Who can become QC Manager?

Post Graduates/PhD scholars in any academic field are eligible to apply as QC Managers. We are seeking to enrol Academic professionals who are willing to leverage their subject matter knowledge in aiding the international university students; enabling them to effectively comprehend their curriculum and complete their coursework with brilliant understanding of the learning outcomes of their study programs.

What are the duties of a QC Managers?

Holistically, a QC Managers must act as a role model to the mentee, helping him/her to clear academic doubts, and learn better research methodologies. A QC Managers additionally guides experts/ students for their online exam preparation and by writing reference research papers and reports in their specialized academic domain.

Key Responsibilities

  • Guide Academic research associates on research methods and analysis to help them complete their research papers.
  • Proofread experts/students research papers and provide guidance on further improvements.
  • Develop/Guide the students in sample research papers which they can refer to while completing their assignments.
  • Answer experts/students questions related to their course content, through doubt clearing sessions.
  • Guide experts/students in exam preparations through short notes/flash card development.
  • Grade experts/students assignments and tests while improving their research and writing skills.
  • Assess experts/student progress and provide regular feedback for improvement.
  • Assess the individual learning needs of students.
  • Comprehend the learning objectives of respective academic programs w.r.t. to study material, research methodology, reference style sheets and grading index.
  • To deliver plagiarism free academic papers with language and research competence.
  • Maintain a collaborative contribution with in the company’s internal teams through constructive, agile and team work approach.

Requisite Skill Set:

  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills in English.
  • Reasonable to Exceptional Subject Matter Expertise
  • Extensive Academic Research skills on Internet
  • Organic zeal towards academic research and writing
  • Open to learning new subject domains and skills.

Requisite Academia:

We are looking for candidates from following subject domains with respective qualifications

  • Management - MBA, Finance / HRM / Operations & Project Management
  • Public Health / Hospital Administration /Pharmaceutical Management
  • Law - LLM
  • Nursing/Medicine - M. Sc. in Nursing / MDS /MBBS
  • Accounting and Finance - C.A/C.FA/M.com
  • Economics - M. Sc./ Ph.D. in Economics
  • Statistics – M. Sc. Statistics
  • Engineering (All Branches) - M. Tech

Join Our Team

  • Department: CRO
  • Job Location(s): Noida
  • Education: Post Graduation
  • Experience: 2 to 5 years
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