Study Schedule for JEE Main 2023

Study Schedule for JEE Main 2023

There are now only a few months till the exam because the JEE Main 2023 exam dates have been released by the organising body, the NTA (National Testing Agency). Many IIT candidates have already begun looking online for information on "how to prepare for JEE main in three months?" 

First, don't become anxious because of a lack of time. Here, we'll provide IIT JEE Main candidates with a solid study plan, time management advice, and helpful ideas and methods to assist them ace the test in three months. Look at this:

JEE Main 2023 Study Plan for Three Months

Your preparation for the class 12th boards and the JEE exam go hand in hand. While achieving the required grade point average in class 12 is crucial, it's also crucial to devote enough time to your JEE preparation. This is important because if you forgo a year of school to prepare for the JEE under additional peer pressure, the trouble multiplies owing to the year lost. However, here you will get the idea on how to prepare for JEE. After following the steps strictly, you can definitely clear your JEE. 

In order to pass the exam with good marks, students who intend to take it must put in a lot of effort, create a clever study strategy, and manage their time well. Candidates need to know the best "how to prepare for JEE exam in three months?" in order to pass the exam with high scores.advice. Let's examine them:

JEE Main Study Plan for Three Months

Learn about the exam format and curriculum





Total Number of Questions

90 Questions

82 Questions

105 Questions

Total Marks

300 Marks

400 Marks

400 Marks


Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Mathematics, Aptitude, and Drawing

Mathematics, Aptitude, and Planning

Number of Marks per section

·         Physics – 100 Marks

·         Chemistry – 100 Marks

·         Mathematics – 100 Marks

·         Mathematics – 100 Marks

·         Aptitude – 200 Marks

·         Drawing – 100 Marks

·         Mathematics – 100 Marks

·         Aptitude – 200 Marks

·         Planning – 100 Marks


Learning the JEE Main exam format and syllabus is the first and most important step in preparing for the IIT JEE in three months. Knowing crucial details like the scoring system, exam length, total amount of questions asked, etc. would be beneficial to you.


Prioritize the chapters with the most weight

If you're thinking, "How to study for JEE mains in three months?" You need to be knowledgeable with the topics and chapters that represent the majority of the exam. Since you won't have to think about two separate syllabus because the JEE Main syllabus is equivalent to the Class 11th and 12th syllabus, this will be a bonus for your preparation. Make a study plan with those as your top priorities. Pay attention to your weak areas and hone your strong ones.




·         Measurement and Physics (4%)

·         Thermodynamics (9%)

·         Current Electricity (8%)

·         Effects of Current and Magnetism in                    Magnetics (5%)

·         Electronics devices (14%)

·         Some Chemistry principles (5%)

·         Chemical Thermodynamics (4%)

·         Equilibrium (6%)

·         Electrochemistry and Redox Reaction              (4%)

·         P – Block Elements (5%)

·         D – and f - Block Elements (4%)

·         Relations, Sets, and Functions (5%)

·         Determinants and Matrices (7%)

·         Combinations and Permutations (4%)

·         Constrained, ongoing, and differentiable (10%)

·         3 – Dimensional Geometry (6%)

·         Coordinate Geometry (15%)



Get Best Books in Your Hands

The ideal books should be chosen for your entire JEE mains preparations, even though NCERT books are a highly recommended reference for bolstering your fundamental notions. There are a tonne of JEE study guides available, but you shouldn't try them all. The ideal books to use when you study for JEE Main in three months are listed below:



• Concept of Physics - H. C. Verma

• Pradeep's fundamental for Physics

• D. C. Pandey for class 11th and 12th Physics



•R. D. Sharma

•Arihant for Algebra and differential Calculus

•M. L. Khanna - IIT Mathematics

•S. L. Loney - Trigonometry



•Physical Chemistry - R. C. Mukherjee

•Organic Chemistry - O. P. Tandon 

•Inorganic Chemistry - J. D. Lee

Make a practical study schedule.

If you're trying to figure out how to finish the JEE syllabus in three months, you should probably follow a rigid schedule. With only three months to get ready, go through all the key sections and books and make a real schedule in accordance. Instead of setting long-term goals like monthly or quarterly, it is advised to maintain them short-term, such as weekly or daily. You can finish your syllabus in the allotted time with its assistance.

Review frequently

Don't forget to review what you've learnt during your JEE main preparations because doing so will help you recall the concepts for longer while also dispelling any doubts or misunderstanding you may have. In order to save time during tests, you might practise your revision on a weekly basis and develop the habit of taking notes. All calculations, equations, and crucial ideas should be written down and constantly reviewed.

Time Management Skills

Time management is the key to achieving success in the IIT JEE in just three months. You must plan your exam approach so that you can finish the syllabus and all of your syllabus on time. It is suggested that you spend at least three to four hours per day studying. Candidates should solely concentrate on mastering the whole course using concept-based learning three months prior to the exam. Practice at least 100 of the questions in each chapter, and then rate your performance.

Exam Question Papers from the Previous Year and Practice Exams

It will be the best time for you to enrol yourself in online tuition classes because many students get the correct guidance from online tuition during the JEE preparations. Additionally, the greatest strategy to assess your performance during your JEE preparations is to take as many mock exams as you can. Moreover, online tuition and help you with the mock tests. Mock tests are an excellent way to get practise taking exams because they provide you an idea of the kinds of questions that will be asked. By passing practise examinations, you can answer questions more quickly. The collection and analysis of last year's test questions will also assist clarify concepts. 

Remain inspired and optimistic

It is crucial for applicants to maintain motivation, attention, and a positive outlook while following a study plan for JEE Main in three months. Given the brief period of time, many students worry or experience anxiety. However, be calm and adhere to these JEE Main preparation suggestions rather than getting irritated.

In conclusion

Additionally, many students struggle with physics more than any other subject. For that, you can easily enrol yourself for science online tuition. There you will get the best classes in physics, which will be helpful for the JEE mains exam. Even though three months don't give you much time to prepare for the IIT JEE, a smart strategic study plan can help you pass the test with decent results. While maintaining the boards and their JEE preparations simultaneously causes students anxiety, a thorough understanding of the ideas and regular review can help them achieve successful outcomes. 

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