Why Are Online Tuition Classes Better Than Offline Tuition Classes?

Online Tuition Classes VS Offline Tuition Classes

As we all know, due to the pandemic, the entire world has been digitized whether it is corporate work, court, or education. Due to the advancement of technologies, online tuition classes are getting more popular. In India, around 54% of students are comfortable with online learning. In the current digital age, online learning is one of the most popular trends. It has exploded in size and shows no signs of slowing down. This sort of distance learning is commonly referred to as e-learning since it does not occur in a traditional classroom where a physical teacher moderates and supervises information.

As a parent, you must have been wondering why online tuition classes if I can hire private tuition? And how are online tuition classes are better than offline tuition? We understand your dilemma as it is hard to adapt to the sudden changes, but don't you think the education system must be advanced to meet the requirements of today's world?

During the '90s, conventional teaching methodologies were more prevalent when the parents allowed their kids to read with a group of 30-50 students. As a result, numerous students fail to understand even the basic concepts of the subject. The most recent educational approaches enable youngsters to progress beyond simply remembering the syllabus.

If you want your child to blossom in the future, then your child must have a comprehensive understanding and conceptual clarity to face the future competition. Don't you agree?

How Are Online Tuition Classes More Effective?

Why should a parent choose online tuition classes over traditional tutoring? It is more convenient, less expensive, simpler to monitor sessions, and more accessible, among other things. As the child learns online, they fulfill your parenting goals. Students are also encouraged to achieve their long-term objectives by using online tuition. The following are the details reasons why online tuition classes are better than offline:

  • Easier Retention: According to the survey, online e-learning platforms like SSSi Online Tutoring Services increase the retention rate of the child easily. Your child's retention rate might rise from 25% to 60%. This is impossible to do in an offline course when the curriculum is pushed too far.
  • Certified and Experienced Tutor: Students and teachers may engage in online tuition classes from anywhere globally. Consequently, students may connect with the best professors in their topic, no matter where they are situated. On the other hand, Offline students do not have much choice in terms of professors. In SSSi, you will find highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Flexible Class Schedule: Through online tuition classes, your child can easily plan the classes according to their convenient time without any restrictions. Tutors are available as per your desired booked slots. The classes are mainly designed as per the curriculum, and the students can review the recorded videos if they missed any live classes. Whereas in the traditional learning method, this facility is not available; the students cannot review their missed classes.

Online VS Offline Tuition Classes

  • Save Time: Online tuition classes save time as both the teacher and students arrive on time for the classes. Now, the students do not have to drive anywhere to attend their tuition lessons; therefore, online learning saves time. Because both participants attend from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Affordable Fees Structure: We all know that when it comes to the fee structure, online tuition classes are more effective as they offer world-class educational benefits at pocket-friendly prices and free resources. It does not put financial pressure on the students and provides all the courses reasonably priced. In contrast, offline tuition classes are more expensive; they charge high fees.
  • One-on-One Attention: The best aspect of online tuition is that students may receive one-on-one classes or attention with a small group of students. This means that the student has the teacher's full attention during the online class. As a result, questions are answered, and concepts are better comprehended.
  • Self-discipline: Online tuition classes promote self-discipline and responsibility among the students. SSSi believes in activity-based learning approaches to develop students' interest in the subjects. As a result, their curiosity grows, and they are more motivated to learn and comprehend how to handle complicated issues utilizing various ways. On the other hand, offline learning makes youngsters reliant on their teachers to solve difficulties.
  • Easy Access to Study Material: Within one click, you will find the study material no matter where you are; you don't need to carry your books with you for revision. You can read it anytime on your mobile or laptop screen. In offline tuition, the study material is provided in the hard copy where the student carries the heavy loads of the books for the revision.

Way Forward

Education is an important part of life, each one of us started our learning journey from school, and the tuition classes play a pivotal role in developing the foundational base. Before you make your decision, do read the facts on the online tutoring services. Around 9.6 million people out of a population of 1.3 billion have registered in an online course through any online tutoring service. Over 48% of the general public benefits greatly from online education after considering low-income households. The cost of a traditional classroom education has risen by 175%. This is why online tuition centres are a better, more feasible, and cost-effective alternative.

If you are in search of the best online tuition classes for class 12th, then you are at the right place. SSSi Online Tutoring Services provide the terrific opportunity to learn with a certified and experienced tutor at home at an affordable price range at your convenient time and place. SSSi offers numerous courses such as online tuition classes for class 10thJEE, NEET, Railways, SSC, IBPS, etc. The following are the benefits that SSSi offers to the students.

  • Live one-on-one interactive sessions.
  • Affordable fees structure
  • Flexible class schedules, with no restrictions.
  • Access to doubt clearing sessions and revision classes.
  • Regular track of your academic performance and suggestions to strengthen your weak areas.
  • Access to comprehensive study plans and strategies to boost your preparation.
  • Exclusive, designed, well-structured study material and revision notes.
  • Native tutors to teach you in your comfortable language.

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