How to teach online and earn money?

How to teach online and earn money?

It is evident in every bad thing that happens to you there one good thing inherent in it. This means, if anything wrong or bad will happen to you but in that wrong thing also some good will always stay hidden.

Covid-19 is one such example of it. When Covid 19 outburst took place everyone was horryfying  and everything was going negative way. In such tough situation the only thing good happened to us was introduction and massive expansion of online education. Covid-19 brought a wave of online learning among students at every level. Irrespective of country, level and spaces, everyone has to opt for online education. It helps in maintaining a stable state of education in the world. Online education was present earlier also but it was not as accessible and as easy as it has become after the emergence of Covid-19. It has also opened up many online learning platforms and industries where potential people could teach online and earn well.

What is online Teaching-learning?

Online teaching learning is most recent introduction in the field of education. Online teaching learning is a remote way of bringing all the learning experiences to the students at their doorsteps; through their smart phones, computers and laptops. It is about delivering teaching learning material through digital and online medium. Teachers can teach online from home.

Education is provided to students using the internet is referred to as "online learning". It is also regarded  as e-learning where the teachers teaches using electronic medium. It is also called as distance teaching learning. In which is an umbrella word for any sort of learning that takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.  It includes online learning as only one of its many subcategories. Learning at a distance has been around for a very long time. There are many different kinds of distance learning are available today.

Types of Online courses

Online teaching learning as it is growing. It provides a better opportunity for the teachers to teach online and earn. By sitting in their own place. It facilitates students as well. Moreover, It covers courses such as-

  • Tele courses are classes in which the material is presented by means of radio or television broadcast.
  • CD-ROM Courses, in which the learner engages in interactive activities with pre-recorded computer content
  • Mobile Learning: learning accomplished through the use of mobile technology. Therefore, products such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants, and digital audio players.

Online Learning refers to courses wherein students learn by seeing the teachers. SIt is in synchronous mode and without witnessing the teacher that is asynchronous mode.

As it was a new method teachers will have to learn how to teach online and how to develop their career in e-teaching learning industry.

How can we teach online and earn money

The introduction of online education has made it so possible for the candidates to start working g from online. If you are an aspiring teacher you can earn a handsome amount of money by teaching online by sitting at your home.

  1. Create a set up: the important aspect to teach online and earn money is to have a sound set up at home with all related requirements.
  2. Develop learning Material: if you want to learn how to teach online the first thing you must learn is to develop content and material for your students that are easy to understand and accessible to maximum number of students.
  3. Be confident: As the online teaching industry occurred it raises a number of potential teachers. Students have option for them to choose from whom to study. In such situation, as an educator you must be confident while teaching that attracts student’s attention to you.
  4. Student-centered: The content and the way you teach have to be student friendly so that students find it easy to learn from you. Teach online from home but keep in mind the need of the students. Focus should be on solving their issues and queries.
  5. Updated: Another important aspect of how to teach online for teachers is to be updated with the every coming concepts and updates. Related to content or related to technology. Teachers have to be updated.

These are some of ways through which the ones who want to earn money by sitting at home and who have capability of teaching students can teach online and earn money from it wisely.

6 Simple Steps to Teach Online and Earn Money in India

6 Simple Steps to Teach Online and Earn Money in India
  1. Start an educational YouTube channel: To start with students can just start to earn by starting a YouTube channel through which they can teach students. It will help you to put up your recorded and live classes on it. It will be available to students at anytime they study.
  2. Join any edu-tech companies: Another way to teach online and earn money is to join various online teaching learning platforms. It will help you to reach to a wider audience and students.
  3. Monetize your lesson plans: Another important way of earning from online teaching is to monetize your lesson plans or sell your lesson plans to the customers.
  4. Be a subject expert: Online Craft Classes helps the people seeking online jobs to become subject experts of the subjects in any online learning platforms.
  5. Write educational Blogs: if you are thinking how to teach online you can start by writing educational blogs it is of great use to use and it is one of the best ways of teaching online using digital medium. It provides scope to those teachers as well who hesitate in online medium.
  6. Provide online Tuitions: Another best way to earn from online teaching is to take Online tuition classes at any level. Students studying at any level now go to seek for online tuition classes for their subjects as it has become more convenient for them. It helps them to learn from their own space and the teachers teaching also enjoy the perks of taking many students in their class.

These are some of the best steps and ways to teach online an earn from

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