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An extraordinarily low acceptance rate of 0.7% makes IITs one of the hardest institutes to get into. Even so, approximately 15 lakh students across India apply to get into IITs every year.

From our personal experiences, we can confidently say that the Indian school system does not produce 15 lakh passionate individuals every year who wish to revolutionise the global landscape by exploring new innovations in technology and design. Nor is it true that a career in engineering is the most lucrative option you can aspire towards.

However, the illusion of safety that comes with pursuing engineering and going with the crowd is supremely comforting. But does that make this the best path for you? And what are the potential challenges that you might face during your JEE preparation?

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will guide you to walk through the perils of JEE preparation and help you make informed academic decisions for yourself.

The Jump From Class 10th to 11th is Exponential, Not Linear

Let’s face it; scoring well in class 10th is not an achievement. Even if you take it to be, it is definitely not something you should base your future academic decisions on. The major reason for this is the exponential jump in the volume and the quality of the curriculum that is taught as you enter your 11th standard.

You are suddenly thrown into the world of Newton’s mechanics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Organic Chemistry, and a bunch of other complicated stuff that can easily drive you crazy. In fact, the class 11 Physics curriculum includes what is argued to be one of the most difficult chapters in the life of any school student - Rotational Mechanics. Combine this with the academic high you have recently experienced through your class 10 results, and your inability to comprehend the curriculum suddenly looms large and hits you hard. It is natural to lose your IIT JEE motivation in such a scenario.

It, therefore, becomes essential to realise the shift in the academic climate and prepare yourself beforehand. It is okay to feel overwhelmed with this change. Different coping mechanisms can work for different students. However, the best way to navigate this for most of you is accepting that you have a challenge at hand and knowing that you can sail through

it smoothly with consistent and sincere effort. This realisation is an important prerequisite to finding the motivation to crack IIT JEE. Science is simply the pursuit of the inherent curiosity possessed by every human being. Therefore, irrespective of your current academic competence, you can master your subjects with the right approach to the subject. But the one thing every IIT JEE aspirant needs to know is - coaching classes are NOT the solution. Not for over 99% of you, at least.


Motivation for IIT


The Illusory Success of Coaching Institutions

Coaching classes are a number game. Having garnered initial success, the volume of students now enrolled in coaching institutions nationwide as a proportion of the total number of aspirants seriously preparing for the JEE exam is disproportionately high. This means that irrespective of the standard of education, these institutes are bound to generate results simply based on probability.

Another dark aspect of the coaching industry involves their quest of turning toppers into toppers. That is right! Through various scholarship programs, coaching institutes try to attract the best-performing students and give specific attention to them in order to ensure that they cross the final JEE line with flying colours. These are the top 1%ile students who have an in-depth understanding of the class 11 syllabus even before entering the grade!

Coaching institutions use the fees paid by the majority of the students to provide disproportionately exceptional facilities to these top students. These are the students expected to boost the institution’s reputation by scoring the best marks possible. The focus on the academically weaker students is minimal.

Therefore, if you belong to that top 1%ile extraordinary category, coaching institutions can be a great idea for you. But if not, you need a personal mentor who can guide you at every step and help you maintain your IIT JEE motivation.

Define Your Goals

Before proceeding to the best methods for your JEE preparation, you need to ascertain specific goals that you wish to direct all your energies towards. What is it that you wish to achieve? Is it the glamour of excellent marks and a flashy all-India rank that can land you in the best universities across the country? Or is it the pure pursuit of knowledge and the desire to develop an analytical mindset that can help you solve complex engineering problems?

There is no shame in pursuing either of these goals; it completely depends on your personal aspirations. But you cannot say “both” as excellent grades may or may not emerge as a bi-product of your curiosity towards the subject.

Therefore, if you wish to pursue conventional wisdom and do not share an extraordinary enthusiasm for the subjects at hand, it is best for you to have a marks-oriented approach. In order to optimise your marks, here are some quick fix tips for IIT JEE on how to prepare for IIT JEE:

Motivation to crack IIT JEE


● Break your syllabus down into monthly and weekly targets that are realistically achievable. Then make sure you go all the way to achieve them.

● Ensure that you have left sufficient time for multiple rounds of revision, practicing mock JEE examinations, and an additional buffer to cope with any unexpected circumstances.

● Keep a clear focus on what NOT to study. As a student who is genuinely interested in the subject, it is easy to go with the flow and start enquiring about concepts that lie beyond the purview of JEE. A conscious effort must be made to plan your study in accordance with the weightage a specific topic holds.

● Make sure that you have a personal mentor to guide you throughout your journey. This practice will keep your IIT JEE motivation intact and will inevitably help you score better than you would have achieved without any support.


IIT-JEE is not easy. It is designed to demand your dedicated efforts so as to churn out the best talent from across the country. However, thousands of students have walked this path before and have laid out a clear pathway for you to plan your academic journey and ensure your success. All you need is a desire to walk the hard road and a mentor by your side who can help you make the right choices along your journey.

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