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Job Overview

SSSI is looking for its Marketing Head. In this role, you will be responsible for strategizing, budgeting and executing medium-long term marketing strategies for your business vertical. As the head of marketing for our different business verticals, you will liaise with the Directors and the central marketing team, collaborate on projects and bring strategies to life.

You will also work closely with the sales team to capture consumer insights and build the learning’s into new marketing experiments, sales enablement collaterals and service expansion and product development.

The nature of the projects will range from understanding and defining customer segmentation to their acquisition, retention and engagement. Building brand awareness (online/ offline), forging strategic partnerships, creating own branded properties, devising and implementing growth hacking plans will be a few of the key business drivers that will fall into the work domain.

  • Prepare a 360 degree marketing road-map for the business with medium (3-6 months) and long-term goals (1 year)
  • Brainstorming new ways of segmenting potential customers and means of communication, leading to quick-test pilots (what works/what doesn't) to increase relevant user-traffic
  • Identification of new markets/opportunities for growth in Australia, US, UK Canada, Middle East and South East Asia and International markets
  • Budget and execute multi-channel lead acquisition strategy (digital/offline) in conjunction with the business team’s requirements
  • Develop, implement, and refine retention marketing strategy to drive cross- sell/upsell and improve customer loyalty towards brand
  • Build an experimentation framework and conduct A/B experiments with clear success/failure metrics to improve funnel effectiveness and also feed back into the product what consumer journey influencing experiments can be turned into product features to broaden the funnels.
  • Measuring and reporting performance of growth marketing campaigns at a cohort level and assessing against goals (ROI and KPIs)
  • Define an effective communication personalisation strategy basis user behaviour on platform and deploy recency, frequency and monetary value based optimisations
  • Partnering with the creative teams to advise on compelling ad copies (Images & content) for various mediums and channels, developing test ideas, and managing A/B testing

How You’ll Ramp

In First Week...

  • Understand SSSI journey, mission, values, future outlook, and footprint across International markets.
  • Spend time with the Directors, Marketing, Product, Sales and Finance teams to get up- to-speed on SSSI offerings, business verticals, its competition, and its product, marketing, and sales strategies.
  • Get to know your existing team, understand current best practices and cadence

By Day 30...

  • Understand the business/ industry, the consumer segments and the competition
  • Familiarise with the responsibilities of the business function, sales vertical, central marketing and product teams and the role they play with respect to your business goals
  • Ideate and align with the Directors and business heads on the medium/long-term marketing objectives
  • Evaluate the overall plan on paper with respect to resourcing and budget, identify gaps and work towards bridging those
  • Break the plan to multiple projects with time-lines and budgets and set up tracking and reporting mechanisms for ROI

By Day 90...

  • Execute the plan/projects on paper in motion
  • Assess/ evaluate all projects with respect to the benchmarks and do course correction/ optimisation
  • Invest time in exploring new avenues of growth channels for future (partnership/ growth hacking/ experiments/ pilot projects)
  • Build “Own branded properties’ and position this amongst the TG to ensure high brand awareness

Job requirements and qualifications:

We are looking for a well-rounded candidate with 10+ years of work experience. The candidate has to be a first principle problem solver. Having a deep understanding and expertise in digital marketing tools & brand-marketing with at least 4+ years of digital marketing experience handling performance marketing efforts for digital-first brands will be instrumental for this role. B2B/ B2C sales experience or/and product experience in tech companies will be an added advantage. To be successful in this role, you’ll need to have the following skills

  • Creative: You are curious to understand customer needs, journeys and pains and can create vibrant campaigns that resonate with customers, compelling them to take action
  • Analytical: Keen interest in evaluating product/market situations, analyzing data, and transforming it into actionable marketing strategies.
  • Leadership: You have an eye for great talent and the ability to unlock the potential of high performing teams.
  • Communication: Ability to convey the right message and connect with people.
  • Self-driven: Willing to roll up your sleeves and get things done.
  • Collaboration: Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate across the organization.
  • Problem-solving: Comfort working in an unstructured environment that requires solving complex, open-ended issues with incomplete data and little direction.
  • 4+ years working experience as Marketing Head/Director
  • Deep understanding of Mar-Tech a must
  • Prior experience with content led marketing is a plus
  • 2+ years of strategy consulting experience is a plus

Join Our Team

  • Department: Digital Marketing
  • Job Location(s): Noida
  • Education: Post Graduation
  • Experience: 8 to 12 years
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