Best Ways In Which You Can Boost Your Learning Speed

Boost Your Learning Speed by Online Tuition Classes

Being a quick learner is one of the most valuable qualities somebody can have in life. We are exposed to so many things in the twenty-first century that we learn something new every day. But how can we remember all of the fresh ideas that we're interested in and wish to incorporate into our lives? If you ask people around you what the best way to boost your learning speed is, the most common reply you will get is to sit down in a quiet place and memorize. If you ask us, that is quite outdated and not so effective. For example, for building muscles, running is not enough. You need to do weight lifting and other exercises.

Similarly, to boost your learning skills, mugging up is not enough. So now the question is, is there any better, more efficient way to boost your learning.? How do we learn 200-500% faster? How do we make learning more enjoyable and fun?

"Success is no accident," stated Pelé, a Brazilian footballer. “It is a combination of hard effort, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and, most importantly, a passion for what you're doing or learning." But, in addition to performing all of this, you must also have an excellent memory. Here are some techniques for improving learning skills that we've learned from professionals. So let's get started with some Science-backed techniques for increasing your learning speed.

Say it out aloud

Build a Habit of reading aloud, especially for the concepts you want to remember for a long time. Many researches have also shown that those who read important facts silently are more likely to forget them as compared to those who say them out aloud. As we read something aloud, that concept becomes memorable to the memory, and we can remember it for a longer time. Reading silently is good for others, but reading loudly is good for our memory.

Written Memory

While learning something new, writing it down using pen and paper will help you understand and comprehend anything better. We know that typing things on a laptop is easier than writing them down. Research shows that when students write any concept, they hear the concepts properly and remember them for the long term. While typing on the laptop, you can either use voice type or manually type. You just do it mindlessly without paying much attention to the concepts. While taking notes, our comprehension and retention also improve. That might be why many famous personalities have a habit of journaling to remember their goals, objectives, and vision.

Learn in Chunks and Keep Hopping Places:

You might have heard from many people that you need to fix your study space. Researchers seem to have different opinions. According to them, changing the place of study at home from one room to another can help. Similarly in school, don’t fix one place in the library for studying. Keep changing positions so that your learning gets a boost. Also, while learning something, don't try to remember it in one go. Try to understand it in chunks. When you try to retrieve something from memory, retrieval becomes an easy task.

Boost Your Learning

Test Yourself

Testing is not just beneficial for getting good grades. It also helps you retain things for a longer time. When you give a test, additional context is created because as you test yourself and answer incorrectly, you are more likely to remember the right answer after looking it up since now, it has become part of your unconscious memory. And that way, you will be motivated to boost your learning speed for content that you still don’t remember.

Short Breaks

While learning anything new, if you are stuck on any question and feel overwhelmed by the question, it is okay to take short breaks in between. When you take a break, your brain is still working on the question subconsciously. Not only short breaks but taking a quick nap is also a good option as it helps you retain information that you have learned so far.

Mix Different Subjects and Study

Rather than studying one subject for long periods of time, studying different subjects together by breaking time is a good option as it will increase your learning. While mixing up the subjects, you can take a few theory subjects and some practical ones. For example, study History then some Maths, some Geography and then maybe Physics. By doing so, you will grasp all of them together rather than stress about one subject.

Change your Method of Learning

Repeating one concept repeatedly, hoping that you will improve your understanding of the subject might be wrong. Research shows that rather than improving your skills quickly, you actually decrease your retention capacity. So, if you slightly modify the way of learning to a new form, it might actually help you learn things faster and also boost your learning skills. Like learning certain things slowly, some faster or learning things with the help of diagrams and presentations, all this will help you boost your education level.

While learning anything, "Make sure you know the principles, i.e., the trunk and big branches, prior you go into the leaves/details, or there will be nothing for them to latch on to," say the experts when learning new topics. You provide yourself brain "hooks" on which to hang new knowledge when you relate the new to the old. Above mentioned points are some of the best ways to learn any concept faster without any problem.

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