Why SSSi Online Tutoring Service is the best for your child?

SSSi Online Tutoring Service


The online ed-tech space is booming with options. Some start-ups promise you degrees from Ivy League universities, and some platforms offer you incentives for learning.

So amidst all this, what makes SSSi stand out?

At SSSi, we believe that learning is an exciting prospect in itself. No added cherries of posh degrees and monetary incentives are required to enhance the appeal of the idea of being able to explore your inherent curiosity as a child.

But that is possible only when we start seeing education as a means to empower our children with tools to think, analyse, and explore the world they live in rather than seeing it as a grade churning, jobs securing factory.

Our mission is to serve every child's curiosity and encourage them to find their answers instead of handing them spoon-fed solutions. We believe that re-inventing the wheel under the guidance of a professional wheelwright who can ensure that you do not stray away is the best way to educate our children.

Why is Online Education the Future?

In light of the global pandemic, the major stakeholders in the education sector have quickly realized the growing importance of switching over to an online medium of education.

The digital revolution that we expected in another 15 years' time has been accelerated exponentially. The future is now.

Some of the primary reasons why top leaders in the education industry prefer the online mode of education are as follows:

  • Offline classes can get interrupted by thousands of physical factors and uncertainties. An online class always goes on, uninterrupted. With advancements in communication technology and the internet reaching the remotest of locations, this online setup will only strengthen further.
  • It cuts down on the commute time, thereby helping in increased efficiency rates of teachers and students alike. Studies have also shown a negative psychological impact on young students who are forced to experience long commute hours.
  • Allows you an opportunity to stay safe and fight against the global pandemic while not hampering your academic growth.
  • It gives you a platform to study from the best educators in the world for every subject instead of being stuck with the faculty hired by your school or your coaching institution.
  • It helps you get familiarized with a plethora of digital tools and technologies that will enable you to embrace the brave, bold future with confidence.
  • Allows for round-the-clock student support with instant, accurate evaluation of your answers and helps you get comprehensive feedback on your academic performances in a significantly shorter span of time.
  • Minimizes the scope of human errors, which can cause undesirable stress and pressure.

Why SSSi?

SSSi Online Tutoring Service is a rapidly growing online tutoring platform in India that helps the students explore core fundamental ideas behind why they are taught what they are taught. We enable you to see the world of education through a completely different lens.

SSSi online class is better for your child


Some key features of our online educational tutorials include:

  • A high-quality course structure that helps provide in-depth knowledge of all the subjects.
  • Individual attention is provided to every student with our live one-on-one tutoring sessions instead of group tutoring sessions, where the teacher's attention is split.
  • Elite faculty with years of teaching experience in their respective academic fields.
  • Our tutors come from all parts of the country. We match you with the tutors that are most suited to your educational background and requirements, which means there is no cultural or language barrier! Study in the language that you are most comfortable with.
  • 24x7 assistance for the students so that no student gets stuck at any point.
  • Regular homework and assignments are provided to every student, along with comprehensive feedback on your answers.
  • Shortcut problem-solving approaches that can help you save some precious time during examinations are also taught to keep you on track for your school academics.
  • Specific exam preparation techniques and strategies for all the different school and competitive examinations are focused upon.
  • Special doubt clearing and revision sessions are organized as per the student's requirements so that you gain good practice around every sub-topic in a particular lesson.
  • We also offer other technical, non-technical, and creative courses such as drawing lessons for beginners, music tutors, data science, digital marketing, etc., that are equally relevant for young creative professionals.
  • You are offered the flexibility to choose subjects and topics of your choice. We customize the curriculum according to your individual needs, making our tutoring sessions relevant for students across all educational boards, including the ICSE board and various state boards.
  • The scheduling and the timing of your classes can also be customized according to your convenience - no rigid schedules.
  • Free demo sessions are provided for students to gain an insight into the functioning of a class conducted by a subject matter expert at SSSi.
  • Regular assessment, tracking, and evaluation of all your academic performances are conducted on a regular basis.
  • Affordable pricing that is student-friendly and does not become a financial burden on your parents. Get the best quality education at easily affordable rates.


Education is arguably the single most important factor that shapes the kind of person we end up turning into. It, therefore, becomes essential to ensure that our children get the best education possible - an education that is holistic, versatile, and can stand the test of changing times.

The best way to achieve that is to empower our future generations with the core understanding of how natural and human-made systems operate at the most fundamental level and provide them with a platform to grow and explore all future possibilities.

Our dedicated team of academic professionals understand this core need and work on creating dynamic educational systems that help your child stand out from the crowd and build a strong foundation for their personal and professional lives.

Visit sssi.in to book a FREE demo tutorial for a course of your choice TODAY!

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