Why Internet Safety is important for Kids?

Why Internet Safety is important for Kids?

The most unique nature of any powerful thing is, it can create wonders at the same time it has the power to destroy you as well. Internet came as such one evolution where it is at one time the most powerful instrument creating remarkable changes. On the other hand, it has the power to destroy to utmost level as well. There is literally anything and everything is available on internet today. In such situation it has become more important to make sure internet safety for kids.

As a parent in internet era it is very important to keep an eye on how your child is using the internet.  Your children use the internet when they are at school, when they are at home. They also use it when they are with their friends. When you leave your child at home with mobile phones, internet and laptop they are in contact with unthinkable content online.  However, they may unintentionally share their personal information. Personal data, illicit downloads and file sharing, malware and infections, improper advances, and cyber bullying are all examples of issues that can arise online.

Firstly, it is important to understand the necessity to create safe internet usage environment for kids.

Probable issues on internet for kids

Before that, lets’ take a look at the problems and issues arising online. They are-

  • Harassment and bullying over the internet
  • Inappropriate and unwelcome physical contact or advances Sexting and sexcasting (on web cam chat sites like Chat Roulette),
  • Disclosing personal information that can put a child at risk of fraud or put the youngster in a vulnerable position.
  • Accidental exposure to improper pictures or content Viruses, spyware, and other forms of online fraud Phishing schemes Illegal file sharing or the infringement of music, film, or software

These risks can be categorized in various types such as

Potential dangers of the content

For children of school age, these dangers include the possibility of encountering content that is distressing, repulsive, or otherwise unsettling. This could contain, for example, graphic depictions of violence, sexual content, or even animal cruelty in games.

Contact dangers

Among these dangers is the potential for kids to meet strangers or adults disguising as kids online. A child may get tricked into meeting an internet "friend" in person, giving out personal information, or clicking on pop-up messages.

The Risks You're Willing to Take

There is always the chance that a youngster will hurt someone else or that they will be the target of such behaviour. A child might, for instance, ruin a game made by a brother or pal. Unintentional app purchases present yet another danger.

Taking Chances with a Contract

Among these dangers is the possibility that youngsters will agree to unjust contracts, terms, or circumstances of which they are unaware or uninformed. By pressing a single button, a child could unwittingly give a company access to his or her family's contact information. It will also give consent to receiving age-inappropriate marketing materials. Or youngsters can utilise a toy, software or device with insufficient internet security, which leaves them susceptible to identity theft or fraud.

These are a few of the major risks that of kids using internet.  Therefore, it is essential that the parents and teachers are aware of the importance of internet safety for kids.

Importance of Internet safety for kids

internet safety for kids

 If you use internet safely or take precautions your child will be protected from exposure to content and behaviours that could be potentially harmful or improper if you take basic practical steps regarding internet safety. Your kid will have the opportunity to get the most out of their time spent online, which includes the chances to learn new things, discover new things, be creative, and interact with other people.

There should be internet safety rule for kids in every household.

Internet safety rules

  • Develop a family media strategy. It is better to establish your plan alongside your youngster and get their input. Your strategy could include screen-free zones in your home, online safety regulations such as not disclosing personal information, and approved programmes and applications for your child.
  • Utilize child-friendly search engines such as Kiddle or Kidtopia, entertainment providers such as ABC Kids, CBeebies, YouTube Kids, and KIDOZ, and chat applications such as Messenger Kids.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your child's games, internet, and television programmes are appropriate. This can be accomplished by reading reviews on Common Sense Media.
  • Utilize the Internet with your child, or ensure that you are nearby and aware of what your youngster is doing online. This way, you can swiftly respond and soothe your child if something they've seen online causes them anxiety or distress.
  • Use parental controls and secure search settings on browsers, apps, and YouTube. Limit camera and video functions to prevent your youngster from inadvertently photographing themselves or others.
  • Set up profiles for different household members if you use TV streaming services so your child is less likely to see improper content.

These are a few Internet safety rules for kids. Meanwhile, every parent should be serious about these rules when it comes to their children using internet. It is very much important for the healthy development of the child.

Tips for parents to maintain Internet safety for kids

  1. Educate your child about the internet bullying and danger they can get in if not using it appropriately.
  2. Make sure to be around in case of young kids for Online tuition classes and online spoken english classes
  3. Respecting your child must go hand in hand with implementing internet security rules. However, it is most effective when mixed with a healthy dose of freedom and respect for their Internet-savvy children.
  4. Make your child understand that anything is shared online is shared for good.

These are a few tips that parents should take care while creating a safe internet environment for their kids.  Internet has the power to enrich a students’ life only if it is use in an appropriate way.

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