuition At Home For Your Kids

Online tutoring and teaching have become a convenient method for students of all ages to learn about almost any subject. Students like the ability to examine and select courses that are appropriate for them. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in online tuition classes but you are confused in making the decision or want to know about the procedure. No worries, as there are numerous ways to start online tuition classes for your child. Let us learn step by step.


Steps Involved To Find The Online Coaching For Your Child


Step 1: Go through the website carefully:

 Before you find the online tuition at home for your kids. The following are some of the essential points you must check before enrolling your child in any online tuition classes :

  • Check the company’s website review
  • Check the reviews of the students and parents
  • Go through the free study notes and lectures materials
  • Go through the free classroom videos
  • Check the qualification of the tutors
  • Check if native tutors are available
  • Facilities such as unlimited free revision and doubt clearing session
  • Round the clock availability
  • Check for the test series, full length, and sectional mock test
  • The flexibility of class schedules
  • Restriction free
  • Fee structure etc.

Do check these necessary points and search for the best online coaching for your kids.


Step 2: Check Social Media

If you are new to searching for online tutoring services, then Social Media is one of the best ways to find them. On social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, etc., you will discover numerous suggestions and advice from those who had experience with online tutoring services. You will be able to find the most trustworthy and genuine online tuition classes for your kids. Alongside, you will have an opportunity to interact with the experts to know more about the ed-tech industry and its features.


Step 3: Take Demo Class

Never pay a huge amount before checking the academic qualities. Before enrolling, do take the demo class and if you are satisfied with the tutor, then proceed with your decision of enrolling your kid; otherwise, you can check for the other online coaching for your kids.

Things You Must Have Before Starting Online Tuition

How to Choose the right online tuition

For various reasons, the transition to online education began as a major nuisance for both students and parents. However, as life progresses, one must adjust to the changes. The following are the essential things you must have before your kid starts online tuition.

  • Laptop/Mobile: Using a decent laptop or tablet with the appropriate software is one of the most important needs for learning online classes. Since all of the instruction takes place in live online classrooms, many students are required to take online examinations and submit assignments in word documents. A sluggish laptop might make it difficult for students to keep up with their routine due to battery concerns and compatibility issues with new learning media. If your children use your phone for school, a good phone stand will benefit them.


  • Study Table and Chairs: A study table and a comfy chair are essential for developing children and students. If the setup is not comfortable enough, continuous lessons for 8 to 9 hours might become difficult and cause backache. Maintaining proper posture is critical since it can lead to serious spinal cord problems in the long term. Invest in a high-quality desk setup proportional to your child's height. Even if you enroll your child in online tuition classes for class 1, purchase the table and chair according to their age and size to create an environment of learning.


  • Notice Board: Students are expected to obtain and complete a daily task every day at school. However, although offline lessons provide convenience, they may also cause your child to become sedentary. Get a calendar with enough area to enter weekly objectives to guarantee no tests, revisions, or tasks are missed.


  • High-Speed Internet Connection: The entire concept of online education hinges on your internet connection's quality. Your child may struggle to follow a class if the internet is buffering or has a poor connection. Students' concentration is required in subjects such as science and math, and even a minute of buffering might cause them to miss an entire class period. What if you're giving a mock test for your online tuition classes for class 10th boards. It will hamper your concentration. It’s always good to be prepared beforehand.


  • Good Light: Many classrooms and teachers make it mandatory for the camera to be on throughout a lesson or test to check the child's concentration. A good source of light should always be present in the study area. Adjustable and portable study lights are widely available and come in various forms and shapes. Obtaining an artificial light source will assist your child in getting through their studies during the day and function as a night lamp at night.


Way Forward

Everyone has had a difficult year that has resulted in significant lifestyle changes. Education cannot be stopped, and students' lives would be harmed if they miss out on a year of learning. Ensure that nothing stands in the way of your child having a positive learning experience, especially during these trying times. Provide them with the best things you can to support them and gain more knowledge through online tuition classes. Students having their class 12th boards are worrying about their grades. To boost your preparation, you can check our online tuition classes for class 12th. SSSi offers world-class educational benefits to its students at an affordable price range. The following are the benefits you can avail of:

  • Live interactive one-on-one online classes.
  • 24*7 students support
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Certified and experienced tutors.

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