Indian Army Day: Importance, Recruitment, Ranks, And Preparation

Indian Army Day: Importance, Recruitment, Ranks, And Preparation

Indian Army Day is celebrated throughout India on 15 January every year. This year will be the 76th Army Day, and we will celebrate it on 15 January 2024. This day is of great significance in the Indian Army for its various reasons that we will be discussing in this article. This blog will include all the main topics like why we celebrate Indian Army Day, its importance and army recruitment, with all about the Indian army and its various posts.


Why Do We Celebrate Indian Army Day?

Our Indian army was established on 1 April 1895, and till 14 January 1949 army had a British officer. On 15 January 1949, the Indian army got its first Indian commander-in-chief, field marshal K.M Cariappa, by taking all the authority from the last British commander in chief General Francis Butcher. This day of changing authority from a British officer to an Indian officer shows the full independence of the Army from the Britishers. That's why we celebrate Indian Army Day.


Indian Army Preparation For Army Day.

On this day, the army prepared a big parade showcasing their power, different units, and culture together. The main chief guest is our current honourable president, Draupadi Murmu with the army commander-in-chief, generals, army officers and all their families. Army Day starts with speeches that are given by the honourable president and commander-in-chief.


How To Join The Indian Army?

Nowadays, many young personal wants to join the Indian army to serve their country but still don't know how to join or fill out application forms for army jobs. This para will include all the necessary steps to fill application and get all the job notifications.

These steps are very crucial for any personal who wants to be an officer in the Indian army.

  1. Step 1- Go to the Join Indian Army website.

  2. Step 2- Fill in the captcha to go further on the website.

  3. Step 3- Now, choose between the Officer category by if you are eligible for taking the tests.

  4. Step 4- Click on fill the application in any of the categories.

  5. Step 5- Fill in all the necessary details.

  6. Step 6- Pay the necessary fees.

  7. Step 7- This step is very important to prepare yourself physically and mentally to clear the hardest interview SSB(But for Officer recruitment only).

  8. Step 8- Clear all the tests for getting into the Indian Defence Academy.

After clearing all the steps, a person becomes an officer in the Indian Army

Different Ranks In The Indian Army

The Indian Army has various posts or ranks for many qualified personnel in the army. The rank goes from Lance Naik to the Field Marshal.

Sr no.

Army Ranks from Higher to Lower


Field Marshal




Lieutenant General


Major General






Lieutenant Colonel








Subedar Major




Naik Subedar








Lance Naik

These are the main ranks in the Indian army.

Why Join The Indian Army?

Indian Army is part of the armed forces of India. The armed forces of India consist of three main forces: Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy. There are no big reasons for joining the army, but the most important thing to join is Patriotism, which means love for your country and ability to serve. Joining the army also comes with numerous benefits for a soldier and their family, with many subsidies and many significant things. Indian Army soldiers are one of the most respected personals in our country for their bravery, patriotism and discipline.

How To Prepare For Indian Army tests?

The Indian army tests mainly consist of English, General Knowledge and Aptitude questions. So, to learn all of them, you can take classes like online GK classes, NDA preparation classesas well as SSB cracking classes. There are many other ways of studying, like YouTube, books and offline classes. If anyone wants to study online but is not sure if taking it can benefit them, they can take demo classes that many top-tier and best online tutoring service like SSSi provide. If someone wants to study by themselves, they have to follow a strict rule of no distraction, proper time management and always increase their communication skills by reading and writing. And make sure to train your body and brain together.


In conclusion, the Indian Army Day is a precious day for every single person in the country, and everyone should celebrate it. Indian Army is the protector of our country and if anyone wants to join the ranks of the Indian Army, they can do it by learning, training, discipline and taking online classes. SSSi is one of the best online class providers for army preparation. So, enroll now at SSSi to start your journey of joining the ranks in the Indian Army and have a beautiful career ahead.

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