Top 5 life-saving Mantras for Class 9 to 12 Board Students

Top 5 life-saving Mantras for Class 9 to 12

With year-end around the corner and holidays on the way, board students also need to be prepared as their board examinations are around the corner. With limited time left, you need to work on your time management so that you can ace the exams. Time management is the pivotal thing in students' lives, but many fail to fulfill this need efficiently.

Even after burning the midnight oil, students find it difficult to get good marks in pre-exams and may find it even harder to crack the actual exams. Though students try to study hard, very few of them get the perfect score. So naturally, the question arises in everyone's mind: what should one do to get that perfect score other than studying day and night?

What is The Right Strategy To Behind Scoring Well in Exams

According to us, there is no right strategy. Yes, there are strategies that work for people if followed diligently. Many students just try to read everything they think is needful for the exam without any plan or strategy. However, without smart study, scoring good marks is not a cakewalk. You need to think out of the box and work accordingly to get a good score.

Taking online tuition for class 9 can also benefit students who find themselves struggling academically as it helps them form a base from the start.

Strategies And Tips

With exams just around the corner, here are the top 5 life-saving mantras for class 9 to 12 board students to help them get the perfect score they are looking for.

Top 5 Life saving Mantras 2

  1. Strategic planning: Using a study planner will be the most effective way to manage your time and understand your position. The first step is to jot down the daily activities and time consumed in each of the activities by you. Now, allot the fixed time to each of the recreational activities and studies in advance so that you can be prepared to accomplish them. Your study planner should track this division of time in accordance with specific activities. This increases the student accountability for the commitment they have made towards their work. They also get to focus on one work at a time rather than multitasking and not getting any results.
  2. The Pattern of study: You need to deal with various topics while studying for board exams. But not knowing where to start can be a challenging task. For that, you need to keep your syllabus of the previous year handy and start accordingly. The biggest mistake any student makes is to ignore minor topics as they also collaborate together to hold a good chunk of marks. Some topics can be quite challenging and difficult to grasp. To understand them better, you need to find your wee hours. That can be early in the morning or late at night. Other than that, you need to have an effective studying technique like following the Pomodorothe method or making genomics. All this boosts your overall confidence. 
  3. Self-review techniques: To see where you stand, you need to take mock self-tests from time to time to see if your studying techniques are efficient or not. If you are stuck at any point, talk to teachers, parents, peers, or friends. Students can also try online tuition for class 12 or any other live classes as visual learning is engaging, helps to learn faster, and helps you retain concepts for a longer time.
  4. Give your best shot: Half your job is completed once you are done with the studying part. The other half involves performance as it is key to the success of getting good grades. Many students only focus on completing the syllabus and forget that they need to prepare themselves for performance as well. To give your best shot revision is not enough to prepare yourself mentally. Practice mock papers with online tuition for class 10 to get the right strategies for preparing to perform well in the main exam, especially for theory subjects. Other than that, try a few performance techniques to see what works for you best.
  5. Taking care of yourself: Avoid burnout during studying. It is important to take breaks during study sessions. During these breaks or for any 30 minutes, do some exercise as it keeps you healthy mentally and physically. It also improves memory and concentration. Besides that, eating healthily and getting enough sleep is important as irregularity in the sleep cycle also affects your performance. Relax, do something you enjoy before the exam day to affect your performance positively.

As a final tip to crack any exam, hydrate yourself enough, and if you think that some topics are your weak section, take online tuition for class 11 from day one itself. Avoid comparing yourself with toppers and stop asking “what if”s. Do the things that can boost your overall performance rather than just focusing on one aspect.


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