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Why is there a need to take this course?

  • Computer Science has become the most crucial subject in today’s world.
  • The subject finds its application in almost all the educational areas.
  • Class 8 Computer Science Olympiads are the best way to improve your basics in the subject.
  • Develop your competitive skills by preparing for these Olympiad competitions.
Class 8 Computer Science Olympiad Online Tuition
Class 8 Computer Science Olympiad Online Tuition Classes

The benefits of learning this course with SSSi

  • SSSi redirects you to the best study help and practises questions available online.
  • The best in-house trainers help you be ready for these competitions.
  • Get instant solutions and doubt clarifications with us and boost your pace of study.
  • Find a series of Computer Science Olympiads for class 8 online tests to practice.

Choose SSSi Online Tutoring classes and stay ahead

  • We have the best retention rates when it comes to students’ participation in class.
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The advancements in the field of Computer Science and the soaring global internet accessibility has brought immense changes in our lives. There was a time when a computer weighed more than 27 tons and still ended up producing very basic tasks. Now complex devices have become portable enough to be carried in pockets. This rapid transformation has brought in a lot of fame for Computer Science as a subject.

Class 8 Computer Science Olympiads can be a great portal for the students to explore. You can learn many things as a school going student when you prepare for these competitive exams. Our Olympiad trainers through SSSi’s class 8 Computer Science Olympiad Online classes can guide you the best when it comes to Olympiad training for all the Olympiad subjects.

Sample Questions:

Here are a few sample Olympiad Questions that can help you effectively practice for the competition and help you get an idea of what is the basic structure of the exam question paper:

A. Among the following memory, which one has the shortest access time?

  1. CPU Register

  2. Cache Memory

  3. External Memory

  4. CPU Register

B. What do you mean by the term e-commerce?

  1. It’s a new subject in schools.

  2. Sending an email is called e-commerce.

  3. Shopping activities online through the internet is called e-commerce.

  4. None of the above.

The exam is solely based on multiple-choice questions that require the students to choose the best among the available options. Many times you may get confused and end up choosing an option that isn’t the most appropriate one. You will most commonly encounter this problem in the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) section. The class 8 Computer Science Olympiad Syllabus includes the following topics.

Section 1 - Reasoning (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

Section 2 - Computing Skills:

  • Basics in Computer

  • Internet and Internet Viruses

  • HTML with HTML attributes

  • HTML computing Tags, Fonts, Comment Tags

  • Flash CS6

  • MS Access

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • Networking

  • MS Powerpoint

  • Memories and Storage Devices

  • Fundamental knowledge of Cybercrimes

  • Cyber Laws

  • Operation Systems

  • Latest Developments in the field of IT

Why Hire Us?

Olympiad help with SSSi can be a very useful choice for you. You can trust us for result-oriented learning as:

  • We are open to the students for 24 x 7.

  • We have the highest student retention rates when it comes to online classes, thanks to our innovative and creative online learning methods.

  • Find an integrated practice with class 8 Computer Science Olympiad workbook.

  • With us, you are entitled to a series of Computer Science olympiad for class 8 online tests that gives you the best practice.

  • Mock tests come with timers as time plays a very crucial role in these exams.

  • Select from the best Olympiad trainers online.

  • With us, you can find the best and affordable Olympiad based learning packages.

  • You have the option to customise and mould your syllabus as per your requirements.

  • Join from the comfort of your home at convenient and flexible learning hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Computer Science Olympiads helpful?

Computer Science Olympiads are very beneficial for the enthusiasts in this subject as they get to explore a lot of areas in the subject. You get to attempt the best questions including the HOTS questions. It gets you ready for the future competitions as well. Gaining competency in the subject is what these Olympiads intend at. Your school should be registered with the Olympiad exam organisations and you can get yourself enrolled further.

What are the best ways to enhance my skills in computers as a student?

As a school going student you can enrol for the Olympiad exams in Computer Science. As you will be preparing for these exams you may come across some very interesting topics of study. With our Computer Science Olympiad class 8 online tuitions you can always keep a step ahead in your preparations.

Where can I find online coaching classes for class 8 Computer Science Olympiads?

SSSi Online Tutoring Service is the best class 8 Computer Science Olympiads. We claim so because we have a team of the best in-house Olympiad trainers at the most affordable rates waiting to guide you to secure the top notch ranks in the Olympiads. You can try us with a FREE online DEMO class now.

Why should I study online for my Olympiads?

Studying online for various courses has become much prevalent these days as it ensures your safety with comfort and uninterrupted learning. You can get to learn in a creative way with the best and innovative learning methodologies online. You can access LIVE sample questions, get an instant help on them, raise your queries and enjoy the zenith of personalised learning. We also guide learners in Vedic Maths, Science Olympiads, Maths Olympiads etc.

Are the class 8 Computer Science Olympiad workbooks available?

There are various workbooks available for your Olympiad based practice. Your online tutor can help you practice the questions guiding you with the best techniques and tricks that can help you opt for the correct answers in regard to the time you get to complete the questions.

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