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Have you ever heard of Vedic Maths and wondered what it is? Vedic Math is drawn from the Vedas, which are ancient Indian scriptures. Vedic math is quite old, and it has a lot of intriguing strategies and information that might assist a learner enhance their ability to answer a problem. We'll go over several Vedic math secrets that you may use while tackling arithmetic problems. This should allow you to answer the questions more quickly and efficiently. The kids need to take Vedic maths classes online to learn the exclusive tricks and tips to speed up their numerical calculations by 300%.

Learning Vedic Maths will help the kids to build a strong foundational base. Vedic Maths is considered the most efficient and refined mathematical system ever possible. It is believed that Vedic Maths was discovered in the mid-1900s and performed numerous calculations following certain specific principles. But you must have wondered if Maths is only for performing calculations? If you want your child to learn the tricks for faster calculation, you can check our Vedic Maths online course, which is available at reasonable prices.

Know what is Special about Vedic Maths

When we hear the word "Vedic," our thoughts immediately conjure images of a Rishi or a Sage clutching palm leaves and creating scripts with a nail; but Vedic Maths is as old as it sounds, but no one knows when it was created or who its inventor was; it's a great old method of computation given to the world by the ancient Indian sages. You will learn everything about Vedic Maths from scratch in our online Vedic Maths tuition.

Between 1911 and 1918, Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj found this system from the Vedas, naming it "Vedic Mathematics," which comprises 16 sutras and contains answers to all mathematical problems well as equations. He also noticed that all of these computations are performed vertically or crosswise, which is the natural way our minds function. The most noticeable element of his methodology is his well-coordinated approach to problem-solving.

Vedic Maths shines and encourages everyone to practise mental calculations, which, when done correctly, may assist students in answering difficult questions. It has nine unique features that you must let your child know as it may develop interest among them to enrol themselves in Vedic Maths online certified courses. Let us have a look at the features of Vedic Maths.

Nine Unique Features of Vedic Maths

The following are the unique features of Vedic Maths:

  • Integrity: As Vedic Maths consists of 16 sutras, they are connected and make it simple and easier to understand. One single sutra can help solve numerous arthritis problems by applying one rule. For example, Nikhilam Navatascaramam dasathah can be used for general division and multiplication.

  • Simplicity: It is one of the best ways to be productive and save time. To solve complex multiplication problems, our ancestors have come up with a solution that involves 5 steps. Let us take an example of two digit multiplication. 42 x 12. First, multiply the units vertically (2 1 = 2), then crosswise (2 2) + (4 1) = 8; last, multiply the tens vertically (4 2 = 8). All of the computations are done in your head. Want to learn more? Join our Vedic Maths classes online and learn to solve the questions in seconds.

  • Algebraic Connection: It is easy to apply these math tactics of arithmetic calculations based on the Vedic Maths way of learning to any algebraic issue when one practises them.

  • Vedic Maths Sutras: It address all aspects of mathematics, including arithmetic operations, geometry, trigonometry, analytical astronomy, calculus, differential and integral calculus, etc. The list continues on, offering limitless application possibilities. Learn all these sutras from scratch in our Vedic maths online classes.

  • Intuitional abilities: Based on the characteristics mentioned above, it is obvious that Vedic Maths produces faster and more correct results; this trait motivates the learner to be more confident and competent, hence enhancing his intuition abilities.

  • Improve Memory and Focus: Because all of the calculations are done mentally, and with only a few steps, students can recall the fundamentals with ease, improving their memory and concentration.

  • Creativity: The best method to tackle any problem is to examine all of the perceptions that require creativity and recognize that there is more than one way to solve the problem, which pushes the student to develop a unique solution. Our fun and engaging online tuition for class will help your kids develop a keen interest in the subject.

  • Fast and Accurate Results: Vedic Maths' major technique is mental calculation; when a problem is handled using a simple method of calculating, time is saved by boosting productivity; because the steps are fewer, the likelihood of correctness is higher.

  • Innovation: Vedic maths welcomes each scholar and mathematician to apply these methods and add their creativity and innovative ideas to modern maths.

Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths

As you know about the features of Vedic maths, now let us discuss the benefits of learning Vedic maths. The following are the benefits of Vedic maths:

  • It helps to solve complicated numerical questions easily and often faster.
  • Reduces the burden of memorizing difficult mathematics concepts.
  • Help to avoid silly mistakes that kids do frequently.
  • Develop concentration of children and determination to learn the concepts.
  • Develop intelligent decision-making skills for both simple and complex problems.

Since it uses simple calculation, students who like playing with numbers are proud of doing the fast calculation. Whereas the student who doesn't like calculation Vedic Maths make the rigid calculation easy for them. If you search for the best Maths tuition classes online for your kid, you can approach them without hesitation. SSSi offers quality education to the students with minimal Vedic maths online class fees. The following are the addition key benefits:

  • Live one-on-one interactive sessions.
  • Exclusive mathematics tricks and tips
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Experienced and certified faculty.

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