Top 10 reasons why sports are Important in a Student's Life

importance of games and sports

So, whenever you feel a bit low or exhausted, do you go for a walk? When you feel nothing is going right do you ride bicycle? Try doing these activities it helps reducing stress and releases endorphins and dopamine. When in school participating in sports and games or any other physical activities are the best period for students. It contributes in so many ways to our lives we do not even know. The importance of games and sports in students’ life is immense. While, it is a part of school education that builds the students personality in an all-round way. It also contributes towards building a better society.

In the schools both at CBSE and state boards’ sports comprises an important subject. However, physical education in class 9th in cbse board includes important topics such as Olympic Symbols, Ideals, Objectives & Values, Yoga and Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Kriyas etc. later, these topics helps students to develop a better lifestyle.

Importance of games and sports in our life

When we are young and play we do not understand the importance of games and sports in our life. But later on, as we grow up it is visible in our personality about the effect of games and sports. It improves our physical health, mental health, and all around wellness. Sports help students’ in maintain their emotional intelligence as well. People's personalities are also enhanced as a result of it. Participating frequently in a sport of any kind helps to keep all of our organs in working order.  

Importance of games and sports in our life

Top 10 benefit of Games and sports in students’ life

1. Purification of the Mind

It is common knowledge that participating in athletics is the single best way to revitalise one's mind. Students study for the entirety of a day, and it is clear that they are in need of a restorative break. Because their minds are working at a breakneck pace. As a consequence of this, kids ought to make it a routine to engage in some form of play for at least an hour each day in order to unwind their mind. It contributes to their academic engagement and excellence as well.

2. Participating in Sports has a Direct Impact on One's Health

Going by the famous saying a sound mind raises in sound body. In order for students to keep their bodies in good shape, they should devote some of their free time to participating in sports. Participating in sports can be beneficial to one's mental as well as physical health. Meanwhile, in the school syllabus it is mandatory for students to participate in sports in every board.  It is therefore, leads to an improvement in both the students' sense of self-worth and their mental attentiveness.

3. Playing Sports Can Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Students at present time are highly under stress for various reasons. For example, when it gets close to test time, children experience a tremendous deal of stress because they are under pressure from both their parents and their teachers to perform well on the test.  As a consequence of this, we are in a position to assert that sports are a treatment for this condition that does not compromise one's mental or physical health. A student may realize the importance of games and sports after participating in some sports, such as tennis, table tennis, badminton, or gymnastics, helps them better manage their stress.

4. A Professional Life in Sports

Sports for students are not only a source of refreshment and detoxification process. But, students can develop legit career out of it. We've all witnessed students who shine in extracurricular activities but struggle to keep up academically. As a consequence, those who do not have an interest in academics have the opportunity to pursue a career in athletics. Therefore, you should not place any pressure on your child to perform exceptionally well in school just on the basis that other individuals are able to achieve more.

5. The Integration of Higher Education and Athletics

The most disheartening part of the process is applying for higher education because even the most talented students may not be accepted into the university or college of their choice, but an ordinary student may be successful. The reason for this is that there are quotas in sports.

Those students who perform well and maintain a great sports record, it will be easier for them to secure admission to prestigious institutions and colleges.

6. It develops major skills in students

Another most important benefit of sports and games is development of skills in students. Cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball, athletics, and gymnastics are some of the most popular games at the collegiate and high school levels, respectively. Participating in any of these games will allow you to sharpen specific abilities over the course of playing them. Not only these, students who participate in sports on a regular basis develop qualities such as sportsmanship, leadership, sportsmanlike conduct, patience, self-discipline, the ability to learn from mistakes, and learning from one's mistakes. These abilities are just as important in academics and management. Therefore, when it comes to the development of skills, participation in sports may be deemed crucial.

7. Taking part in sports helps strengthen social bonds.

Another benefit is developing social skills and bonds. Students who have a good bonding capacity are typically those who participate in a lot of sporting activities. When youngsters participate in sports, which require them to work together as a team, they learn how to strengthen their social interactions. This is another really important facet of life.

8. Participating in sports might help one become more disciplined and better manage their time.

The ability to manage time well and maintain discipline is essential qualities for any athlete. The instructor needs to show self-control and provide the learner with the training necessary to respond effectively to constructive criticism and difficult tasks. Therefore, the schools make an effort to construct each game with a significant number of rules and instructions for the children to adhere to. This enables the children to be physically active and educated.

9. Develops Emotional Intelligence

The importance of games and sports reflect in emotional intelligence of a student. Participation in Sports Can Improve a Person's Emotional Strength Children learns how to handle a range of emotional obstacles by participating in sports. We all have to deal with emotional concerns at some point in our life, whether at home or at work.

Children have the capacity to accept both successes and defeats as part of their athletic journey when they participate in sports. As a direct consequence of this, a sportsperson is far better prepared to deal with challenging circumstances.

10. Improves One's Own Sense of Worth and Confidence in Oneself

When a youngster achieves a success, such as scoring a goal, getting a six, or winning a race, their confidence in themselves and their abilities develops. Having to perform in front of an audience that is always following your every move may be a very challenging experience.

The good sportsmanship students exhibit is worthy of praise since it gives them the opportunity to improve their concentration, patience, and the proper level of self-assurance through the participation in a variety of indoor and outdoor games.


At the present time students who take Online tuition classes and online spoken english classes they tend to spend most of their time in front of screen. Thus, for such students it is more important to go out and play and understand the importance of games and sports in our life.