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  • Live personalised online classes for Mental Ability Olympiad preparation across all academic levels
  • Comprehensive course modules, worksheets, and mock test papers covering all the topics included in your Olympiad syllabus.
  • Advanced performance tracking tools that can help you assess your progress in real-time.
  • Bonus sessions on shortcut tricks and techniques that can quadruple your problem-solving speed.
Mental Ability Olympiad

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Why is there a need to take this course?

  • The government of India is actively promoting Mental Ability through NEP (2020), and this course can help you prepare early and stay one step ahead.
  • Preparing diligently for Mental Ability Olympiads can boost your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Scoring a good rank in Mental Ability Olympiads can translate into lucrative prizes and prestigious awards/scholarships.
  • With this course, you get unlimited access to India’s best Mental Ability Olympiad online classes.
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The benefits of learning this course with SSSi

  • One-on-one attention from India’s best Mental Ability experts who have helped thousands of students score top ranks in Olympiads.
  • Interactive online classes with creative study tools that help enhance your ability to remember the core fundamentals.
  • Added emphasis on experiential learning based study methods that can help bridge the gap between theory and reality.
  • Regular homework tutorials, revision classes, and doubt clearing sessions for a comprehensive preparatory experience.

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  • Stand out from the crowd and beat your competition with our smart e-learning tools.
  • Boost your IQ and enhance your analytical skills by challenging yourself with new problems every day.
  • Ace your regional, national and international Olympiads like a boss.
  • Book a FREE live tutoring session and experience the best Mental Ability Olympiad online coaching in India TODAY

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