Social Welfare And Education - A Mission To Empower Girl Child

Social Welfare And Education
June 07, 2023

It's the case that most countries, no matter how developing, have a history of mistreatment of the women community. In simple words, Women worldwide have been rebellious to reach their position in today's world. Western countries are still developing, and third-world nations such as India lost the race in Women's Empowerment. In India, women's empowerment is required more than ever as we are well versed with the fact that India is counted among the nations which are considered as not safe for women. 

Education is the tool through which we can elevate the position of women in our society. As said by B.R. Ambedkar, "I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved". Little Seeds NGO is one such organization that has been continuously working towards achieving this dream of educating the girl child and empowering the women by assisting them in learning to sew so that they can earn on their own. Our goal is to provide a helping hand to young unprivileged sections of society to complete their education and compete with the best schools across India.

Our objective is in the same direction to offer free education to underprivileged students by collaborating with the NGOs to assist the students who are willing to learn and dream of achieving success in their life. Recently, our executives went for an NGO visit to help those students prepare them for their future professional roles, including how to behave with your colleagues, seniors, or family members. 

The Planning Stage

At SSSi, our objective is to provide personalized learning by empowering individuals to lay strong foundations in the fundamentals. At the same time, most of the resources are dedicated to the great initiative's success through online education. As the pandemic results in hampering student growth, we strongly believe that online education is the right approach to deal with the obstacles students face every day in their learning process. For the success of our dream project, "Teach India Movement," we have appointed our highly qualified team to get through the on-ground issues faced by the underprivileged section of the student community, especially the challenges faced by the girls. With the help of our highly qualified team, our objective is to develop an in-depth understanding of the core issues and take steps to better the student community. 

To work on this initiative consistently, our team organizes a Social Welfare and Education (SWE) drive, where the team members visit the local NGO monthly. The NGOs chosen by us are identified based on several parameters, including the interrelation of the NGO with the students. After examining the demographics and work done by the NGO in several projects, our members visit the NGO to conduct an interactive session with the students by providing them the opportunity to work on their career goals at reasonable prices with our online education platforms.


In February, the organization chosen by our members was Little Seeds NGO, located in Mayur Vihar. Since our vision is to empower the girl child, the audience for this session was to be girls from class 6th - 12th; we planned specific activities and games that would motivate the student to participate in the session and learn through the play-way method.

It is generally looked upon that students who have good social skills have a successful career and personal life. When a student develops a deeper understanding of social etiquette, it will assist them in building better peer relationships. Especially in schools, it will become a part of their behavior, resulting in better communication with people of several sectors. Moreover, it will also help the students prepare them for future life as it assists them in overcoming the challenges concerning interactions. Also, our country comprises different cultures, castes, and religions, and we represent ourselves as Indians. By emphasizing this saying, "Unity in Diversity," it shows though we are many, we should stand as one by representing our nation. And, it does not give you the right to show disrespect to other religions. One has to learn to respect different perspectives, beliefs, and classes.

In our interactive session, we shed light on the points discussed in the above paragraph. Having examined the patterns of social work workshops organized in India, we got inspired by the new ideas that are recently being employed by the social workers and improvised as per the requirements of the targeted audience for an interactive session. Our session comprises both audio and visual modes to develop the students' curiosity and better understanding.


The Execution Stage

As we reached the Little Seeds NGO office on 25 January for our workshop, our team of two members was greeted by the organization's co-founder, Mr. Abhilasah Sinha, and a volunteer. They guided our members and led us to our planned destination, where all the students were present. After connecting with the students for the first time, we begin the session with an icebreaker activity that energizes the students for active participation. Our main objective was not to conduct the session through the lecture method, which led to boredom. Once the children took an interest in the activity, one of the members from the organization gave a brief on the importance of social etiquettes and motivated the students to take part by answering the question asked by the member. After that, an online session was taken by our highly skilled online tutor, Miss Deepika; she taught the topic of Democracy and Diversity to the students. To provide a  big picture of the pointers she mentioned in the online class, she instructed the students to watch the Malgudi Days episode. After the episode, she asked a few questions to the students concerning the episode, and most of the students answered those questions correctly. 


At the end of the session, attractive prizes and gifts were given to the students. Moreover, one of the members from the organization asked one of the students about her experience through the online session. She told the member how the session added value to her life and contributed to her career growth.


We realize this requirement of educating our younger generation through online education. Our team works consistently towards the cognitive development of every child, including our mission to empower the girl child. The requirement of more such initiatives can be understood by extensive study of social science. Our class 12 Political Science and Class 11 Political Science courses can assist you in developing an understanding of the concept of democracy, diversity, societal roles, and the contributions of B.R. Ambedkar. It will also help you in getting H.D. grades in your assignments.

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