Preparing the Upcoming Leaders with A Mission To Provide Education For All

A Mission To Provide Education For All

Education plays a major role in the growth and development of students worldwide and is looked upon as the priority area in the globally agreed development objectives, including the World Programme of Action and Millennium Development Goals for the upcoming generation. Our objective is to provide personalized one-to-one learning to every child irrespective of their caste, religion, or creed. Recently, we conducted our NGO visit at Udaar Foundation.

Udaar Foundation is one such organisation working consistently to help the unprivileged section of the students. Providing a helping hand to young underprivileged children provides help and engages them to work on their predetermination. Also, the organisation dealt with several issues such as women empowerment, developing co-scholastic areas, and many more.

After identifying the potential behind the motive, we offered a helping hand to the organisation to empower students with life skills. The goal of our social work initiative was to upgrade the oral skills that are relevant from both professional and personal perspectives and prepare them to face the major issues in their future. 

The Planning Stage

We all are versed with the effects of the pandemic on the education system worldwide, especially in India, where students from low-income families won't have enough opportunities to access online school education. They have to rely on the assistance provided by the NGO. As a part of our Social Welfare Event by SSSI, we approach the NGOs to work with us to provide premium quality education via online and offline sessions.

Working on the Theme of the Session

This is the first step towards planning the session conducted at Udaar Foundation NGO. Firstly, we went through the feedback we got from the previous NGO visits, including the topics covered. Based on that, we worked on the theme and activities of the session. After analyzing our previous sessions, we decided on the session's theme, i.e. oral skills as they help the students in every phase of their professional and personal lives.


Setting up the Objectives of the Session

After deciding the theme, the next step was to set the session's objectives, for instance, what are the topics covered in the theme? With the help of the highly qualified experts, we picked the topics such as stress and emotional management, Non-verbal skills, listening and communicating skills, and many more

Making a list of requirements in the webinar

One of the most important steps in the planning stage, we make a list of requirements for conducting the webinar and check its availability with the management. We also included the online session, questionnaire round, and activities for the students' engagement. It comprises several pieces of equipment and gifts for the students who won the questionnaire round and reflected active participation in the session. 

The Execution Stage

On 26 February 2021, the session was organised at Udaar Foundation NGO located in Mayur Vihar. Our team of members was greeted by senior management members and the head, Mr. Rishikant Mishra. Also, several teachers assisted in managing the group of students and the set-up for the online session.

Ice Breaker Activity

The session was begun with the ice breaker activity to boost the morale of the students. In the ice breaker activity, we instructed the students about the game's rules. As per the game rules, the one who won the game will get a reward at the end of the session. The ice breaker activity was based on the examination of the students' listening skills.

sssi event in ngo

A Brief on the Theme

After the activity, we discussed the attributes of listening skills with the students. And ask them to describe themselves within five lines in the English language. Several students were reluctant to participate, but we motivated them to present themselves. The activity assisted them in developing self-confidence and examining their presentation skills. Then, one of our executives shed light on the brief of the Oral skills. It comprises several factors affecting our communication skills in daily lives.

An Online Session by Our Highly Qualified Expert

An online session was conducted on how to improve our communication skills by the academic tutor. In that session, the tutor emphasized how to present yourself in several situations using formal language. Moreover, according to the event, she covered points about how the students can upgrade their vocabulary and develop their understanding of interacting with others.

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Questionnaire Round

We conduct the questionnaire round to evaluate what students have learned in the online session. Also, we ask the students regarding the key insights added by the executives in between the online session for a better understanding of the students. Most of them answered correctly, and a few were partially right. Based on the questionnaire round, we decided on the winners.

Covering Sub-topics

After the questionnaire round, one of our executives covered the sub-topics of the theme, which includes stress and emotional management non-verbal skills. The executive focused on how our emotions and stress affect our communication and what steps can be taken by the students to overcome them, including the non-verbal skills how we interact with the people through non-verbal language and interpret their behavior.

Prize Distribution

At the end of the session, we distributed the prizes to the winners and the students who participated in the activity and questionnaire round and performed well. Then, we provide the refreshments to the students and click images to retain the memories. Students shared their experiences with the executives and wanted them to visit the NGO again. Even the head of the NGO appreciated the efforts invested by the executives and presented them with a token of appreciation.



Through our project on Teach India Movement, we aim to provide uninterrupted high-quality education services with our certified academic experts for the cognitive development of every child. A comprehensive study of public speaking skills can understand the need for more such initiatives. For that, our Public Speaking Online Classes will assist you in developing the basic concepts. In our Online Tuition Classes for Kids, the tutors add several references and anecdotes for a better understanding.

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