Why Should I Purchase the NEET Crash Course 2022 from SSSi?

Purchase the NEET Crash Course 2022 from sssi

Hello, to the NEET aspirants. We know you have many queries you can get all your answers from here at SSSI. There are almost 15 lakh students have appeared for NEET exam last year.

Those students who are studying science and wanted to develop a career in medicine and they want to prepare for NEET examination most of them look for best NEET crash course 2022, they can take help from NEET Crash Course from SSSi for NEET exam.

What is NEET Examination?

The NEET is a national-level entrance exam used to evaluate a student's subject knowledge. The National Testing Agency (NTA) is in charge of it. NEET allows students to gain admission to India's most prestigious medical or dental colleges for undergraduate programmes. NEET crash course from SSSI provides students with the best subject material available, whether through online classes or offline study materials. Dedicated teachers work tirelessly with students to help them achieve their goals. SSSI is committed to the well-being of each and every student, in addition to providing quality, well-researched, and authentic content.

The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (Undergraduate), formerly known as the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is an all-India pre-medical entrance exam for students wishing to pursue undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS), and AYUSH (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc.) courses in government and private institutions in India, as well as those wishing to pursue primary medical qualification abroad. The exam is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which reports the results to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Directorate General of Health Services and State Counselling Authorities for seat allocation.

NEET-UG supplanted the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and a slew of other pre-medical exams administered by states and medical schools. However, due to lawsuits filed against the exam, it has been suspended.

Benefits of taking NEET Crash Course for upcoming National Level Entrance Test NEET 2022

NEET is a national level entrance examination; where thousands of students appear every year for clearing it with the hope of becoming a shining in their career. Syllabus of NEET exam is very vast and it is not possible for students to cover it. Therefore students go for coaching and crash courses online or offline. The benefits of taking NEET crash course online from SSSI are as follows:

Saving Time

SSSI is an online learning platform that allows students to learn from a distance. We are aware that students frequently travel a long distance from their homes to attend coaching. It not only consumes students' time but also exhausts them. And what if a student, despite his best efforts, does not get good teachers?

The solution to such students' problems is the SSSI NEET exam 2022. SSSI provides experienced teachers throughout the country with whom students can learn anywhere and at any time. This practise also saves students a lot of time when it comes to covering the vast syllabus of the NEET exam.

LIVE Classes that are extremely Interactive

SSSI NEET crash course is one of the best online education providers. It believes that technology not only facilitates but also makes learning more interactive. The interactive activities motivate students and help them learn more effectively for their exams. There are various activities for students to check their progress. To understand what these are you can attend a DEMO class for NEET exam.

Study Material that is inclusive and Easy to Understand

SSSI prepares the NEET crash course 2022 such a way where subject matter experts provided students with comprehensive and simple-to-understand study materials. Aside from the NEET course content, students will also receive different sets of solutions to previous years' question papers, as well as concise revision notes for each chapter. If needed, students may request for additional materials. Subjects like class 12th Biotechnology is very well covered by the expert tutors.

Practice/Mock Tests and Quizzes

Full-length NEET Important Notes and practise tests prepared by master teachers and subject matter experts are included in the SSSI NEET crash course. Students will also be given topic-specific test papers to see how well they understand the concepts and work on them if necessary. Students are given full-length/topic-specific tests to assess their preparation. They will also receive over 100s of quizzes to help them prepare for the exam. DEMO class for NEET exam helps the students get a clear idea about the courses.

Masterstroke Doubt-Solving Sessions

SSSI NEET crash course students can ask their questions in class or separately in question-answer sessions. Besides, students can ask for any query from the expert tutors at SSSi.

Continual Assistance until Exam

Students who have opted for SSSI NEET Crash course 2022 will receive ongoing assistance. Experts of various subjects will solve all your queries and there will be enough doubt solving sessions and mock test to practice.

A fantastic way to revise

Excellent work! If you have already completed the NEET syllabus and revised it once or twice, enrolling in a crash course will undoubtedly improve your knowledge and boost your confidence. Crash courses allow you to review all of the important topics and key concepts that you studied during your exam preparation.

These are some of the best benefits of NEET crash Course from SSSI. Since, they have some best experts in various subjects including class 12 biotechnology. Moreover, they are there to solve all the queries and issues of students pertaining the preparation of NEET exam. Students during the examination or before the examination are very scared and skeptical about the progress and preparation, they sometimes do a lot of hard work but due to lack of guidance they fail to clear the exam. For such unwanted scenarios SSSI is providing best educational support for NEET aspirants and the teachers also provide moral support to the students in building their confidence for clearing the examination.

Eligibility for appearing for NEET Examination

  • NEET is required for Indian/Overseas candidates seeking admission to an Indian medical university.
  • Age Limit: The NEET minimum age limit is 17 years old on December 31st of the year of admission. The NEET exam has no upper age limit.
  • Seats under the All India Quota: Foreign nationals and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), NRIs, and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) are eligible for 15% All India Quota seats. Candidates from J&K are ineligible for the 15% All India Quota seats.
  • Qualification: A candidate who is taking or has taken the 12th grade may apply for NEET. Their admission is only confirmed after they pass the 12th grade exam. -A B.Sc. degree in any two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany, Zoology), or Biotechnology from an Indian university. -Completed the first year of the University's three-year Physics Chemistry Biology (PCB) degree program.
  • Candidates can take the NEET as many times as they want until they reach the maximum age limit.

These are a few eligibility criteria for students appearing for NEET exam. Yes. Students will receive recordings of SSSI's NEET crash course sessions. If a student misses a live class or wants to review a specific topic, he or she can evaluate the recorded class for that topic. The SSSI NEET crash course team is dedicate towards students success.