Tips For Class 10th Science Board Exam Preparation At Last Minute

Tips for Class 10 Science Board Exam Preparation

Last year, over 57,000 thousand students scored more than 95% marks in class 10th boards where more than two lakhs of students secured 90-95% marks. Around 21.13 regular students register for class 10th board examination every year, and competing with peers may be quite difficult for the average student. As we all know that the class 10th board examination syllabus is vast, but with the proper study plans and strategies, you can score higher grades. Numerous students find difficulties in covering class 10th Science students due to its lengthy syllabus and complexities in understanding the aspects of the subject. In this blog post, certain tips are given by the experts for your class 10th Science board exam preparation. Keep reading to know more.

Best Preparation Tips For Class 10th Science Board Exam

Like mathematics, Science is also a scoring subject but to score higher marks; you need to perform excellently as proper preparation is required to tackle the subject. Class 10th Science subject consists of three sub-subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Commonly, you can't be perfect in all three subjects, but you should organise your preparation in such a manner which can help you achieve good grades in your examination.

You must always start from scratch, start with a textbook irrespective of your boards, such as the NCERT textbook for class 10th CBSE students. Always solve the exercise questions given at the last of the chapter. Follow the below tips for class 10 Science Board preparation.

Understand The Syllabus And The Exam Pattern

Clear your understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. Like, the CBSE class 10th Science paper is divided into two:

  • Theory Paper: 80 Marks
  • Practical Paper (Internal Assessment): 20 Marks

The 80 Marks question paper is divided into five sections. Once you know about the exam pattern and the syllabus will help you choose the important topics from which the maximum questions are asked, and the maximum numbers are allotted to the unit.

Deeply understand the syllabus as it will help you know how much effort you will need to give on each sub-subject and chapter. Accordingly, you can create your study plans and strategies and save enough time for revisions and mock tests.

Add Good Reference Books In Your Book List

Apart from the standard textbooks as per your respective board, it is a prerequisite to consult good reference books for better clarity of the concepts and prepare comprehensive answers. The most popular books for class 10th are Physics, Chemistry and Biology for 10th Class by Lakhmir Singh & Manjit Kaur. Do discuss with your school teacher for more references books.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers

Once you get familiar with the exam pattern and the syllabus, check the previous year's question paper. Start solving the question papers as it will help you understand the exam's difficulty level and the standard of the questions asked. Additionally, it will boost your speed in solving the questions and overcome your examophobia.

Devote More Time In Your Weaknesses Areas

By the time you discovered your strengths and weaknesses on the subject. You need to devote more time to resolve your complexities through revising the concepts. You can also take the help of the class 10th Science online tuition to understand the concepts from their roots at your convenient time and place. Always maintain a separate notebook for your difficulties areas and keep it handy to flip through them whenever you get time.

Study Regularly To Boost Your Preparation

Without any negligence, you should study regularly to find a quiet place, keep yourself away from distraction and always take 5 minutes small break between your studies.

Make Short Notes

Always draft short notes while reading the chapters a second or third time. Making short notes will help you to learn complex terms easily. Try to write it in bullet points to help you in your last-minute revision.


The regular revision will help you to remember the concepts long-lasting. Always revise the previous topics on the weekends. On the weekdays, always learn the new topics and revise them on the weekends. The revision will help you understand the concepts deeply and help you memorize the difficult facts. Also, you can take the help of the online tuition for class 10 as they offer the best revision classes at a reasonable price range.  

Avoid Social Media

To stay focused on your preparation, it is important to avoid social media. Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., will waste your long time. Do invest those time in your studies and score good marks in your board's examination.

Tips For Class 10th Science Board Exam Preparation At Last Minute 2

Apart from the general tips for the class 10 Science board exam, follow the subject-wise tips to avoid your difficulties.

Tips For Class 10th Physics

  • Do practice theorems, numerical and formulas.
  • Practice the ray diagrams from the light chapter as it is most common in the question paper
  • Solve numerical problems on series and parallel combination of resistance
  • Numerical problems on lens and mirrors
  • Cover the important topics like Newton’s laws of motion, light, etc.
  • Practice diagrams of AC and DC generators, glass prism, electric circuits diagram, etc.

Tips For Class 10th Chemistry

  • Read carbon and its compound chapters as maximum questions are asked from this chapter.
  • Learn the tips required for balancing the chemical equations.
  • Applications of acid, base, and salts in everyday life.
  • Clear your concepts on the periodic table electronic configuration and learn all the elements placed in the 1st and last two groups of the Periodic table.

Tips For Class 10th Biology

  • Memorize the terminologies involved in each chapter.
  • Practice diagrams like the respiratory system, the human brain, the representation of reflex action, different parts of a flower, etc.
  • Understand the traits of inheritance and Mendel’s experiment
  • Focus on understanding the functions of reproductive organs in humans and the reproduction process in plants.

Smart Tricks To Solve The Questions In The Exam Hall

When it comes to gaining marks, the correct and precise answers will not be the only factor. The way you present your answer and organize it will also be considered. Follow the tips to score good marks:

  • Do answer the questions in the bullet points.
  • Underline the important terms or parts using a different color pen.
  • Include diagrams, tables, and charts in the long answer-type questions.
  • Always start with the answer you know and can write it confidently.
  • Maintain a gap in the two consecutive lines while writing the answer.
  • Keep an eye on the time and always remember to attempt all the questions.
  • Maintain good handwriting till the end of the answer script.

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