Significance of Handwritten Assignments in Academics

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The education system has undergone significant shifts over the last few decades, the latest COVID-19 made everyone realize the significance of the online world. Every student got used to it while taking notes or writing assignments. From kindergarten to college students, everyone has to write their assignments, but those golden days are almost gone where we used to write the assignments. The handwritten assignment has its own beauty. There were days when we used to sit for hours to research different books, using different colored sheets, sparkle pens and also cutting and pasting images from our old books to make them look more creative. However nowadays some students run from handwritten assignments rather they prefer typed assignments, as that sounds easy for them. They just have to copy and paste the information and send it to the teacher but it doesn’t help in increasing their knowledge.

Why Don't Students Prefer Handwritten Assignments?

Assignment plays a pivotal role in the lives of students. It is of different types such as typed assignments, case study-based assignments, presentations, essay writing, dissertation, and other handwritten assignments. It is a significant part of a student's academic curriculum. It’s also been noticed that most college students usually engage themselves in other activities like sports, certified courses, and also in doing part-time jobs. Due to these activities, they don’t get time for writing any handwritten assignments. In this situation, the students always prefer writing assignments in a hurry, due to which the quality and the grades suffer. In addition, it affects their sleep cycle and also they have to go through a huge mental stress while completing the assignments the night before the submission. When the grades of the student start affecting then taking help from assignment writing services is the only option. As it eliminates a variety of problems like the quality of assignments and mental stress. Consequently, along with the good quality of the assignment, they will get enough time for extracurricular activities. There are some specific guidelines for assignments in open and regular universities with some variations in them. Below we have discussed the same:

You Have Two Options

IGNOU Handwritten Assignment

To appear in the end-term examination, IGNOU handwritten assignment is mandatory. IGNOU handwritten projects are marked out of 100 and it is mandatory for any student to score at least 40 out of 100 in assignments and 40 out of 100 in theoretical exam to get passed. Percentage wise the handwritten assignments carry 30% of weightage and the remaining 70% is for the theory exams. Any delay in assignment submission may lead to prohibition to appear in the final examination. Even these assignments are not only valid for a particular semester but also for the whole duration of that program. However, exams are mandatory so students usually get their assignments done either by purchasing solved IGNOU assignments or hiring handwritten assignment writing services.

Amity Handwritten Assignment

Similarly, one of the top regular universities, Amity University also follows the pattern of handwritten assignments. It consists of 50% marks for the internal components which include assignments and without submitting them the student can’t pass the exam. The guidelines for handwritten assignments here differ from other open universities as usually professors give question-based assignments in which students just have to write the answers. In the case of topic-based assignments, students have to present them in class followed by a viva exam. This sounds tough, right? Students from Amity University will definitely agree that 9-5 classes and hours of travel from home to college and college to home, make them unable to perform any other chore efficiently which includes writing an assignment. Hence to eliminate the stress of writing assignments they seek help from handwritten assignment writing services.

Handwritten Assignment Samples


Therefore, from open to regular university every student faces the same problem while writing handwritten assignments.

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